Thursday, April 02, 2009

Are you kidding me right now??????????

So some people just don't know who they be messing with. From a young age I've always told people...Don't let the hair and the nails fool you missy!!!!

So I'm on the train today and you know how it is when it gets packed. Everybody all of a sudden has an attitude, a stick behind one. Me on the other hand, I'm understanding. If the train is packed someone is going to accidentally bump you, and so long as they aplogize, there are no hard feelings.

This morning was a special case... I was in a cheerful mood because I was not rushing. I was about 5 minutes early to get to my class and thats always great. So I keep glancing at the watch because I notice that the time on my watch and the time on my cell are different and I'm studying which one is absolutely correct. Anywho these two idiots (lovey dovey couple, kissing and all that, which if I may say is inappropriate for a crowed train) that were in front of me were hugging and carrying on like they were never going to see each other again. Geez give me a break. So the fellow's elbow is sticking out in my direction since he absolutely has to have his arm around her neck. I'm looking at it and thinking to myself that when the train rocks hard enough his elbow is going to hit me. LOL, I start smirking thinking what I'm going to say when it happens and I know I'm going to embarrass them. So I get ready, I position my self with my hand up by my scarf so if he jerks his elbow would hit my hand and not my face. LOL.....

It happens, the train rocks MADDD hard and his elbow goes right into my hand and I must say I felt a little pain for an instant. So the man has the never to roll his eyes at me when I push his elbow away because he was acting like it wasn't all up in my face area. Then his chick turns around and tells me that I have a problem and to check myself. Now because I wasn't expecting this blatant disregard of respect I really let them have it, I mean really.

I told them about the hugging bull crap that they need to stop getting on with, I told him that his elbow could have been by his side inside of in my face. I told them that if I was anyone else they would have already been fighting because I am a kind person. Then the chick was trying to interject with some nonsense and I let her know..."Don't cross the line, don't let the hair and nails fool you, you will end up in the ICU"...I know she would probably just end up with a bust lip and hurt feelings but you gotta let this people know not to step out of bounds cause they never know who you are and what you know.

Moral of my story...Don't take things for face value at all times. You may be unpleasantly surprised.

How was your travel to school/work this morning?

Until next time,



Therapeutic Musings said...

Well my trip was wonderful! Your story made me glad I don't have to take the train anymore. How about when a larger person sits next to you and gets mad when they don't have enough room and they are all in your seat? I'm a punk though, I probably would have just politely said excuse me, I can't talk smack by myself, I cannot throw punches!

Chick Vision said...

My trips to work are in my car from home to work for 20 minutes. So it's real peaceful. I'm sorry that you had to go thru that nonsense. They are truly dumb. When I used to live in New York those trains would pack up and everybody had the sense to make room and not make the next person uncomfortable. I wonder if the couple were tourists or something...

T said...

LOL! I love people who understand public transportation. I mini-snap on people all the time, but I'm trying to get better about just letting it go because snapping on people early in the mornin messes up my whole day.

Oh and couples disgust me on the bus and the train. They always take up the space of four people so they can canoodle. Didn't you all just leave home, cut that ish out!

orianis said...

Lmao. Ok, that was pretty funny but believe me nobody has worse train stories than me...including the time someone stole my wallet on the 6. Not fun. But yeah those couples need to calm down and get a room.