Sunday, December 20, 2009

Back In The Days...

...I would not have wasted any time going outside to play around in the snow. My sis was my wing man and after piling on all the old clothes my mother could find to keep us "safe" and "toasty" we would run out the back door and commence to playing the fool. Snow angels would be all over the yard (mines were always better if I do say so myself). My older brother use to force us to do flips off the back stairs into the pile of snow. Being that I was a freak about safety, I use to feel like I was about to die every time. I always visualize myself landing wrong and breaking my neck. Nonetheless I would flip because with everyone around it was soooooooo exciting. My sis and I would attempt to build the best snowman, but of course we did a botch job and only got the bottom circle to stand for a couple of minutes before it broke apart. With the snow all around us, sometimes with the snow still falling, it felt magical. It felt like we were part of another world for the time being.

Now my brothers are all gun ho about the snow. They were up late last night watching it fall (what losers!!!). And they woke up early this morning (by themselves mind you) and piled on their old clothes to go be the first to jump in the snow. I'm still getting over my sickness so I was advised to not go outside, but it sucks being in the house by myself. I want to go dunk someone's head in the snow, or jump on my little brother back and get a ride around the back yard like the queen that I am. (Side note: My little brother is taller than me, which sucks when I'm trying to get all up in his face but works out well at times like these.) As im writing this post my youngest brother is banging on the door for someone to let him in. He has obviously had enough of the snow and the cold. He is whining about his hands and feet falling off from frost bite. What does a 10 year old know about that?!? He is too funny right now. So, I suppose I should go help him out of his wet clothes. But he has to wait until I finish talking about him on this post. LOL, IM COMING TRAVISSSSSSSSS GEEZ, HOLD YOUR HORSES!

Until next time,(He is gonna hit me for taking so long)


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina: When the Rain Stopped Falling

The city of New Orleans without a doubt had it's back up against the wall when it came down to the fight against Hurricane Katrina. In 2005, Katrina hit land on August 29th and brought total destruction in tow. Being that New Orleans is a city situated several feet below sea level, had a very old, and weak draining system and was practically surrounded by multiple bodies of water, the flooding that quickly ensued was inevitable. The damage to the city was bound to happen with such a forceful NATURAL disaster on it's way. The shock that is associated with Hurricane Katrina and New Orleans wasn't the hurricane itself but rather the aftermath and clean up or lack thereof when the rain stopped falling. In the words of Dan Rather in the foreword to City Adrift: New Orleans Before and After Katrina, the aftermath " challenged directly some of our country's most cherished notions about itself: about our readiness and ingenuity in the face of trouble, about the quality of our leaders, and about the equality of our society".

"Everything that happened in Katrina was preventable, and everything that happened was predictable" stated George Haddow, former FEMA deputy chief of staff. These are my sentiments exactly. The lack of preparation for this disaster is what put the aftermath in a class all its own. The absence of emergency preparedness did the honors of tipping over the clean-up, into uncharted waters, which could have been an easier repair. In 2004 a disaster drill dubbed Hurricane Pam took place for the city to prepare for such a disaster. The lessons were not heeded. Warnings from the NHC were overlooked by the government and FEMA and FEMA's infrastructure was crumbling and led to terrible correspondence after the hurricane. There was too many people who could have helped that didn't. They were in perfect positions to put their hand out and offer assistance but that was not the case. All the leaders on all the levels of the government failed the city of New Orleans. Too much time was wasted on trying to figure out who was at fault than trying to fix the situation as quickly as possible. FEMA dropped the ball drastically when it came to aide after the disaster. Individuals did not get their relief trailers until eight months after the landfall of Katrina. The "wait and see" position that FEMA decided to take was beyond disappointing. You can't just let the people take care of themselves. It is not a plan of action but one of disregard. "The damaging aftermath can be substantially reduced by better planning, hard work, and most of all, a mind open to the nature of risk" was brought out by Marc Gerstein in Flirting with Disaster: Why Accidents Are Rarely Accidental.

"You can throw all the money in the world at preparedness, but you still have to be ready to go the minute the balloon goes up". Everyone involved could have done a better job at making sure the relief after Hurricane Katrina came quickly and efficiently. Instead persons waited around for days on end for aide to come their way and help them out of a terrible, disheartening situation. The sad thing is that many people knew what was likely to happen. Leo Bosner who was responsible for "national situation reports" commented that the city could wind up being submerged under several feet of water, and that it was a situation that worried him immensely. When they realized that a major evacuation wasn't in the works, they were stunned at the inaction of the government. When buses were sent out two days later for evacuations they were stalled due to "bureaucratic bullshit". All the deficiencies that came up during the drill of 2004 resurfaced their ugly heads during Katrina- they were never addressed. The conclusion of a U.S. Senate committee that investigated Katrina and its aftermath was that "Before the storm, government planning was incomplete and preparation was often ineffective, inadequate, or both. Afterward, government responses were often tentative, bureaucratic, or inert. These failures resulted in unnecessary suffering" as noted in City Adrift: New Orleans Before and After Katrina.

Many things went wrong concerning Hurricane Katrina, before, during and after. Blame was in a surplus and there was plenty to go around and plenty shoulders for it to fall on. Respectively everyone involved played a part in making this natural disaster a human disaster. But maybe if the preparation for the disaster was effective and panned out the way it was suppose to then many other points when the ball was dropped afterwards, could have been prevented.

The Dual Identity of New Orleans: Unique yet Trite

"I realized that New Orleans might be exotic in some respects but that in others it was exactly like everyplace else." These words were spoken by A.J. Liebling in New Orleans: The Making of an Urban Landscape as he dwelt on and came to terms with the reality of New Orleans situation and status as an American city.

