Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Review Tuesday

So what's new with all of you? I'm trying hard to fit everything into everyday, time just seems to be flying very quickly as of late.  I'm enjoying my time off from school but the wait for my grades to be submitted is killing me. I don't have any reservations about failing any classes, there were just some classes that were trying to kick my butt. I hope my fight back did the trick and I don't end up with any C's this semester, that would be a real bummer. I won't be able to show my father my transcript if that's the case. 

Moving on to something interesting....Makeup

Review Tuesday
...is upon us once again. I was meaning to talk about this from the start of this blog, I just never got around to it. It's Sheer Cover, a mineral makeup that I've been using for the past year. I was up late at night sneaking into my mother's room to get the lotion (her door creaks like nobody's business) and the infomercial came on. Now I was never the type to grab the phone and call for anything on those infomercials but this one got my attention. You see, my sister had recently bought herself BareMinerals, another mineral makeup and it seemed to be working well for her.The application looked so natural, it required very little work which is what I'm all about. The mineral fountaion is actually what drew my attention out of everything. Growing up, I always remembered seeing my mother smearing this liquid brown gook across her face to achieve an even skin tone. I swore that I would never do that, it just doesn't seems comfortable to me. It seems to weigh down peoples faces. I see women all the time with liquid foundation on and it is so obvious. The lines and cracks look ridiculous. Now don't get me wrong, the professionals know how to hook it up, but let's get real, no one has a professional in their cabinet to help with foundation application on a daily basis. 
I digress...So this mineral foundation actually covers up your imperfections without the cakey feel? I was on board the next day and beleive me when I say that I am happy with the results that have come from this purchase. 
Like any other cosmetic line they offer various shades, and because of the powder formula you're able to mix different shades to achieve your desired look. The coverage is amazing and literally lasts all day. My sister exercises in her makeup and it is still intact even after all the sweating. 
The other products that I get with the foundation feel great on my skin as well. 
Here are a couple of photos:
Here is my beloved Buki Brush, I use it for the foundation application. Soft like a baby's bottom.

Here is the Sheer Cover Eye Collection. Very sheer, very beautiful.

This guy here goes everywhere with me. You fill one end with your powder and it comes through the brissels. So cool.

These brushes are equally as soft as the previous two. I use the larger one for blush o nmost occasions and the smaller two for eyeshawdow and contouring.

This toner is so refreshing. I sort-of-kind-of feel that it works better than my Rx for BS one.

This moisturizer really moisturizes. No joke. I don't have to put on a lot and I feel smooth all day.

This cleanser is great for me because it actually takes off a lot of my makeup at night, unlike other cleansers.

Here is the foundation that I was raving about. It gives twice as much in the container than Bare Minerals, which lasts me about two months if used daily.

THE DOWN SIDE: The foundation is made of natural products...but the other products (excluding the toner) contain parabens. Now I was researching and it seems that some parabens aren't harmful and others are. Do you guys know a lot about this? I was wondering if I should discontinue my use of them...but they work so well? What do you think? Are there bad ones and good ones, or am I mistaken?

Until next time,

Monday, December 29, 2008

Backed up & Mane Monday

I truly apologize for missing out the past two posts. It seems that since I'm available to run errands for the family, that is exactly what I have been guilted into doing. Thrusday was hectic, running to Queens, back to Brooklyn, and doing it all over again. Talk about taking advantage! Friday was no better. I had to cook and clean and clean some more. I don't mind cleaning I just don't look forward to it. What about you? Do you look forward to cleaning up the humble abode? Or would you rather wish you could hand down the duties to someone else? My parents made it very clear that our purpose in the world was to clean their house. LOL, as my father says,"Why get a dish washer when you have five running around the house?".

Update Thrusday
So really quickly, sad but true news... My sis has the unfortunate task of cutting out some of her friends and family from the bridal party. It was a really hard decision to make but it had to be done. They still will be a part of the wedding in some way, I'm sure it will turn out beautiful in the end. The girls that we have left in the party are great girls, really dear to both of our hearts actually. I'm really happy with the way things are going other wise...I know I promised the dresses would be up last week but definitely this Thrusday. Stay tuned!
Fashion Friday
Short and sweet...Ruffles and Tiers are sooooooooo in right now. So many designers are incorporating them in their collections. I'll look for great pics and post them later. Try to dive into the fashion scence and see where you can stick them into your wardrobe. A flirty dress and whimsical blouse, you find a way . I promise you won't be disapponted.
Mane Monday
So my ends are clipped and I'm very happy. My eds were more damaged than I thought but I'm dealing the cut. Right now I'm protecting my ends with Strength of Nature Profectiv Healthy Ends. It has been recommended by a number of sources so I'm trying it to see what results will come about. I'll be sure to post my update. As a mositurizer I'm using a Jane Carter Solution product, the hair nourishing cream, a ultra light hair dress. I am definitely making my way to get my oils to seal the moisture in. If you were wondering I have been following a fellow blogger getting great advice for my hair care. Her URL is http://www.keepitsimplesista.blogspot.com/. Check her out if you get a chance. You'll get great advice and even greater ideas.
Happy Monday everyone.
Until next time,

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Will Power Wednesday complete with Daily Consumption

SO last time I neglected to tell you guys my height and weight...drumroll please... I stand about 5 feet 7 inches and I weigh a solid 145 pounds (when I came back from Trinidad I was weighing 153). I say solid because as anyone that has seen me, I do not look it, the weight seems to be concentrated in my breasts and in my bone mass, so says my pediatrician (and yes I still go to the same doctor from when I was born). Anywho, because of that I try not to measure myself by pounds, rather I go by how I feel physically, how my clothes fit, whether or not my grandmother mentions that I'm getting FAT, she has an eye for these things. Do you weigh yourself constantly or do you just do it when you go in for your annual checkup?

I was suppose to start the pilates exercise routine since last week but you know how the life of a procrastinator goes...I made excuses about having finals last week, now I'm making excuses about resting up from all the hard work those finals put me through. I am definitely starting today though. My mother has agreed to be my motivation.

*As grown as I think I am and as independent as I try to be, I rely on my mother for so much support. Words of advice from her makes me hop to it whatever the case may be.*

Are you self motivated to eat right and exercise or do you need peer motivation? With me eating right, I'll do that on my own, exercise, which requires movement and drive, oh no, I'll watch TV instead.

