Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My life is never on pause.

I just came off of Spring Break. LOL, they should call it spring work. I didn't get no break. Yeah school was out but you know what that means, everybody wanna occupy your time now. Geez homies give a sister a well deserved rest. Everyday, I was up and out the house by the time 9, doing things here and there. The weather was pleasant some days and others the rain was so depressing. Poor April and it's bad rep for wet weather.

On the up side, come Monday morning I felt great. Surprisingly well rested and looking forward to going back to class. It's weird with me. As much as I hate doing school work and actually making my way to school. I love learning and i get a sort of high when I understand new things. Sooooooo, great news for when I returned... I got a 52 out of 50 on my economics test, I got a 91 on my italian test, I got an A on an Eng presentation, an A- on an Eng paper and an B+ on another Eng paper. I totally rocked out these classes this semsester., even though they are much harder than lst semester.

A little update on my life...over the vaca my bf and sis had a falling out but my persistence mended the fam back together. I don't mean to boast but I realize that I always get what I want out of people, and I mean that in the most sincerest way possible. LOL. Anywho, through this mis-communitcation, I feel that my relationship with my sister has improved and so has my relationship with my bf. One week can truly make a difference. Oh, and over the vaca I also realized how much of me is my mother. I am like her mini me and I mean that in almost every way. It was scary...everything she would say when I can to confide in her, everything she would do, I was like OMG!!! Mommy you are just like me. I'm stoked to think that I will be just like my mommy when I grow up.

ummm..........I'm pregnant..........................LOL, that just came out of nowhere. I'm not really but I realized ovver the vaca that I am in no way shape or form ready for kids. I am just to selfish for that right now, LOL, not to say that I was planning on having kids any time soon but you catch my drift. I think I am just in love with the idea of kids and what that would mean for me in the future. Also, I'm dying to see what they are going to look like. ----Sorry for that leftfield topic.

My hair has grown, though it is becoming a lot a bit unruly. I'm on the market for a great leave in conditioner and a deep conditioner, something to make me pop. I was unsuccessful this past week in finding one. It also has to be inexpensive, these are hard times man!

Sooooooooooo in addition to all this mess, guess who I spoke to. My sister in law, yep the one who did not want to call or come by and see the fam. ---My sister was on the phone with my brother and I told her to tell him to tell her hi for me (I'm a total sucker, I don't like staying mad at people. My motto *Can't we all just get along*. ) and then he put her on the phone for me to talk to her and she gave some excuse about being teed off with my bro as the reason for not calling or stopping by (ya see, I told ya!). So I asked her when she was coming to see us and she said she will be by next week. Hopefully she doesn't go back on her word and she comes to see us. ----This puts Chynell (my sis) in a sort of pickle. She took Tricia out of the wedding and replaced her with Esther (our new friend). Now what if Tricia comes back into our good graces, what if she apologizes for her actions and wants to be in the wedding. I'm glad it isn't my choice to make. LOL, then we would have to search for another groomsman.

Sorry for the dis order of the post, I just don't know when the next on will be. I've maintained my weight, my hair has grown a full 3 inches, I'm ordering my summer shoes this week (no doubt), my skin is sort of clearing (crediting drinking only water), and my sis is looking at condos and houses.

Enjoy the rest of your week.

Until next time,


Thursday, April 02, 2009

Are you kidding me right now??????????

So some people just don't know who they be messing with. From a young age I've always told people...Don't let the hair and the nails fool you missy!!!!

So I'm on the train today and you know how it is when it gets packed. Everybody all of a sudden has an attitude, a stick behind one. Me on the other hand, I'm understanding. If the train is packed someone is going to accidentally bump you, and so long as they aplogize, there are no hard feelings.

This morning was a special case... I was in a cheerful mood because I was not rushing. I was about 5 minutes early to get to my class and thats always great. So I keep glancing at the watch because I notice that the time on my watch and the time on my cell are different and I'm studying which one is absolutely correct. Anywho these two idiots (lovey dovey couple, kissing and all that, which if I may say is inappropriate for a crowed train) that were in front of me were hugging and carrying on like they were never going to see each other again. Geez give me a break. So the fellow's elbow is sticking out in my direction since he absolutely has to have his arm around her neck. I'm looking at it and thinking to myself that when the train rocks hard enough his elbow is going to hit me. LOL, I start smirking thinking what I'm going to say when it happens and I know I'm going to embarrass them. So I get ready, I position my self with my hand up by my scarf so if he jerks his elbow would hit my hand and not my face. LOL.....

It happens, the train rocks MADDD hard and his elbow goes right into my hand and I must say I felt a little pain for an instant. So the man has the never to roll his eyes at me when I push his elbow away because he was acting like it wasn't all up in my face area. Then his chick turns around and tells me that I have a problem and to check myself. Now because I wasn't expecting this blatant disregard of respect I really let them have it, I mean really.

I told them about the hugging bull crap that they need to stop getting on with, I told him that his elbow could have been by his side inside of in my face. I told them that if I was anyone else they would have already been fighting because I am a kind person. Then the chick was trying to interject with some nonsense and I let her know..."Don't cross the line, don't let the hair and nails fool you, you will end up in the ICU"...I know she would probably just end up with a bust lip and hurt feelings but you gotta let this people know not to step out of bounds cause they never know who you are and what you know.

Moral of my story...Don't take things for face value at all times. You may be unpleasantly surprised.

How was your travel to school/work this morning?

Until next time,