New Orleans, though very unique in certain aspects, has been dragged down over time to come to resemble every other American city. Founded in the 1700's by the French, New Orleans quickly became inhabited by many persons from many diverse cultures. This melting pot of a city was truly a sight to see. Like every other southern American city at this time, New Orleans had slaves. The unique thing about this was that, it was the only city where slaves actually earned money and could save in order to buy their freedom from their masters. Though inequalities did exist, it was not strong enough to hold down the blacks to a point where progress could not be reached. Eventually, they set up a town called Fauborg Treme, which was a predominantly black community. Many black owned businesses and other ventures sprang up and succeeded in this town. They boasted a black-run newspaper, which was written in both Creole French and English. Also, Treme was the breeding grounds for the plot that led to Plessy v. Ferguson. Many great things happened it Treme, but as usual, all good things come to an end.
With the phenomenon of White Flight, New Orleans quickly lost it's footing on the pedestal. No longer were neighborhoods, schools, playgrounds, etc. integrated. Those who had the means to move and escape to the newly developed suburbs were taking advantage of the situation. Construction hit New Orleans hard as it tore apart their cities in order to build highways out into the suburbs. When re-construction of homes went up around the highways, they were built to aide segregation. One side of the highway held black housing facilities and the other side held those for whites. The peaceful, integration that existed in New Orleans would be no more, down even to present time. According to Peirce F. Lewis in New Orleans: The Making of an Urban Landscape he notes that "In New Orleans, as elsewhere, blacks are relatively poor and ill housed, and their neighborhoods are poorly attended by municipal services. Educational levels are low, crime rates high. Meanwhile, whites flee and the proportion of blacks continues to increase, as do the isolation and alienation of a population that sees itself abandoned and abused...typical of city after city across the United States". Also according to Hartman and Squires in "The Social Construction of Disaster: New Orleans as the Paradigmatic American City", New Orleans became "characterized by extreme levels of poverty and racial segregation". And this did not just occur over night it was a "cumulative result of a long history of institutional arrangements and structures that have produced current realities". One of those realities is the way that time has allowed New Orleans to slip away from its exclusive position into commonplace area.
Geographically, New Orleans is very unique. It is situated right on the banks of the Mississippi River (which actually created the city by river deposits and is known as the Crescent City) and started off as a port city for trade. The highest parts of the city are right on the banks of the river and the further you get from the way into the "back of town" the ground actually sinks a couple of feet below sea level. Douglass Brinkley makes mention of this in his book, The Great Deluge: Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans, and the Mississippi Gulf Coast, and connects it to a present day malady for the city. Because the lower levels are the area which were prone to flooding the most, there was where the settlement of the poor blacks were. Like every other metropolitan city in American, the poorer, under-developed neighborhoods are inhabited by the "poor black underclass". Geographically, there are ways that New Orleans steps out of that unique category and places itself in the realm of the other cities in America.

As if that wasn't enough Hurricane Katina came and made bad situations worse. The vulnerable people of New Orleans, with the weight of the world on their backs, were doomed against the disaster of Katrina. The fact that the city was built by water and in effect surrounded by water was definitely a factor from the city's history that lent a hand in making a bad situation worse. The politics that also go on with racial segregation and such also could have foreshadowed what was going to happen in Katrina concerning the poor black underclass. According to Hartman and Squires in " The Social Construction of Disaster: New Orleans as the Paradigmatic American City", "social capital - a resource most unevenly distributed by class and race" played a big role in the time of Katrina. Though New Orleans will, with time, recover from the face damage done by the disastrous hurricane, the internal damage that took place years ago doesn't seem to be on the up and up. Optimism in that area is very small. The beads are just going to lay where they fall.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

The Audacity of Stupid People

Ok, so as I have said before my sister and her goofy beau are getting married in six months, May 22, 2010. They got engaged in December of last year and everyone was excited for them. When people heard the news they were all promising to my sister that they would not miss the wedding for the world, come hell or high water they were planning on being there. My sister wanted an outside spring wedding and so she was going to follow in in my parents' footsteps and have the reception in the backyard. My father promised her a grand tent with all the trimmings and everything seemed to be going great, on time and on track.

That is until my cousin in Florida came up with the great idea of having the wedding on one of his properties in West Palm Beach. Now my father jumped on the idea within seconds and not long after the happy couple was so in love with the idea they did not want to think of any other options. they were sold on have a mini destination wedding in Florida, a state neither of them had been too. So over the summer we all went down to WPB and helped to put everything in place, from the cake to the catering to the tent and extra trimmings. We were all excited about the progress we were making with the wedding, needless to say the couple were excited about the approaching wedding date.

When we came back from the vacation, we went to a little family barbeque and you would not believe the audacity of these stupid people. They jumped on my sister and her beau about moving the wedding to another state. They made them feel that it was beyond inconsiderate to do such a thing because a lot of people were tight on money and such. Plus they brought up the fact that many in the family don't ride airplanes and they should have taken that into consideration. So things blew over but recently they had a little gathering at my aunt's house and were over there bashing us for having the wedding in Florida. Are you kidding me with this nonsense right now? What the hell makes you think that you can dictate when and where someone should have THEIR wedding, their being the operative word. They are totally out of line for even thinking that crap out loud. But isn't family suppose to support you and be there for you when you need them most? Isn't your wedding one such time?

My sister said that those who really love her and want to be there will find their butts in WPB on May 22, 2010. Those who do not make it (for stupid reasons) she says that she will cut them off. Now this will be hard for her but trust, my sister is cold at times and it would be very easy for her to hold tight to this threat. I feel sorry for my family because they have opened up a can of worms they wish they never dug up. They cant win this fight because they all have the means to make the weekend trip. I won't lie, if they dont come to my sister's wedding, I think I would be inclined to remove them from my personal guest list---and yes I already have my guest list for my wedding :-)---and if ties are broken then so be it. Hopefully they check themselves EARLY and find themselves at that wedding in six months.

Until next time, (I'll be listening to my mom and sis talk about these ppl like you wouldn't believe...It's funny)


Monday, December 07, 2009

It had me thinking...

I was on someone else's blog and her post had me thinking about the nonsense that went down between me and this chick in one of my classes last semester.

***Let me introduce by saying that group presentations should not be made mandatory, even in college. People are still immature and irresponsible, whether freshman or senior.***

So we are in class and my professor announces that we will be doing group presentations. Now I did not really care about this because some of my friends were in the class with me and we already were thinking of topics to present. But the next announcement he made was that our group members would be chosen by him and posted on Blackboard that night, no switching. What! How unfair...and it just had to be my luck to get stuck with an air head, a no show, and an over zealous lunatic.

Fast-forwarding to after the terrible, DISCOMBOBULATED (sound that out!) presentation, my professor says that he sees he will not be grading us as a group but rather individually, and says to the class that my A could not be dragged down by the air head's C-. So this chick thinks it is OK to start bad mouthing my hearing rage...chick you must have been smoking something. Don't let the hair and the nails fool you trick, we can get it popping. Now I'm more of a lover than a fighter but sometimes these people just tick you off to the point of no return. I have been know to fly off the handle at the most inappropriate moments but I can't help it sometimes. Truly, I can't. You can take the girl out the yard (ghetto) but you can't take the yard (ghetto) out of her. I can attest to that statement.