I've found that if you are a self motivator, starting out at the gym isn't the best idea. Begin at home, do a couple of tapes (Billy Blanks, Gilead). When you feel more comfortable exercising in front of people venture out in to the world of the pumping iron. Me personally, I hate gyms. It's so stationary. I'll rather hit a boxing bag, go jogging, go swimming, or just run around a park with my little brothers for exercise, but that's just me.

On the other hand if you need motivation and you are not recieving it from home then the best thing to do is join a class. Don't go to the gym by yourself thining you'll find motivation in all the other people working out. You'll see them with all their disgusting energy and want to walk right back out whence you came. Joining a class gives you peers that will look forward to seeing you every week (however frequent the class is), a support system from people who are also trying to get in shape and time for you to worry about yourself and nothing else.

Think about it, let it marinate a little in that nuggin of yours, plan your form of attack and execute. LOL, I think I heard that from somewhere, sounds cute.

Daily consumption:

Morning (8:00 a.m.-9:30 a.m.) Eat breakfast, it's a must. I usually eat a fresh fruit, banana is my first pick. Drink water.

Mid morning snack (11:00 a.m.- 12:00 p.m.) I'll take a Kashi granola bar where ever I'm going. You know, the seven whole grains on a mission...I really like the Peanut Butter and the Honey Almond Flax flavors, they don't taste like healthy snacks. Drink water.

Lunch (1:00 p.m.- 2:30 p.m.) Maybe a turkey snadwhich, a salad, a slice of pizza if I'm feeling good. If I'm home I'll eat whatever my grandmother cooks, always in small portions. Drink water.

Mid day snack (anytime until dinner) Another fruit, handful(s) of nuts, Fruit Snacks. Drink water.

Dinner (5:00 p.m.- 7:00) Once again, whatever food my grand mother cooks, in small portions. Drink water.

After that time I'll monitor myself. I'll note when I'm planning to go in my bed and stop eating two hours before that. Yes, if you are planning on going to sleep at two in the morning you can eat until midnight. Two hours gives your body time to digest and break down the food even if you are just up watching the tube.

If I'm extremely hungry at night I'll make myself some toast with cheese and tomatoes, yummy by the way, and of course wash it down with water.

Some say that it is not wise to count calories but I say that it is important to estimate. Adults are suppose to consume on average 2,000 calories daily, so make adjustments where needed. Small but frequent meals does the trick for me. I'm watching what I eat without going hungry.

*Side note- Salty snacks are always better that sugary ones. Now don't go binge on a bag big bag of chips and say to yourself at least you're not eating a carton of ice cream. They are both bad ideas.*

Do you have a routine that you normally stick to? What's your favorite thing to eat when you know you have to watch your caloric intake?

Until next time,


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Finally it's happened to me dah da dah da dah dah dah...Who sings that song? & Review Tuesday

So I think I forgot to mention that last Friday was my last day of school ...backtracking...

I started college the end of August 2007. The semester lasted until the week before Christmas. The day after New Year's I was back in school for a 2 and a half week session and completed two classes. Four days later Spring semester started and then ended May 22. I enrolled in two summer sessions, the first from June 2 to July 3. The second, from July 7 to August 14.

This semester began August 27....

Now I finally how time off from school for an entire month and a half , a first since I began college. I slept until 12:00pm today...talk about feeling well rested. I don't have to worry about assignments, projects, presentations and 10 page papers. Woo-hoooo...I am beyond words right now, NO MORE SCHOOL, it's time to lay up in the house and just chill. My brothers and my mom are going to be home for the next two weeks so we are planning on going out as a family a couple of times before they head back to school. Bowling one night, movies another, possibly paint balling........I have been dying to do that but everyone I know are scaredy cats. So sad.

Hopefully I get all the fun and rest I need out of this vacation. When school starts back, it'll be no joke. I'll be taking 3 English classes, economics and Italian II. I really need to knock out these classes because as of late my GPA has been suffering. :(

I blame TV. Reality shows and ABC's dramas are so addictive.

Review Tuesday

What is your favorite restaurant? When you dine out, do you gravitate toward American cuisine or International delights?

Growing up my family was really big on Red Lobster. Trini people are in to their seafood, whether it be shrimp, crab, lobster, it was on that table. When I started going out socially, hanging with friends, family or the Mr. we would head to the regualr places...Olive Garden, Boulder Creek, T.G.I.Friday's, Applebees, IHOP (for those lazy nights)... and I was quite satisfied. That is, until I was introduced to this hideaway spot in Williamsburg, a Thai restaurant called The SEA. This place is like a heaven sent. Great food, even better prices, delicious drinks (not that I would know, I'm only 19 years old),beautiful ambiance, and wonderful service. I love that it is not far from home, either jump in the car or hop on the train, 20 minutes later, you are being captivated with all your senses.

This is a view of the front of the restaurant, so sexy and seductive.

This is a view of the reflective pool surrounded by seats for two...romantic, i know.

I get excited every time I walk in this place. There is no place like it. The food is so good that I have dibs on having them cater my wedding. It's a while off but I'm sticking to them. I know everyone at the wedding will be expecting culture food but I think they'll be pleasantly surprised with THIS CULTURE'S food.

YUMMY...I can taste the Tim Tum Fritters right now. Come to think of it, I think I'll be making a stop over there sometimes over the vacation, the Mojitos are calling my name...um, I mean the iced tea?!?

BTW, this is the restaurant where my sis got engaged. Great memories.

Until next time,


Monday, December 22, 2008

IN LOVE !!! and Mane Monday

High school sweethearts are so very cliche/taboo but I feel like we are the original. Now I know for a fact that we were very young when we started dating...against our parents wishes and all... but I felt as though I was old enough to carry on a serious relationship.

*Side note- My little brother is 14 going on 15, the age I was when I started dating Mr. Young, but I can't see my brother being old enough to have a serious relationship at his age.*

Five years later I still feel as though I'm falling in love. I still get butterflies when I see him walking up the driveway, I still smile when I see him looking at me from afar, I still feel giddy when he tells me one day I'll be his wife..........I'm so in love.

