Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Lashes poppin', Lips bussin'

Did you catch the reunion? 
Never thought I could like someone so much, someone that I did not even know.  
*Nene's playback was hilarious 
*The short hair looks nice on her 
*Nene's outburst was priceless
*Nene was in the right to bring up that "suspect" quote that Kim said about the chicken
On to Kim...I truly do feel sad for her
*She can't sing,  I don't care when the CD is coming out
*Horrible excuse about spelling cat K.A.T
*Are you kidding me with the statement "My wig was squeezing my brain", at a loss for   what should follow that statement. Is that even possible? You are on national TV Kim, make sense.
*You can't say you had cancer then say three weeks later you found out you didn't.  Your mental faculties might just be messed up by your wig, let your head breathe, for the kids.
Deshawn, such a sweetheart
*That's right girl, you do have the right to NOT clean and cook
*Your passion shows in everything you say and do
*Smart move staying CCC (cool, calm, and collected), those girls are looking up to you
Lisa is the ultimate firecracker
*You flip her girl, flip her over that couch
*Loved the boots
*Not such a good peacemaker, as you clearly don't think highly of Kim
Sheree, you are a beautiful woman but I just don't like you.
*Your clothing line needs the Botox Kim offered you
*Get your head out of the clouds, you are not God's gift to fashion nor beauty
The sixth Housewife...Dwight...so bold and beyond me.
*Two thumbs up on the acting
*Whoa, calling Kim's wig out again, that's like four times for the whole show
Closing comments: Kim hinted at a second season...can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Until next time,
Meandering Memorandum

Uh Oh!

Sorry about the black text, I don't know how to change it right now but I'll figure it out.

Are You Kidding Me?

Everyone has their "thing" that they say when they are happy, sad, angry, excited, etc. Some say OMG , others say WT...?, I think that one is funny, any who, my "thing" is Are you kidding me? I might add 'with this' or 'right now' at the end but basically you get my point so far. 

I say this to everyone, all the time no matter what the circumstance.  I'm choosing to share this with you guys because of my last thoughtsicle.  I'm on the phone with an acquaintance and she invites my boyfriend and I to her Thanksgiving party.  After I explain to her my reasons for not being able to come, she quickly interjects with “So how long have you two been together anyway?”  So nosey.  I tell her because oh gosh she can be a real and her reaction was an Are you kidding me? moment. 

She asks “Oh wow, five years, so how’s the sex?”

Are you kidding me with this?

1.       What makes you think you can ask me that question?

  1. What makes you think I’m sexually active?
  2. Are you kidding me with this?


So after I let her have it, two minutes straight, I decided to ask her why she would assume we are having sex.  The obvious answer… no one can be in a relationship for five years without having sex.  Glad to say that I am living proof that a healthy fear of HIM and respect for myself has kept me out of that boat. Yay me!!!

This got me thinking, does everyone think I’m sexually active when I tell them how long I’ve been in a relationship? Yikes, that’s so not a good look for me.

How about you guys, do you automatically think couples are doing the deed when you hear about the length of time they have invested in their relationship?

SIDE NOTE: And if they aren’t doing the deed together, do you think they are getting their fix somewhere else, HEHE, trifling question I know.


Until next time,

Meandering Memorandum 

Friday, November 21, 2008

Why Am I Thinking About This...?

Ok, now I know I'm not the only one who stops mid thought to say "How did I start thinking about this again?"
A couple of times a day I find myself doing this.  My mother says that I always had an over active imagination, from dreaming about butterfly dogs to planning extravagant weddings that I will never have, so sad :(.
Characterizing myself as a thinker, im always hopping from one thought cloud to the next, before I know it I don't even remember how I got on a particular subject.

Therein lies the point to this blog...

Get my thoughts out so I'll remember what I was thinking about and then I'll get the opinion and pov's of others about the bizarre things that enter this head of mine.

So here goes, my blogging journey begins late Monday night, the 24th of November. Yay me!!!

So today I'm in the train coming home and I'm thinking about all the things that are scattered on my "plate" because I procrastinate to the umpteenth degree.  Knocked out of my thoughtiscle this rude woman with a cake face (too much make up) pushed me in a cart barely full.  Keeping my composure I started thinking about all the people that pissed me off today.  A woman cut me off and made me miss the train to school this morning.  The librarian had a !stinky! attitude and was subjected to a few chosen words, courtesy of yours truly. Then a girl in my group for a marketing project tells me some nonsense about her doing all the work, and I wanted to tell her her breath smelled like something foul but I kept it to myself because she was being nasty to me. Maybe she'll think twice next time.  But before I forget what I was saying (case in point), women today have not been on my good side.  I come home and my mother has an attitude to top all atiitudes , today is offically Anti- Woman Interaction Day.

 Have you ever had a day where everyone was just waiting in line to put their John Hancock on your naughty list?

I'm looking at TV and I just heard Nikki Parker "Hey Professor Oglevee"...memories, lol..anyways she says to Kim "Third times a charm", do any of you think there's any truth to that statement? 

Until next time,
Meandering Memorandum