She turns to her friends and start talking about how I did not deserve that grade I got, I was trying to show everybody up, I got the easiest portion (mind you she took first pick), and that she would give me piece of her mind after class. Now the TRINI in me flew out the flicking seat and was towering over her, daring her to say one more thing, to back up the foolishness she was chattering about, and give me one more reason to teach her a lesson. ***I am usually shy and quiet so for her to get me this mad must have been SOMETHING***Through the accent, she looked sooooooo scared which prompted me to continue on my rant of her ignorance and dumbness. I knew she could not fully understand what I was say but I had this Bajan chick cracking up in the back of the class. My professor had to walk over to me, carefully, and tell me that he was gonna knock down my grade if I kept it up.

Now because my grade was in jeopardy I shut up with the quickness and sit my butt right down in my seat. But after that day, she dare not cross my path, sit anywhere next to me or even look in my direction. HAHA!

Until next time, (I'll be reminding everyone, Don't let the hair and the nails fool you!)


Saturday, December 05, 2009

Random Happenings!!!

So one of my girlies got engaged this past Sunday. I'm so excited for the couple, I'm besides myself. Like seriously, they on their grown and sexy status, it is just too much. You just know it's true love and it's wonderful. And the RING!!!, OMFG! it is like a crater...its ridiculous. Not saying that the size matters more than anything else but it for damn sure makes an impression. I was jumping up and down like a mad woman, I was so happy for them. I can't wait for the wedding because I know it's gonna be off the hook. Like eager for their big day!


So I'm on the train coming to school and this guy is sitting opposite me. I'm reading my book so I don't notice that he is staring at me like thats just the thing you should be doing. When the train makes a sudden stop I look up and DAMNNNNN mister, ok you seen me , now look away. But oh no, instead of looking away he starts with this sly smile and gives me the "what's up" nod. I'm thinking to myself like uh uhhhh, it aint even gonna happen. You ain't getting my name, number, or age, whether it be fake or not. When most of the passengers get off the train, he gets up and comes to sit next to me but I try not to show like I notice and I continue reading my book. Like, are you serious right now with this? He says hi and wants to know where I'm on my way to. Now because I don't want to be rude for fear that he is a crazy nutcase, I say hello but that is all. (Once I was walking to the train station and this cute girl was walking in front of me. Now I was looking at how she was pairing her cute boots and her cut offs and wondering, actually hoping tha she did not go to school like that. Then this guy tries hollering at her and she keeps it moving without acknowledging him. BIG MISTAKE! The guy decides to throw a glass bottle at the chick's head and plaaaa-dooooowww. OH NO! From then on I always make sure I am cordial because I don't wanna get knocked upside my head with a glass bottle. But I digress) When I say hi to the guy on the train he gets up and starting talking smack..."These cute girls nowadays think they the s**t, they don't wanna have no conversation and they don't treat you like a grown man"...Like my dude what the hell do I owe you. I'm not your momma so I do not need to be talking to you. I got up out my seat, told him off, and hoped off the train with the QUICKNESS before I got snatched up. LOL. It was too funny. After the fact.

Until next time, (I'll be looking out for that dummy)


Friday, December 04, 2009

Press Ons

When I was in high school I was the chick with the nails. My sis and I would get them done religiously, using our allowance to keep up with the times. It was fun, I'm not gonna lie. I got compliments on the colors and styles all the time, it was my thing. It got so bad that I would brag my bf to the nail salon. He hated me when I made him get high off of acetone.

But then when I became a senior and got a part time job, my mother made me pay for my own fill ins and then "magically" I realized how much I did not need the nails. It was not worth the $20 bucks I could have been spending on something else my mother was making me pay for myself. And so from then on I haven't put nails on, I've been trying my hardest to take care of my own nails and dress them up when I could.

Recently my friend got a set of Revlon Press On nails that she wanted me to review for her. The nails were super cute and I was excited to put them on. They weren't outrageous on the color nor the lenght, just right, just like I use to get them.

Aren't they just adorable?

Only thing is...I hated them. I got so accustom to my own nails these things were a terror. It was getting in the way of everything, I mean EVERYTHING...seriously. I nearly poked my eyes out twice, I scrachted myself a thousand times and I hurt my bf numerous of times, poor boy, he suffers when I suffer. I don't think that I will ever put nails on again, unless i'm forced to do it against my will (as I will be for my sister's wedding...she doesn't care what dress we wear but she is certain she wants us all to get our nails done...makes no sense) All natural is the way i wanna go from now on. A little polish will do just fine.

Until next time, (I'll be caring for my wounds)


Wednesday, December 02, 2009


OMG! I swear people irk my nerves beyond imagination. I learned a long time ago that you can not please everyone. Also you can not be friends with everyone, being cool and being friends is two totally different levels (in my book anyways). Well when I was younger I always wanted to fit in with everyone, and to this day I try and make it a point to show everyone that I have no reservations about getting to know anyone, no matter how different they may be from me. But there is a line that gets crossed when people alter themselves and their personalities to fit in with a group of people. That phony fake nonsense gets me upset beyond belief.

I always use to battle with this until I realized I was not benefiting from pretending to be someone and something that I wasn't. From then on when I saw others doing the same thing it would just irk me because I know that it isn't worth it and you would just end up losing out in the ending because you change yourself to fit others that you forget who you really are. It's just a world of chaos.

Something else that pisses me off till I wanna scream is jealousy. It is my belief that jealousy is a nasty disease and a lot of people I come in contact with seem to be really really sick. I mean, everyone has their strengths and weakness, there is no reason to be jealous of someone else. If someone has more money or more "things" than you, there is no reason to be jealous because you don't know what that person did or does to get those things. Now I'll be honest when I see someone looking nice, or when I see one of my friends getting a lot of things that I would love to get I'm always like DAMN yo, what about me?!? But instead of getting jealous, I try and do things to fix myself up and remind myself that my time will come eventually. Perfection takes time, didn't you know, LOL.

When I see people getting jealous of me for some odd reason or another, I quickly try and nip it in the bud. There is no reason whatsoever to ever be jealous of me. I am a firm believer in the fact that each person has their very own thing to offer the world and being jealous of someone else means that you are not taking advantage of your own special something. Just a thought.

I'm done with my ranting, LOL.