Mane Monday
Now today my post isn't that interesting or that long...I'm going to the hair dresser later today to get a wash and set and trim my ends. My ends have been killing me and I am truly terrified to cut them myself. I always envision messing my hair up, cutting it shorter than required. Lately my hair has been growing faster, thanks to those lovely flaxseed oil tablets, but I don't think I've been seeing the fruits of my labor (I hate swallowing tablets) because my ends have been terrible for a long time now. As my hair is growing, my ends are spilting up, up and up the hair shaft. No longer will I be the one with the luxurious hair complete with ends that seem to be throwing up gang signs every time they get combed. My hair lady says that if I trim regularly and do all that I can to keep my ends healthy then by this time next year I could reach my goal of having MBL hair. YAY me and my determination not to be lazy when it comes to my hair.
She also mentioned that it would be easy for me to reach WL but I don't think I could handle all of that hair. What I have now already makes me tired even before I begin to tackle it.
BTW, I am no longer going to use the Aphogee line for damaged hair, instead I will be investing in more expensive but more natural products. You have to put out the money in order to see the results you want, don't you agree? How much of your weekly/monthly budget do you spend on hair care? Do you spend a lot of time taking care of your tresses or is it just touch and go for you? What are your favorite products to use in your hair, how has it benefited you?
Until next time,

Friday, December 19, 2008

FASHION FRIDAY IS HERE...so is the snow...

The weather outside is ridiculous. I like snow but I admire it from afar. It's really pretty looking out in the backyard and seeing it coat everything gently. Looks like a picture out of a magazine. But when it comes time for me to walk outside, I'll dread it from start to finish. I don't like coldness and when snow gets dirty it reminds me of diarrehea. So gross.

On to the topic of the day...

Fashion Friday
Who are your style icons? Is there one particular person who is smothered in fashion, reeks beauty and exuberates sexiness? Well I follow two lovely ladies, every time they step out in front the cameras they never disappoint. Just beautiful....

Drumroll please....................

Presenting Mrs. Sarah Jessica Parker Broderick and Mrs. Beyonce Knowles Carter.

I hate matching everything...when things just GO TOGETHER I feel my best.

Short and sassy, a staple in SJP's wardrobe. If only you guys could see the shoes she banged out with this dress. TO DIE FOR... I'm holding my heart right now.

Ms. B, Ms. B, Ms. B... you look fabulous in gold, all the time, every time.

I can't deny that Zac Posen's creation on B. is fierce.

I adore their sense of style. Subtle but yet very sexy. Their confidence while wearing the clothes shines through...and talk about their taste in SHOES, the thing most dear to my heart.

This leads me to my next question...What is your favorite footwear? You can be specific or general. Where do you shop mostly for your shoes, high-end retail or $10 shops? Do you buy shoes for a specific occasion or do you shoe shop just because?

Until next time,


Thursday, December 18, 2008

Embarrassing Moments & Update Thursday

I don't do well in embarrassing situations. Whether it's me or someone else, it makes me so very uncomfortable. I mean as others start laughing when someone has an embarrassing moment I feel obligated to ask if they are ok, is there anything that I can possibly do for them? I don't know, that's just me.

Embarrassing Moment #1: Background Info-My boyfriend and my future brother-in-law have this friend, really sweet guy, named Danny. Now Danny is the type of guy that is very playful, does things on an impulse, very spontaneous. Because of this he has many friends, I mean who wouldn't want to hang out with a guy like that, right? Well, this also has its down side. If you want to warn Danny about something or the other you will always be too late, because he is just too fast, always on the move.

Context- So we were parting ways this past Sunday afternoon, the four of us were getting into the car and Danny was heading to his. We had to be careful getting in because there was dog mess in the grass (this is nasty NYC I'm talking about). So we get in safely and smell free and as we were waiting for the car to warm up Danny runs up to the car. We see him and let down the window to warn him about the dog mess, but of course he is too fast. All of a sudden he is up under the car moving around trying to stick his hand in the window. It seemed pointless but they ended up telling him to check his shoes. Sure enough, brown gook was smeared under his shoe. As everyone went wild with laughter I could not help but feel sorry for him :(. I tried to stick my head out the window to ask if he was ok but the space was too small. Poor Danny, they are still making fun of him.

Embarrassing Moment #2: I am on the train going to school today and everyone seems to be dosing off or in lala land. I look to my left and this woman, about 35 years old, dressed to kill, is knocked out. I wonder why she was so tired? Anyway, it must have been a sweet sleep because dribble starts making its way from the corner of her mouth to top of her red coat. Gross right?!? People start giggling to themselves and when the poor woman wakes up, talk about the color rushing out of someone's face. She felt so bad, she rushed out the train and you could tell it wasn't her stop. She walked up and then stopped behind a pillar waiting for another train. Poor lady, she probably would never forget this morning.

Embarrassing Moment #3: Ok this is a personal moment, one that makes me cringe every time I think about it. I was rushing home one day from school, I wanted so bad to be home in my cozy bed, watch Everybody Loves Raymond and drift off to sleep. Instead I was embarrassed in front of many people and messed up my entire evening. I was crossing the street heading for the train station, I heard the train coming and ran down those steps quicker than I thought possible. For some odd reason I thought I was special because I did not even think to take out my Metrocard to pay my toll. I ran straight into the turnstile and banged myself up really good. *Back tracking a little bit, as I was running down the stairs this guys was coming up and he was trying to chat me up, so much so he turned back down the stairs behind me*. OMG! I heard people scream out OUCH!, and That's not good! I watched as the train pulled out of the station, still stuck behind the turnstile. You can only imagine what that jerk was saying about me getting what I deserve for not being polite to stop and talk. If I had a shell I would have srunk into it. Man, that poor girl, I bet you she hopes she nevers sees that guy again.

What is your most embarrassing moment? What was your reaction/reaction of those around you? Are you a laugher or do you inquire about someones well being before letting out a chuckle?

Update Thrusday

So the budget is set! Fifteen grand for the big day. Now I must admit, this is very cheap considering we live in wedding central NYC where everything is super expensive. My dad has committed to fixing up the backyard and pitching in five grand. So they are basically only responsible for ten. The groom's parents are giving the honeymoon as a gift which I think is mucho generous. I hope I'm that fortunate when my turn rolls around. So I can start calling up vendors and making appointments since I have the budget, I'm super excited. OMG! Am I kidding myself, I'm planning an entire wedding.