Until next time, (I'll be shaking my head)


Monday, November 30, 2009

Black Friday Realization

Usually when Black Friday comes around I'm super excited. I'm all for the thrill of staying up, rushing around to get to the mall, waiting in the lines for the outrageous deals and sleeping the rest of the day away. By this time of the year I'm always loaded with cash ready to buy everything I need and most importantly everything that I want. My sister and I make a plan of the stores we're gonna go to based on the deals that they are offering. Even though I'm tired by the end of the event I'm always satisfied with my finds and super excited to show them off. But this was so not the case, unfortunately for me I went, I saw and needless to say I did not conquer.

First thing is, I was not planning on going until like a day or two before the "big day". So given this, I was not able to hype myself up and get prepared properly for the shopping. My mother ended up feeling sorry for me, lol, I think and she gave me money to get the stuff that I needed. Plus my sister was fussing about how I could not ditch her because every year we go out and shop. So armed with a card full of cash and my sister at my side, I walked into the mall. Now because I got accustom to spending wisely and thinking twice before every purchase, the "deals" didn't seem like real "deals" to me. I walked in and out of almost every store and did not pick up anything. It was terrible, I would see something I liked and pick it up, inspect it and the price, then put that sucker right back on the rack. Knowing the situation that my family is in, I just cant spend the money because it is there. I know that the money can and will eventually go to something more important than a shirt or a pair of jeans or shoes that I could have bought. Usually, I'm so absorbed in the hype that I forget that the money doesn't really need to be spent. I over do it sometimes and it doesn't really benefit me. Materials things can always come and go. My new view on things helps me to realize the more important things and I value this experience because it will help me make wise decisions in the future. Many people I know spend plently money that they do not have. At least I see myself ahead of the curve. Even though I have it doesn't mean that I should spend it.

Lesson learned.

Until next time, (I'll be patting myself on the back)


Sunday, November 29, 2009

And you thought you weren't being heard?

Blogging has become a phenomenon all over the world and rightly so. Everyone wants to feel like they can talk and be heard by any and everyone who would just stop and listen. Blogs give individuals the avenue to vent their opinions, thoughts, concerns and questions. They are able to not only reach, but connect to persons across the country and across the seas. Blogging gives each creator of a blog a space to call their own and a space to relay themselves to the public. As long as someone is willing to listen then bloggers will continue to reach out and relate whatever it is that concerns them.

We can refer to bloggers as citizen journalist, which is someone who does not have professional training in the area of journalism yet their writings are in a sense "published" for the whole world to view, read and comment on. So even though bloggers may not have a degree hanging on their walls saying that they graduated from so and so with a major in so and so, they are still able to write and have others take their work seriously. One such citizen journalist is Yoani Sanchez, a native Cuban who vents about the ills and misgivings of living in a country with unfair government practices and the way she decides to contend with them. Without being disrespectful, though she is considered controversial, Sanchez takes advantage of the "blogosphere" as her avenue to speak to the world of her very own experience living in Cuba on her blog entitled Generacion Y ( Sanchez has become so popular based on her opinions and experiences alone. Her blog is viewed worldwide and can be read in a slew of different languages. Many persons all over the world are able to get a view of Cuba through the eyes of Sanchez on her terms.

Although these citizen journalist speak the truth, it is always their form of the truth, their slanted view on particular topics. Relying on blogs as a substitute for journalism can have its pitfalls and liabilities. Instead of receiving an objective view on a particular matter (which is very hard to find even in the news) the information is totally subjective, shaped to fit the stance of the blogger. Someone may only get one side to the story and therefore may have a view that is askew on a certain topic. Walking around without the complete truth can be a disadvantage to the follower of the blog. For someone to follow Sanchez exclusively without referencing any other news source for information about Cuba would not be a smart idea. One person's thoughts and ideas on a country's dealings on a whole doesnot fully relate the true sense of being in that country and dealing with every aspect of the country. That experience that would be published on Sanchez' blog is unique to her and her alone. Someone else dealing with similar situations may have different opinions on the matter and so narrowing your view of information be a disadvantage to the reader.
Blogging has been a way for persons living every sort of lifestyle to communicate their lives with the world. It has been the life line for some and a daily job for others. And for some others it may be the only thing that gives them a sense of purpose. With blogging, anything is possible. And though bloggers write to be taken seriously, which they should be, taking into consideration the thoughts and ideas and reports of others always helps to round out one's thoughts on a particular situation.
Until next time,

Over the hills and through the woods...

To Grandfather's house we go. LOL, everybody in the car hated me because I kept singing this over and over and over again all the way to Grandfather Leno's house. He lives in Staten Island and the Belt Pkwy was crowded...that was a lot of singing (I think I might have gotten annoyed with my self actually). But when we got there, ol' gramps was waiting for us at the door ready to start the lime (hangout). He made baked chicken and cookup rice. I made fried chicken and my famous mashed potatoes, my sister made baked zitti and veggies, and my mom made a great salad. Everyone rushed out of the cars and could not wait to dig in and bug out. The food was to die for, it was beyond good. I would say that we put our foot in it but that just doesn't sound right. I was just really really really good. It was so good that when everyone sat down to eat you couldn't hear a peep from anyone. The TV was on, music was playing in the back and we were yumming it up.

The company was great, everyone was talking and reminiscing about old times in Trinidad (I don't ever know what they are talking about but it is always nice to listen and laugh at the things that use to go down). Even my bf was chimming in from time to time about his adventures in Trinidad, I was soooooo jealous. We ended up playing some silly games with my little brothers. What made it even more fun was the bubblegum flavored vodka that my brother brought in tow.

My grandfather is like one of the funniest people I know, I love bussing a lime over by him. Everything is just always so fun. Everyone has a great time and never wants to leave. It's just the best.

Until next time, (I'll be yumming on some left overs)


Thursday, November 26, 2009

You remember BRACEFACE?

The summer I was going into sixth grade my mom took me and my sister out for "a drive". We loved going places with my mother, we always ended up buying something and then getting something to eat. What child wouldn't love that?! This day my mother was acting all secretive about where we were headed but being greedy little children, we tagged along anyway. When I realized we were going east on the Conduit heading for Long Island, I was nudging my sister mad hard, like YEAHHHH, we about to go somewhere nice. I was getting so excited that I had to start asking my mother some more questions, only this time she decided to answer (she had already trapped us). So I ask if we really are heading to Long Island and she says yes and I wink at my sister because I told her we were going some place nice (Long Island equated nice things when I was little...I know better now). So then after some other questions I ask her if she could finally tell us where we were going and she says to the dentist. Whoa, whoa, whoa--shorty hold up, rewind and come again selector. First off, our dentist is in Brooklyn on Flatbush, second, say whattttt???? You bring us all the way to Long Island to go to the dentist? We better be getting something really nice after this.