We ordered the invitations for the engagement party on Monday. My parents are jumping on board getting excited about the little details as well. Even my grandmother mentions the engagement on a daily basis, it's so out of character for her.

We have picked out a bridessmaid dress but I'm thinking that maybe there might be something better out there so I'm not going to stop looking until I have to. I'll be posting pictures of everything we choose. Maybe you guys will be able to help us make certain decisions.

Until next time,


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Will Power Wednesday complete with Delicious Appetizer Recipe

Will Power Wednesday
What type of exercise routine do you stick to, or rather what routine would you like to stick to?  This summer when my parents went away to Trinidad, we (my sister and myself) were left home alone for about a week and a half. My older brother was popping in every now and again and every time he came through that front door we knew he was carrying something in his hands. If it wasn't pizza, it was something else, chicken wings, burgers...unhealthy but yet loveable foods. Then when we joined the folks in Trinidad, talk about eating 'till yuh belly buss. Man I sure did rekindle my love for food down there unknowingly making enemies with the scale. 

So without a doubt I had to find some way to drop the pounds. I started out just watching what I was eating. Making sure I ate breakfast, healthy snacks and small portioned meals. Eventually I was guilted into exercising, something I loathed for a long time. 
I began slow and steady, doing squats, push ups and crunches, 5 sets with 10 reps each on a daily basis, mostly in the mornings. Now I'm taking it a step further and I'm starting Pilates. I hope I can keep up with those moves. Have you ever tried Pilates? Those crazy stances...I'm trying to psych myself out before starting this mess. I'll be doing this 5 times a week, then work my way down to 3 times a week when I move up to a harder DVD. Gaiam is the woman who's routine I'll be using, but there are many of them out there. Maybe you guys could try it out with me, a little moral support?!? 
Let me know what you guys do for fitness and health otherwise. Just curious.

Crab and Shrimp Cakes
These suckers are delicious. Pop 'em in your mouth and um, um, ummmmmmmm.
Being from the Caribbean crab cakes are a staple at any party/gathering that you go to. It just wouldn't be a party without that to get you started. So of course when I decided to start eating better and changing my diet I had to find a way to keep these little munchkins in my life. I found this recipe and tried it out last weekend. They were gone in under 10 minutes, no joke. So I thought you guys would enjoy trying them out as well. If you can't cook, these things are super easy, so please don't deprive yourselves and your loved ones because of laziness.

Happy Yumming!!!

10 ounces raw shrimp, peeled, deveined and chopped
6 ounces flaked crabmeat, squeezed dry if necessary
1 large egg white, lightly beaten
1 teaspoon Dijon mustard
1/4 teaspoon hot pepper sauce
1/4 teaspoon salt, preferably kosher 
1/4 teaspoon coarsely ground pepper
1/3 cup fine, unseasoned dry breadcrumbs
2 teaspoons extra-virgin olive oil

1. Thoroughly mix shrimp, crab, egg white, mustard, hot pepper, salt and Peppercorn Blend in a bowl. Shape into 8 patties, each about 3/8 inch thick. Spread breadcrumbs in a shallow dish and coat the patties on both sides with crumbs. 
2. Heat oil in a large nonstick skillet over low heat; add crab cakes and cook until golden on both sides, about 3 minutes per side.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Review Tuesday

This has nothing to do with anything but I wanted to say that I hate cleaning toilet bowls. Disgusting! Especially since I live with four gentlemen. I don't know. No matter how much they say "I aim for the water", I can't help but think that maybe when they start the sprinklers, they forget where they are or they start daydreaming  or something. So irritating.  

Review Tuesday

So first up is Sally Hansen's Shea Butter Rapid Finish. Dries polish within 30 seconds. I recieved this product from a friend a while ago and when it ran low I had to stock up. It's perfect for polishing on the run. I have a bad habit of polishing as soon as everyone is ready to head out the door, so this saves me a little scolding. Try this out, $5.99 at Target, a bit more at Duane Reade and Rite Aide. 
Sticking with Sally Hansen, I picked up the Chocolate Chiffon from her Diamond Collection.  I've been wanting a brown color for a long time. I think it's great for this time of year, don't you? It has a little burgundy undertone but it's still cool. Sis wanted to get in the picture with her ugly ring. I'm just hating. The color she has on is Sunset Blvd. by Avalon. Pretty right? Look closely, you can see her wart on her thumb...ewww. She's trying to get rid of it for the wedding. We bought wart remover this weekend :).
Close up of the color. Muah, simply gorg.
Now time for the big finale...
Isn't the cover beautiful?  I picked it up on Sunday afternoon to just skim through, of course I ended up reading the thing, cover to cover. It is definitely an easy read. Great pictures, great guide on applications. The book is basically divided into two sections. The first part is specifically for beginners. BB goes through eqiupment that you'd need. Then she has a great section on skincare and how your lifestyle affects your skin. Getting specific she explains how to put on a face (concealer/corrector, foundation, etc.), how to apply lip color, eye color all the while differentiating between different types of skin (dry/oily, light /dark). Chapter 7 is a Ten- Step Guide to Perfect Makeup, easy, uncomplicated, and very natural in results. It's BB, of course it's natural.  Chapter 8 which is my favorite is entitled Special Makeup Applications. So it includes looks for weddings, going out at night, and looks for different ethnicities.  

If I was a working woman I would definitely spend the $32.00 on this manual. It is very precise, very informative, you can tell that a lot of work went into the production. The pictures, once again were great, she has pics showing the step by step process on the models. 

I will definitely be referencing this book when I am stuck on a look, want to try something new and when it comes time for me to play make artist for my sis at her wedding. 

Until next time,

Monday, December 15, 2008

Gross Details...1st Mane Monday.

First off I want to say sorry for posting so late. This week I have finals and presentations coming out the yingyang. It's ridiculous.
Anyhow I wanted to share something with you guys. It pretty disgusting so if you have a weak stomach please skip this section and go on to Mane Monday.
I went out to dinner with my sis and an old friend to catch up on past times. We shared the news about the engagement, shared hugs and "drinks". Fake pina coladas, still good. Then we started talking about school and work and some how horror stories came up. Our friend is a LPN currently in school studying to be a RN. Big money, I know, I know. 
Moing on, she began telling us about the most disgusting thing she ever encountered.