Then she lays the bomb on us...we were going to a "special dentist" to get braces. As soon as those words left her mouth tears started rolling down my face. I knew my teeth were messed up but WHY....boys still liked me and so I did not see the need to get braces. Plus I was going into a new school come September and I didn't want to have that junk in my mouth. How cruel could she be? I never knew anyone who had braces but those joints looked like they hurt. Metal in your mouth couldn't end well for you, or at least that was what I was thinking. So after the melt down that my sister later took part in, we pull up to this banging office somewhere in LI. We go in and everyone is so nice to us. We go take pictures of our jacked up teeth and without wasting time those suckers were put on our teeth.

For three whole years I had braces, all my years in JHS which undoubtedly meant countless wise cracks and jokes at my expense but the boys were still after me, hehe. I could never lose my touch. All my pics from then were donned with the wire from hell. I tried hard but I could never keep my mouth closed. Soon enough (or not!) May 2003 came and my braces went. I was sooooooooo happy. My teeth were perfect...not white...but still perfect. I went into high school without braces and took on the roll of braces bully. Anyone with braces, I made it a point to let them know I had them but LUCKILY they came off before my high school years started. Now they were to be remembered with braces in their mouths when people thought of them. So sad.

But I guess I should not have spoken so soon because now my teeth are shifting back out of place. It is very minor but I notice it and that is what truly matters. My sister's wedding is in six months and I don't want jacked up teeth all over again. Oh no siree bob! So I brought the proposal to my mother that I should put the braces back on, to rectify the situation before it gets out of hand. I thought it was brilliant, well of course I did because it was my idea. But without sparing a moment, Mommy up and jumps at me like "what is wrong with you girl" and blah blah blah "your teeth are fine" and blah blah blah "our insurance won't cover you because you are over 18" (I knew it would suck to get old) and blah blah blah. How about that? That sucks to the fifteenth power. Now I'm stuck with messed up teeth and no way to fix them.

It's ok you can feel sorry for me. I won't blame you. I'm gonna go cry now.

Until next time, (serously, I'm gonna cry)


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Great News Across The Board

So today I am labeling "Chyvy's Great Day". Why might I be doing such a thing? Well it just might be that great things have been happening TO ME (which I might add is soooo out of the ordinary) since I woke up this morning. First off, I wake up and my grandmother has made me a beautiful, satisfying, good ol' trini breakfast. It is something I haven't had in a while and I have been craving it so what does she do, she makes it especially for me...what love! Second, I go to Blackboard to check what I got on my philosophy exam, and what do you know, I got 100. How you like those, I'm good like that. Third, I get the permission to take three courses over the winter intersession and I'm so excited because this means that I'm not coming back here EVER after January. Whoo hooooo, as Vicki from Housewives of Orange County would say. See yuh latah alligata, in ah while crakadile, as my grand uncle would say, twang and all. Fourth, my mother informed me that I will be hitting the shops on Friday so I am no longer window shopping, I will be doing some majorrrrrrrrr damage. So watch out busters, I am a beast, a very scary, vicious beast when I see a sale. Fifth, I get to spend QT with the BF starting today ALL THE WAY up to sunday evening. Now this might not seem all that great but I hardly see him anymore due to the work overload that we both took on this semester. Such is life but I'm totally happy for this mini rest. Which leads me to the sixth great thing, my last two classes today are canceled, I think that deserves another Whoo hooooo, and there is no school tomorrow. So without further ado I present "Chyvy's Great Day", I hope you enjoy it as much as I.

Until next time,


Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I just wanted to take this time to shout out my Mommy Elsie and Grandfather Leno. I love them sooooooo much. They do any and everything for my family. I live with my grandmother and she is without a doubt the backbone for this household, this family. She keeps everything and everyone together, I never want her to leave me, never ever. She better be here for my wedding and for when I have my kids. They would miss out if they never get a chance to meet this wonderful woman. As for Grandfather Leno, he lives in Staten Island but I still feel like he is always around. The man would find every excuse to come down to Brooklyn, everyday. He loves us, I know, can't hide the feelings old man. Anything we ask, he is more than happy to oblige.

This weekend my family is going down to his home to spend some time with him, on his turf. He made it very clear that he is not cooking even though the man could throw down (he's just being mean). But of course Mommy Elsie volunteers to cook everything, she never wants to take a break from being in that darn kitchen. But I think my sis and I will take over just this once and put something really nice together. I think we are gonna try something new, something ummmmmmmm, well all I got is something new, can't think of anymore adjectives at the moment. The reason behind this is, every time we make something for the first time it comes out GREAT but then the times that follow, it just never comes out the same.

LOL, I started this post about my grans and ended up talking about food. How convenient! LOL, I'm hungry.

Until next time, (I'll let you guys know what gets cooked)


Monday, November 23, 2009

Meet My New Buddies!!

All the way from the back of my imaginary closet...INTRODUCING


She is a beauty, this I know. How perfect we would be together (if I get my way and pout a little more, I think I'll be able to really introduce her to the rest of my friends ;-) My bf will cave eventually, hopefully)

Not to be out done by any means... here is


Now she could really become my bestie this winter. Perfect shoe for outings when it is a little chilly. The pewter shade is just right in my opinion.

Sooooo I have a little obession with shoes and I'm not planning on getting counseling any time soon. Shoes make me crazy, like loco, nuts, retarded even, sometimes. I don't care where I am, if I see a perfect pair of shoes I have to stop and stare. If I have the guts I'll ask the chick where she copped them from. But I choose wisely, I only buy those shoes which I cannot live without (which has recently grown into a long, long list). My mom already warned my bf about the heavy duty responsibility of keeping up with my shoe shopping hobby. HEHE! Relax people, if they want to be my friends, I do not discriminate by any means. Boots, stilettos, sandals, my arms are open 24/7. Plus, its not like he is going anywhere, so YEAH, I have a shoe problem and most likely you will be supporting my habit. WHAT PUNK! POP! (I should be glad he doesn't read this you boo boo)

So do you girls get giddy over a great pair of must haves???Share, share and share some more!