One day she and her aide were cleaning up an older women (she had come in from a near by nursing home). They had to restrain the woman because she insisted on picking her nose until it began bleeding. So as they were cleaning her up she noticed something white rolling out of her nose. Then another, then another...finally deciding to get a container and collect the "thingys" they realized that there were maggots coming out of her nose. Instead of dig to find more (remembering that maggots reside in clusters), our bravehearted friend leans her patient back and shines her pen light to the back of the woman's nose. At first it looked like a heap of mucus was toward the back of the nostril cavity but upon second glance she realized it was a "ball" of maggots squirming around. Like seriously...Are you kidding me with  this nastiness? I never heard of anything so nasty. She also told us of a woman having maggots INSIDE her vagina (GAG). Also an older diabetic man who came in and roaches busted out of his big toe. (Double GAG). I am upset that that even exsists. 

My parents are definitely never going to a nursing home. I feel sorry for those who have no other choice because of certain circumstances. 

Mane Monday
So today is my first post of my hair journey. I am going to be changing up my hair care routine to see if anything has the ability to make my hair gain it's health back. Up until now I have been relaxing my hair every so often, whenever I get tired of the new growth. Maybe two, three times a year. My wash and condition routine was basically whenever I got the chance, whenever I wasn't so lazy. Now I really want to take the initative to regain the health and see if in doing so my length will come back to what it use to be. 

Here is what my hair looks like as of now.

I am going to try the Aphogee line for damaged hair. I'll shampoo once a week, and co-wash once or twice a week. I am going to try out the ORS Hair Mayonnaise  (sounds nasty) for the co-washes. I wanted to try air drying in rollers but as you can see that would take forever . So i'll be roller setting and drying under low heat. This is going to be so much work so it is going to take a lot for me to keep up with this. I really want to see my hair grow back to what it use to be. AHHHHH, I hope I'm not way over my head. As I add products to my routine I'll be sharing them with you guys, also any major updates, whatever they may be. 

Until next time, 

Friday, December 12, 2008

Good News, Shocking News, and FASHION FRIDAY!

Finally my book came. 
Last week I won the Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual from BGG's blog. I have been anticipating this guide because I want to be able to work it out like the pros. I mean I can put together a pretty face but I want to make up a face that stands out. Also my sis is appointing me her makeup artist for the wedding ( I know, I know, so many responsibilities).  I am going to look through it and post a review for Review Tuesday...(I don't know what happened to Tuesdays on the previous blog, but it will indeed still be Review Tuesday)...

On to the shocking news.
My mother is a college educated woman and we are all proud of that fact. My father on the other hand never finished the equivalent to JHS in his home country. My point...soon to come. My father was going through some papers and began making a whole heap of noise, very out of his character when he is by himself. So we rush into his room to see what all the ruckus was about...he was reviewing S.S statements with previous annual earnings. Now what he saw on the paper wasn't news to me but I must admit seeing it in writing makes you say JEEZZ, Are you kidding me? So what did he see?...The difference in the yearly earnings between my mother and himself. My mother (once again college educated) has never in her life made the amount my father (once again never got through JHS) has made at his lowest moments. 
This is the reason many people opt for not going to school and picking up trades instead. OMG, are you kidding me with this, really and truly? It makes you think, for a quick second, why am I troubling myself with college? But just for a quick second. OK well that was the good and the shocking, now on to the topic of the day...

Fashion Friday
Ok the winter months are here and no one can deny that, but what do you do with the precious platform sandals that you bought this summer. Most likely you'll probably put them back in their box and store them for the upcoming spring. Well I have news for you, you can choose what's behind Door # 2. 
Girl you better rock those sandals, show them that the weather has no handle on your fashion conscience (use your discretion). Keep them to the fore of your colset and when it's time to hit the town at night pull them out, with stockings of course. You didn't think I meant bare leg, did you? Well this look has been a staple in many persons lives, I mean I've seen plenty people do it but some just need a little encouragement. Some designers have put this look to use in their Fall Fashion Shows.

This is from Yves Saint Laurent fashion show in Paris back in 2003. 
She paired this great ensemble with textured stockings and cute sandals.

This is from a Carolina Herrera's Fall Collection. Her shows are always in NY.

 This dress was paired with a solid color stocking donned with embellishments and a black sandal.

Here is a model wearing a gorgeous Badgley Mischka creation. This is for the Pre-Fall 2009 Collection.
Black tights with black detailed sandals. Need I say more.

Here is fabulous Lucy Liu. 
Once again we see the black tights with the black patent leather platform sandals. The bare arms totally compliment the covered legs in this look, don't you think?

So take this tip and put your own spin on it.  Black Tie events and Holiday parties would be excellent times for you to try it out around this time.

I'll leave you with "a mystery guest" and their interpretation of rocking stockings with sandals.

Have a fashionable weekend. See you soon for Mane Monday!
Until next time,


Thursday, December 11, 2008

Bad Hair Day & Update Thrusday

I'm at school right now, my class doesn't start until this evening and I am suppose to be studying...You know how that goes. I just don't wanna. But what I do want to do is take off running for the train so I can go home and try and fix this mop on my head.

I recently started roller setting my hair for myself and I haven't gotten this thing down packed as yet. Things still stick out, come out, unroll...anything you can think of. I have the most fly-aways I've ever seen, I did not think this was possible it's so bad. My bang that's growing in is sticking up all over the place. AHHHHHHHHH! I want to cry or something, I don't want people looking at me like this, it's horrible. So for the remainder of the day I'll stay in the corner with my hood on my head. This is so tragic.