Until next time, (Donations are excepted at all times...I'm, really, I am!)


Sunday, November 22, 2009

Coping with 6 ft Under.

Recently someone in my family passed away from ovarian cancer. I was not close to her, I know I met her in my life but I don't remember her at all. She was my mom's cousin and she livind in Trinidad. She left behind a husband and a daughter, a host of brothers and sisters and her mom, excluding the rest of the family members. It was sad to hear and see everyone deal with the passing in their own ways. My grandmother did not want to talk about anything at first then se could not find anything else to talk about. My mom cried when she heard the news then seemed to forget all about it. No one else in the house really knew her, so it was only the two of them that I got to watch cope with the death. Personally I have never had to deal with death. No one that was close to me has passed away and so I've never known that pain that others feel when they tell me that someone has died.

Sometimes I see people laugh when others die, I see them take a vow of silence, I see them cry until they get sick, I see them not able to enjoy themselves anymore-all ways of coping with death-and I never understand how it is that people re-act to the same problem in so many ways. Now I'm not saying that I want someone close to me to die so I can understand the feeling but it is just something that amazes me. It's not only death, but a range of problems really. Everyone deals with and tries to get over their troubles in different ways even if it is the same exact problem.

Have you ever had to cope with the loss of a loved one? Did you and your family react the same way? Just wondering, I would really like to hear your experiences.

Until next time,


Moving Out.

The home that I live in right now is the only one that I know. I mean I was born in a different house but I moved into this one when I was going on to 1 years old. (I was a cute baby btw, just thought I'd share that) I know this house like the back of my hand. Every creek, every spot on the wall, every mark on the wood floors, every trick to make things work like magic, this house just belongs to me. When we got new doors and new windows I got upset with everyone because I don't like change. My ideal life would be for everything to never change. I would wear the same pair of sneakers everyday forever if they wouldn't break down on me (Coach Barretts specifically).

So my sister is getting married next year, and of course she will be moving out, but I don't get why she is so excited. I mean I'm excited. I don't have to share my room anymore, I've been sharing it with her since I got out of my crib (true story). I don't have to deal with cleaning up after anyone, I don't have to worry about people telling me that I'm messy when I wanna be. It's gonna be great, I just know it is. But why is she so happy? Can't be for the same reason because she is going to be sharing her room with someone else, lol. So I seriously can't understand.

When I get married, I know I'm going to be besides myself with sadness. I don't want to live anywhere else. I love my house. Me, moving out, I don't think so. It just won't be right. The house would be sooooooo sad without me. I know it would be. And no one can't tell me different. My parents have been complaining a lot lately about moving back to the Caribbean because they can't deal with the cold weather any more. So I suggest that they stick it out until I'm ready to get married. By then the house would be paid off in full, and when I come home from my honeymoon, they would be shipped out to good ol' Trinidad (or Florida, whichever). Yea, I would miss my fam but I truly think I would miss the house a lot more. I don't know how long it would take me to get comfortable in another house. It might take years. So this is my plan. Now all I have to do is convince everyone to go along with it. My father is cool with it, my mommy looks at me like I'm crazy and my bf laughs in my face every time I bring it up or sneak it into a conversation that has nothing to do with the topic of possible homes after our marriage. He has this idea that when he moves out his mother's house he is moving far away from the ghetto. I try to explain to him that I dont live in the ghetto (yea right). My block is full of private homes owned by respectable, hard working old people. He says I live in the old ghetto, lol.

Well you can't blame a girl for trying. I just might be moving out, but I won't do it without a fight.

Until next time,


Saturday, November 21, 2009

Down Sizing???

I never use to be rich, by any means, but I (or my parents) use to live comfortably. I mean, not that we are struggling terribly but things aren't like they use to. Money ain't circulating in my hands like it use to. Whenever I needed or wanted (but mostly convinced myself and my mom that I needed) something I got it. There was never any thought to when I was getting my stuff or any questions about credit cards and debit cards not working. Life was good, well actually it was great. If I wanted something all I had to do was ask nicely and tadaaa...the cash or the card was in my hand.

Well, I can't really say the same thing for how life is treating me now. It's just not right. When I need something I got to let my parents know and then it has to be added to a list that matches its priority. So like if I needed a new winter coat it would go on a list with other things that were similar (the bills get paid first of course, lol). Now, this isn't easy living for me or anyone else in this house. My little brothers, who aren't so little in size (Terrance, who is 12, is already looking down at me. It's sad.) have to wait a long time for things they need, because necessary things for boys are so much more expensive than for girls and there are three of them. Getting accustom to this sort of lifestyle is difficult. I always thought people on tv were making something out of nothing when they had to down size but in all honestly it is hard. You get so use to living a particualr way, then BOOM, sorry you can no longer do things you use to do, and enjoy your money the way you want to (well at least enjoy the fruits of my parents labor).

Have a lot of you had to down size or get use to spending less or recieving less?

***BTW, it is not that I am a spoiled brat or anything like that. I ould get a job, that is true. But my parents want me to focus on school and take as many classes as I can at a time (hence, my 6 classes this semester). This leaves little time to get a job. I won't be able to find the hours to even work PT.***

Until next time,


Friday, November 20, 2009

Professor's Comment...

***Before I start this post I just want to say that you always have to be careful about the things you do and say in public because that is what others would use to form their opinion of you.***

So my professor was explaining something to the class and made a btw comment about a particular religion. All of a sudden the heads of certain individuals started to shake, their eyes were rolling around, they were sucking their teeth etc. And this question automatically popped into my head, why is it that (a) certain religion(s) get a bad rap set apart from others? If you claim to be a member of one religion people accept it as normal and move right past it but if you state that you are part of another one, they give you that look like "why?", or "what's wrong with you?" or "REALLY?!?".

In the past when I have brought this question to individuals they gave me reasons that were so unsound. Some of them did not know why they were in a way prejudice to other religions and others said the stupidest things, like "It sounds weird" (what sounds weird? Till this day I have no clue), "they bother me", "my parents told me they were crazy", I mean how old are you?!? There were only a select few who knew "absolutely" why they gave certain religions a bad rap(sorry for the sarcasm). After speaking with them and clearing up ALL of their misconceptions, they too had nothing to say and realized that they were being unfair and jugdemental. People get all up in arms when others are racist but to them it is ok to discriminate against religions. If you really look you can practically find double standards everywhere. It's a shame.

Well now that I got that off my chest...How was your day out there in blog world?