Update Thursday
So after much debate, the bride and groom have decided to throw a "little" engagement party. The invite list is a little over 30 with family and close friends only. I am not too sure how I feel about this engagement party. I'm on the fence as to whether it is a great idea or a waste of money, but as for now I'm following orders and planning the "perfect engagement party". One thing is certain, I am NOT, i repeat NOT cooking for this occassion. I love my sister dearly but I hate being under pressure to cook for a large amount of people. It freaks me out. Another thing I am certain of is that we are not hosting this engagement party either. We always do little get togethers at our house and get stuck with the unruly mess left behind by our "tidy" house guests. Not this time.
So I have to call around to immediate family and see if they will be willing to host the party. I might also throw in cooking duties as well or I might spread it around to a select few. You know there are certain peeps in the family who really really know how to throw down. They will definitely be getting a call from me. So when that's done I have to see about ordering save-the-date cards and getting a beautiful cake, a must have in the bride's opinion. Knowing us and how we get down, we might just end up having a nice BJ's cake. They are off the hook if you've never tried them. Also I really want to put together a few games for everyone to take part in...maybe I am excited about this...maybe it will be a big hit...maybe I'm just the best sister/maid of honor/wedding planner of all time.
Do you have any ideas to make this E.P. much more enjoyable than just sitting around "oooohhhhing and aaahhhhhing" at the ring?
Until next time,

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What's to Come...

So, I was thinking that I would only do thoughtsicles on this blog, just talk about things that enter my head on a day to day basis. It has been hard because I've been wanting to talk about other things. I've been reading plenty product and beauty blogs and I want to put my spin and talk about all the great fashions out there, past, present and future. So I'm thinking I'll designate a particular day to everything that I want to talk about. Everyday will be open for me to just melt down my thoughtsicles, if there is anything interesting to say. SO from here on out here is the tentative schedule:
Mondays will be Mane Mondays
Tuesdays will be Review Tuesdays
Wednesdays will be Will Power Wednesdays
Thrusdays will be Update Thrusdays
Fridays will be Fashion Fridays
I am venturing out on a path to put the health back into my hair. I've found a regime that I like and I'll be tracking the progress of my hair, health and length wise.
I love going out to eat, going to the movies, watching T.V, and trying new products. So I'll be doing reviews on any and everything that I do/try/buy over the course of the past week.
I am trying my best to eat healthy, exercise and shed a couple of pounds. Starting at 150 lbs. I'll share with you everything that I am doing to shake it off for the upcoming summer. Everything from healthy recipes that I come across to my exercise routine...This is going to be hard.
I have offically taken the title of wedding coordinator for my sister's wedding which has be set for the 26th of May, 2010. I'll be sharing with you guys all the updates, the good, the bad, the money...I mean the ugly.
YYYYYAAAAAYYYYYYYY, my true love fashion has found it's home on my favorite day of the week. I'll be speaking about everything fashion, head to toe, the do's and the don'ts, the ins and outs, everything that is right and everything that is wrong.
Stay tuned...
This should truly be a Meandering Memorandum!!!
Until next time,

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

The Beginning of a New Life

So this weekend was a blast. I did no homework, I made chilli (which everyone loved) and then on Sunday evening my darling sister got engaged. I'm so happy and yet so sad at the same time. I mean no one really understands the relationship that we share, we truly complete one another. My sis, born 1 year, 1 month and 1 day ahead of me, was lost until I was born, or so I would like to think. Growing up, the lines between big and little sister were very often hazy. We never really looked at the other as older or younger, we are basically the same age, that is until one of us wants to act a fool but I digress. Without the other, we were never really happy. When we go out guess who's tagging along. When we make plans, guess who double checks every detail. We can not exist without each other, our bond is so much deeper than that of two sisters, lol, it's like we are soul mates...that doesn't sound too "correct" but you catch my drift. My sis knows me inside out and I would not have it any other way. What am I going to do without her???????????

Don't we make a cute couple...

Anyways...His name is Robert and he is a sweet guy. He was quite nervous during the entire night, no one but my sis heard what he was saying...so adorable...
So she cried and I cried...we all cried

The ring is gorgeous if I say so myself ... I can't wait to start planning the biggest day of her life!!

So if you could choose how you were proposed to, what would you like, how do you envision saying "Yes"? If you are alerady married, how did it happen for you? Were you shocked or did you expect it? Did you cry or laugh or hit him...share and don't spare the details everyone.

Something that I truly consider a no no in the book of proposal is the way my Dad proposed to my Mom. My sis and I were already born and he tells my Mom, "Well I guess we should just get married already, huh?"

I leave you with these words of wisdom...If he proposes to you that way...hit him, yell a little, then if you really love him say YESSSSS.

Until next time,


Monday, December 08, 2008


Ok, so I asked you guys what love means to you and I'm hoping from the flood in of comments...LOL...that love does truly hold a special place in your lives and you are no stranger to the many joys that love can bring to each and every one of us. 

Over the years, within my family and my relationship, I've noticed that love simply means life for me. I mean, ok yeah we can all live day to day without love in our lives but is it truly living if we can't share that with anyone, whether it be family or otherwise?  Not in my opinion.  Being able to rely on those close to you is such a comfort and an ease on the daily stressors.  

When I realized I had fallen in love with my boyfriend I was 15 years old. So many people have said to me that being 15 means you are incapable of knowing whether you love someone or not but I am protesting against that statement, not only by saying " I protest", lol, but also by proving them wrong with the love that I share with, from this point on, Mr. Young.  BTW, this makes me think about Chris Brown's single "Young Love", I heart that song.

It was the era of instant messaging and after exchanging screen names against the wishes of our parents it was like total kismet, an instant connection.  We became quick friends, trying to keep our feelings at bay, never really mentioning the possibility of us becoming anything more. How cute you may say...

Until the day I realized OMG!, I can't wait to see him again. Me, counting the moments until I saw anyone was a new experience. I never really missed anyone, not even my family when I was away. I distinctly remember telling myself, "This is not good", and when I was signing off the computer I felt this energy just pass through me and I said it, I had to, I said "I love you".  From then on everything is basically history. And of course this makes me think of something else...Are you guys into cartoon movies, have you even seen Hercules?  There is a part when Meg, the love interest, realizes she is in love with Herc but does not want to admit it. I feel you Meg, love complicates everything, but sometimes complication walks through the door, smelling good and makes you smile that 'oooooo la la' smile.

Mr. Young says that when he noticed we were finishing each other's sentences and basically saying what the other was thinking, that was when he knew we would be something, something great for a long time. Kodos to you honey!!!

Because he is always willing to put me before himself and appreciates me beyond compare there is no doubt in my mind that  he is my forever and ever. Also, he wrote me not 1 but 2 poems, not amazing but loveable, and for a guy like him to sit and think about words that rhyme...he loves me this I know, for those poems told me so.