Until next time, (comment if you please)


Those Darn Kids

KK, so I know all of you may not be familiar with the Bebe kids but you all have seen those bad behind kids on the street, in the McDonald's up the block, in the grocery and oooo boy in the trains. Now I don't want to steal any one's thunder, posting about someones area of interest BUT.....I could not help myself.
So, my sister and I are coming home yesterday after school. We were on the A train and then thankfully caught the C and did not have to end up waiting 15 mins for the next one to come. Running into the C, we grab a seat and start laughing because the conductor was trying to chat us up (old men make me laugh). So anyway we were carrying on our conversation and then all of a sudden you hear OMG! what is was serious screaming, no joke. But what could that have been, you may ask?
This little girl, no older than 7 or 8 was yelling at her mother for eating out her bag of cotton candy. I never see more (ah lil twang fuh all yuh). This little girl literally got out her seat to pose up in front her mother's face to reprimand her for her gluttonous actions. She had her hands on her hips and was stooping her feet and yelling at the top of her lungs. Now if the girl did shed a tear or two because she no longer had her cotton candy, then I think that response would have suffice. But OH NO! Lil' shorty had to make a scene.
Now what was the YOUNG mother doing with all of this embarrassment??? She was trying to laugh it off, but her daughter wasn't having that. She told her mother to stop laughing because when she getting in trouble she isn't suppose to laugh and so the mother should have the same amount of respect (say what!?!) and was snapping the fingers and all. I'm sorry but I could not help but shake my head, it was so ridiculous. If I knew that girl she would have gotten snatched up by the ears or something sick. A little after, the mother started realizing that everyone was giving her that look like "Oh no, boo boo. You need to check that." So she grabbed her child and made her sit down. LOL, well who told her to do that. That little girl had even more to say about the way her mother was handling her and "showing off in front of strangers". It was beyond embarrassing. Tisk, tisk.
Moral of the story***train your kids right at home and they will not put you to shame in front a cart full of strangers while you are going home on public transportation. Poor lady, but she ask for that, don't you think? You are silly to think that your children will listen to you in public when you dont correct them in private. They don't know that they have to "act different" and it shouldn't be that way. Respect for your elders should be a given for the little ones, whether they are behind closed doors or outside in public.
What you think?
Until next time,

Friday, November 13, 2009

Freaky Weird Guy...Updated

Ok, yall remember that psycho freak in my class right?!? Well I was just talking to my sister about the situation yet again and I forgot to update the situation to the public. So the next class, homeboy comes in sits on the opposite side of the class. But during class, as I'm chatting it up with my buddies (terrible I know) I can see him out the corner of my eye glancing over. So when I see him looking, I turned to face him directly and give him the only crazy, stink face (hopefully yall can picture what that might have looked like). No joke, he got up and left the class...since then he leaves the class like 3 mins before we are let go. The professor ends up asking us if anyone knows whats up with that "dude". LOL, I certaining DO not know whats up with him and why he is all of a sudden leaving class early all the time. So, yes, before it was poor me, but now it is POOR HIM! Psychos never prosper. Believe dat sucker.

Until next time, (Don't mess with the S, cuz Supergirl is the beSt)


Thursday, November 12, 2009

My (one of many) Obession

Ok so when I have down time , or when I'm suppose to be doing homework, or when I should be sleeping...I'm watching some tv show...It's like when the tv is on I can't help myself, I must watch it. And people always say that there is never anything on despite the fact that there is so many channels, but me, I always find something interesting to watch. And when I say interesting I must mention that my standards are completely set aside from everyone elses (according to my bf).

I get so excited by shows like Jon & Kate plus 8, Golden Girls, The Emperor's New Groove, Fraiser, Cougar Town, Heros, and the list goes on and on. Almost every channel has a show that I watch and that I'm completely in love with. I just think that if I could some how make a profession out of watching tv I would be making the big bucks and wiping my pits with benjamins BABY!!!! (whoa...bad mental image)

But the show that takes the cake for me...drum roll please...Grey's Anatomy. Some people totally hate this show and some people think it is the best thing since...(thinking)...ummm, lets choose Ralph Cramden in the Homeymooners (the original, not the knock-off with Cedric the Entertainter, btw sooo disappointed with Gabrielle Union for actually playing in that garbage, was money that tight???). Anywho, GREY'S ANATOMY!!!, I can't get enough of this show. This is one of the few series that air re-runs and I can without a doubt kick back and remember the ol' days, when Burke left Christina at the alter or when Miranda's husband was riding her back because of the little time she was spending at home. And talk about the medical cases...I love it, I love it all. But with all honesty, my thursday nights are dedicated to Grey's Anatomy then by default I got hooked on Private Practice via Addison's move from Seattle Grace to the Wellness Center in L.A.

Tonight though required crying on my part, as does every other episode(in between me yelling at the screen). The chief is battling some demons and his exit on the show had me crying..ooooooooooooo, plus Izzy gonna have the nerve to come back and be all crazy on Alex, but he knew what was up and he put her in her place. YEA!! That's what you get for walking out on my homeboy. Don't step sideways cuz he get dirtay!--Private Practice was cool tonight too, which had me crying at the end when the lady delivers her baby then dies (boo hoo), but then I started yelling at Sam and Addison because they taking liberties and kissing it up. Like hellooooooooo, why ya'll thinking that Naomi ain't gonna find out, or do you suckers even care. (Na, girl, I got your back).

So, I know most of you are totally lost on this post but Grey's Anotomy holds a special place in my heart (shout out to the bf for putting me on, even though he dropped the show like a pancake the season after I started watching--should I be reading into that, humm--which always seemed sketchy to me since he was in love with the show). If any of you are die hard GA fans, "holler" at me, lol. I can go on and on, mainly because I have no one to talk the show over with anymore.
:-( I'll be waiting.

Until next time, (go watch GA!!!!!)


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Time Ain't Waiting No More...

Ok so I know I'm not tripping when I say school just started. It feels like it was not so long ago but the end of the term is upon us. OMG! I just handed in a paper in this class, took an exam in that class, gave a presentation for this professor and took a couples of quizzes for the other. But NOW...I'm handing in papers again, taking more exams, giving more, yo what the hell, I just did this.