So here's to my HERCULES... I love you.

Until the next time,


Friday, December 05, 2008


I hope I am forgiven for being so late with this post. I went straight to sleep when I came home from school today then I had to head out to Staten Island to see my 'tanty' (my grandmother's sister, she is leaving for Trinidad next week. So sad :(((

On to the topic at hand LOVE...one of my favorite things to talk about, but right now I just want to hear from you guys, What does love mean to you, both family and relationship love? How do you know when you are in love with someone and what actions from your partner truly prove to you that they will be forever in love with you?

If any one wants to share...can you tell us about a broken heart, what happened and how long it took to mend? Just curious. After I view the comments, on Monday, i'll make my remarks about love's place in my life.

Thanks to everyone for reading and being apart of my journey in this blogger's world.

Until next time,



Thursday, December 04, 2008

Who are your friends?

Ok so maybe my brain cells are now wrapping my mind around the idea that my life long friends will be women who have a couple of years on me, BUT who are still kind, loving, peaceable, FAB women.

Backtracking a bit, I currently only have two true friends, i mean friends you tell all your secrets to, friends who know all your bad habits and they are my sister and my boyfriend. I mean since I was in sixth grade to about the 10th grade I was best friends with a girl who I thought was gonna be my ride 'n die chick, but things got in the way and now we don't even speak. No bad feelings or misunderstandings I guess life just got in the way of us communicating. Anyway I can't really count her as a best friend to date because of that situation.

Another friend that I thought would always be there now resides in Atlanta where she goes to school. It was cool talking on the phone with her, catching up on the week's activities and such. Until that is, all she wanted to talk about was how the sex with her man was so good, like come on, Virgin ears on the other line, I'll like to keep them that way. Soooo...the calls became less frequent, not that she stopped calling, I just stopped picking up the phone. I mean we still talk every once in a while but when she starts that nonsense up again, I'm tired of telling her to keep her dealings to herself, I find some way to get off the phone.

That leads me to my present predicament. I have two friends and sometimes it's nice to talk to other people...and so these two women are the ones that I look forward to talking to. We have funny conversations, we share the same interests, we actually like the same music (which is very rare for me, not even my sister can stand some of the music I listen to) I can really see us kicking it, like they could definitely be my ride 'n die chicks. I mean, at present, I consider them family, but then you have those in your family who you have to speak to on a constant basis, they become more than family.

I really appreciate the guidance that I have recieved from them and I my sister and I want to surprise them with something, only thing is they already have everything you could thing of getting for someone. So I guess heartfelt words would have to suffice for now.

Anyhow, I wanted to ask, do you have friends who are only in your age bracket or do you have older/younger friends? Is the commincation better with some or is it just different? I'll love to hear your feedback.

Until next time,


Super Powers Anyone?

Since my class starts at 4:10 this evening and there is no homework for me to worry about, I would say that I have a lot of time on my hands. So...what do I so? Watch The Incredibles of course. I love all animated movies and along with my all-time favorite A Bug's Life, The Incredibles is one that I can watch over and over again. Super funny, super cute. If you haven't seen it you should, I doubt you'd be disappointed. I must say that my favorite character is Dash, he makes everything funny. My little brothers are always fighting over who wants to be Dash and who has to be the other characters, they all want to be the one to run fast.

This makes me think about what super power I would want to have if it were possible. Just off the top off my head, because I am always running late for everything and procrastinating , I would want to have the power of rewinding time. This would really come in handy on a day to day basis.

What about you? What super power have you always dreamed of having?

And of course, this is making me think of something else...Have you guys heard about Beyonce wanting to be Wonder Woman in the up coming remake?

Do you think she would make a good Wonder Woman? I'm pulling for her, she definitely has the body for it.

FYI- The original Wonder Woman was Lynda CARTER, if Beyonce is chosen, her last name is CARTER as well. Thanks Jay-Z!!!

Until next time,


Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Nightmares of the Fashion Police

So today I have two things to share with you all.

1. I had a nightmare last night.

2. Am I wrong for telling people that their wardrobe is not up to par?

There is this girl, i won't mention her name, lol, not like if you will know who I'm talking about, but it's just courtesy, anywho this girl seems to have bad blood with me even though I was given the impression that the past was water under the bridge. I hope im using that term correctly... Moving on, I had a dream about her, well I'm calling it a nightmare just because she was in it. So I'm walking down the street and she comes from behind and we are in an instant conversation like we were ol' pals. I stop look her up and down and I tell her she is dressed tacky as usual and she laughs and says she wishes she could be like me. SO FREAKY!

All of a sudden we are in Red Lobster sharing biscuits, how random?!?

We start talking about how much we mean to each other and she starts crying and apologizes for kissing my boyfriend (this really happened) and trying to push up on him (this really happened). I tell her that until I beat her unconscience we will never be even and I will always resent her.

Waking up with this on my mind was quite a shocker. I hate being reminded of this crap, and am I kidding myself with this??? Eating lunch with the chick? NEVER!!! Cordial, yes, friends, never in a million years!

So this had me thinking, is this in my subconscience or something? Are dreams really part of what you think about, what you want to happen? So conflicted in my mind. I have to go look up dreams in my Pysch textbook.


On to my selfish question... Am I wrong for telling people to throw their clothes in the garbage and start from scratch?

I try not to do it but I don't want people walking around looking busted. I understand some people have their days when they are in a rut BUT everyday is a NO NO. No excuses for that nonsense. What's your take on my dilemma?

Until next time,


Tuesday, December 02, 2008

The new commercials just aren't what they were when I was growing up. What happened to the theme song, "I don't want to grow up, I'm a Toys "R" Us kid".....so many memories.

Every time I would hear this song I would tell my grandmother " Granny Lynn, I want to grow up, I want to be a teacher", she remembers that till this day and smiles every time. Funny thing is, after a lot of searching I'm thinking of pursuing a career as an English professor. How about that!!!

What did you want to be growing up? Did you actually end up fulfilling your dream?

This makes me wonder...time to melt another one...did any of you have expectations from your parents and extended family about what path you should pursue? Was it just suggestions or did you feel backed into a corner at any time?

I hated this growing up. Everyone in my family was going to school for a career in the medical field, this seemed to be the only thing that would satisfy anyone. When I changed my mind about being an obstetrician, talk about disappointing cards, phone calls, visits, you name it. Those were the times when Toys "R" Us theme song would have come in handy, not growing up would have totally been an option I would have considered.

Talking about this makes me think about how I actually began thinking about being an OB/GYN. When we were home in the summer time, my past times were sleeping and watching TLC's A Baby Story, are any of you fans of TLC? Anywho, watching this shows and my obsession with babies molded this thought in my head that I could actually go through with this, which I actually ended up dropping my first year in HS. Science is not my thing... learned that the heard way. The dream was fun while it lasted but finding out how much I really love to read and write in HS has helped me to shape my future goals.

Watch out for my novel to hit stores in August, which August exactly, I'm not sure but when I publish a book I want it to come out right before schools opens so it could be added to their lists of books to read.

Yay me and my drive to succeed! Are there any short or long term goals you want to see through whether it be about life, love etc.?

Until next time,


Monday, December 01, 2008

Wedding Jealousy?

So my sister has been planning for her wedding and I think I've been getting jealous. Now don't get me wrong I'm super excited for her and I love to see her so happy but I can't help but think of my own wedding while we are talking about hers. Maybe it's not jealousy just a longing for my own.

She mentions her dream dress, I start thinking about my own.

She says she wants her wedding in the day outside, I start thinking about how much I want an evening wedding outside.

She complains about her inability to make decisions about the fine details, I start thinking about all my fine details from the invitations to the favors.

I don't know, is this natural? Is this jealousy or am I just excited for my own wedding? I feel bad about it? Should I mention it to her?
Somebody HELP!!!
Until next time,

What if it were you?

So this weekend was exciting and romantic and filled with frustrating tid bits.

Exciting because it was the first weekend in a long time where I did not have to worry about school responsibilities. I actually got shirts on Black Friday that were of appropriate lenght instead of that hoochie mama stuff that everyone seems to be selling.

Romantic because I actually saw a side of the hubby that I thought had gone with no return. He took time to tell me how much I meant to him (weeping occured) after a relaxing walk to one of the best pizza shops in BK. The way to my heart is through my stomach, pizza is seriously one of the loves of my life. Whats your favorite food?

As for the FTB you might be asking? There were plenty of them. My brothers are my heart, they mean the world to me, but they know how to push my bottons. They can be the most annoying thing you ever came across if you spend enough time with them throughout the day.
Black Friday brought on a lot of close calls. My old personality wanted to resurface with these folks talking out of order and acting out of place, like seriously are you kidding me with this?
The biggest one of all, my favorite sweater tore and I thought I was going to hyperventilate. I spent so much money to have it ripped to shreds right before my eyes. Heart broken to say the least.

What if it happened to you? Your favorite garment torn? Your favorite shoe, with broken heels? OMG my white platform sandals with the cute gold buckle..........

Do you realize that you get attached to your material belongings, not healthy, but nevertheless true.

Geez, now thinking of it, am I the only one? Wait a minute, are you really ever the only one thinking about something? That's a thoughtsicle to melt down another time.

Until next time,


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Lashes poppin', Lips bussin'

Did you catch the reunion? 
Never thought I could like someone so much, someone that I did not even know.  
*Nene's playback was hilarious 
*The short hair looks nice on her 
*Nene's outburst was priceless
*Nene was in the right to bring up that "suspect" quote that Kim said about the chicken
On to Kim...I truly do feel sad for her
*She can't sing,  I don't care when the CD is coming out
*Horrible excuse about spelling cat K.A.T
*Are you kidding me with the statement "My wig was squeezing my brain", at a loss for   what should follow that statement. Is that even possible? You are on national TV Kim, make sense.
*You can't say you had cancer then say three weeks later you found out you didn't.  Your mental faculties might just be messed up by your wig, let your head breathe, for the kids.
Deshawn, such a sweetheart
*That's right girl, you do have the right to NOT clean and cook
*Your passion shows in everything you say and do
*Smart move staying CCC (cool, calm, and collected), those girls are looking up to you
Lisa is the ultimate firecracker
*You flip her girl, flip her over that couch
*Loved the boots
*Not such a good peacemaker, as you clearly don't think highly of Kim
Sheree, you are a beautiful woman but I just don't like you.
*Your clothing line needs the Botox Kim offered you
*Get your head out of the clouds, you are not God's gift to fashion nor beauty
The sixth Housewife...Dwight...so bold and beyond me.
*Two thumbs up on the acting
*Whoa, calling Kim's wig out again, that's like four times for the whole show
Closing comments: Kim hinted at a second season...can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Until next time,
Meandering Memorandum

Uh Oh!

Sorry about the black text, I don't know how to change it right now but I'll figure it out.

Are You Kidding Me?

Everyone has their "thing" that they say when they are happy, sad, angry, excited, etc. Some say OMG , others say WT...?, I think that one is funny, any who, my "thing" is Are you kidding me? I might add 'with this' or 'right now' at the end but basically you get my point so far. 

I say this to everyone, all the time no matter what the circumstance.  I'm choosing to share this with you guys because of my last thoughtsicle.  I'm on the phone with an acquaintance and she invites my boyfriend and I to her Thanksgiving party.  After I explain to her my reasons for not being able to come, she quickly interjects with “So how long have you two been together anyway?”  So nosey.  I tell her because oh gosh she can be a real and her reaction was an Are you kidding me? moment. 

She asks “Oh wow, five years, so how’s the sex?”

Are you kidding me with this?

1.       What makes you think you can ask me that question?

  1. What makes you think I’m sexually active?
  2. Are you kidding me with this?


So after I let her have it, two minutes straight, I decided to ask her why she would assume we are having sex.  The obvious answer… no one can be in a relationship for five years without having sex.  Glad to say that I am living proof that a healthy fear of HIM and respect for myself has kept me out of that boat. Yay me!!!

This got me thinking, does everyone think I’m sexually active when I tell them how long I’ve been in a relationship? Yikes, that’s so not a good look for me.

How about you guys, do you automatically think couples are doing the deed when you hear about the length of time they have invested in their relationship?

SIDE NOTE: And if they aren’t doing the deed together, do you think they are getting their fix somewhere else, HEHE, trifling question I know.


Until next time,

Meandering Memorandum