When I was younger and summer vacation came around, it felt like forever would pass before September came chugging along and we'd all get nervous for the first day back. We actually had time over the vacation to relax, to enjoy everything little thing that wasn't available to us during the school months. NOW!?! It's like as soon as June ends September begins, no time to take a breather and just do nothing. This past summer flashed right before my eyes (partly because I was in school for both summer sessions) but also because time ain't waiting no more. It flies by with the only quckness. I remember vividly it being Sunday night and I'm driving to the shop to pick up the soap for my face and some nail polish. It is already Wednesday night, which means that the end of the school week is tomorrow, which means that Friday (which happens to be my favorite day out of the week) is almost here, which means that Sunday is almost here as well, again. Where the hell is all this time going???? (My little brother said that the time is being sucked into outer space because of global warming...everyone in the room stopped for like 45 seconds looking at everyone else, like is this dude for real. Granted he is 10 years old, but who says that. LOL)

Now I'm already paranoid about getting old and wrinkled up but I'm feeling like my life is passing by and it's not even having the decency to stop and say "What's up?!", like hello I'm standing right here, don't be rude. I JUST turned 20 this past July, and it's almost December, which means that it's almost January, which means that in seven months after that im going to be freaking 21. What kind of unfair crap is that?

So, I'm not tripping right? Everyone feels like time if flying by, it's not only me... (Even if you don't, just say something so I don't feel crazy).

Until next time, (which will be upon me very soon, gosh)


Sunday, November 08, 2009


Ok, so off the bat I'll let you guys know that the chicken wings were not cooked. I was forgetting the fact that I had to actually make sure there was chicken in the house. I'm always setting mysef up like this. When I decide to cook something, I automatically think that the ingredients are already in the house and then I get upset with everyone, lol...Hopefully I learn my lesson sooner rather than later.

As for the movie...I still can't decide whether I liked it or not. Come to think of it, I don't even think I know what the movie was about. The acting was as expected but I think it's the plot that remained ambiguous the ENTIRE movie. I heard it was based on an old episode of Twilight Zone, so if you're into that "stuff" then I suppose this is right up your alley. As for me, ummm, a little unsatisfied. Sorry this can't be more helpful, it's just like it leaves you wondering from beginning to end. I heard some people say they loved it and some were cursing that they wasted their money. Last words, totally subjective. If you guys see it, let me know what you think about it.

Until next time,


Friday, November 06, 2009

Movie Night

So two weeks ago my bf and I went out to catch a movie. We ended up seeing Law Abiding Citizen which was a great movie in my opinion. The trailers did look good but the movie ended up playing better than I thought it would. If anyone hasn't seen it as yet I will encourage you to do so. I mean Jamie Foxx is cool as an actor but Gerard Butler is in it, which is much more important, wouldn't you say.

***Bonus- You see his buttocks, lol. When that scene came on I could see my bf turn and look for my reaction. I had to play cool, but inside I was like OMG! HIS BUTT! He was gorgeous from the front in 300- as the head of the Spartans- but he was extra gorgeous from the back in this movie. With that said I think I should have been hired as a promoter for this movie, cuz I bet a lot of you want to catch the END of this movie. I crack myself up, lol.***

But tomorrow we are scheduled to leave home at 5 pm, go to Abercrombie & Fitch to look for winter coats (I don't understand my bf's obsession with A&F), then make our way to the theater for 7:20 pm to see The Box. Now I'm sort of on the fence cuz I do like morality movies (hence my love for Law Abiding Citizen) but I don't think I fully understand the story line of the movie. I'm hoping that I like the movie and don't end up feeling like I wasted 12 bucks to see it cuz I will be dwelling on everything else I could have used that money to do. I dunno, maybe like two sandwhichs at Subways or a bottle of GOOD nail polish (I've been eyeing Zoya's new fall line).

Also I'm attempting to re-create a meal one of my friends had at a hotel via room service tomorrow: Garlic Chicken wings and Garlic Fries. Now my breath might not be on point after this meal but garlic things just taste so good. I blame the Indian in grandmother would put garlic in everything if you gave her the chance.

So I'll be letting you guys know how the movie turned out and also if I was able to successfully cook up some chicken wings.

Until next time,


Two sides to the coin

So recently I took my road test and passed...yay meeeeee...which came as a shock to EVERYONE because I had never done a 3 point turn and I only learned how to park the day before the test. ***Procrastination is my middle name*** Anywho, I was flicking excited because now if I want to go somewhere I don't "have to have someone in the car with me over the age of 21 who has their license"- my mother's favorite line to me- so in that aspect I'm glad I finally got my license. When I want to go to the movies, I could take the car and be oouuutttt. When I want to go out to eat or go to the mall or whatever the hell else comes to this mind of mine, the keys are not my disposal. Plus my parents just got a new car so I'm not driving around in a hooptie (sp check?) and I really appreciate that. The only thing is, now that I have my license, I'm like Spider-Man with a whole bunch of responsibilities. My parents want me to go to the bank, go to the grocery, pick up my brothers from school, go drop off prescriptions at the pharmacy, go drop my aunt to work, pick up papers from the doctor's office, drop my grandmother off where ever she please and go and get gas. Now it's not as though I don't like doing these things and I certainly understand that my license allows me to help out around the house. But there comes a point when they just dont want to do anything anymore and just expect for me to go and do it.

How rude!!!

So I've come up with a plan. Every time that they send me out to do something, that allows me to go someplace that I want. So if I run three errands today (which will most likely happen), I'll get to go three places that I want to go. Only problem is, if I went to tell them this brilliant plan of mine, they would only laugh in my face. Life just isn't fair.

What do your parents make you do, that they could do for themselves?

Until next time,


Thursday, November 05, 2009

The Freakiest Thing

Now a lot of things have happened to me in the past that I wouldn't exactly label as normal. If I say so myself, they were beyond freaky, creepy, _______(another synonym). Anywho, coming to Baruch, I have never encountered anyone or anything out of the ordinary...well maybe that's because I don't talk to many people here but that's a whole other topic.

Well yesterday I had my share of creepy bizzare crap. I'm leaving one of my English classes and one of my classmates stops me...he is a white male in his 20's wearing a business suit (just so you get a picture). Backtracking a little bit...I don't consider myself to look half bad, I am aware that someone may be consider me attractive...but at Baruch I don't really run into many people who would come out their face and say so. I mean, no one ever really hits on me, which is just the way I like it. Now if I would have went to a school like New York City Tech with my other friends, I would have needed to invest in a fly swater to keep the homeboys away. I say that with all seriousness. So, I'm walking out of my class and he stops me (though he has never spoken to me in the past) and says "Hey I need to speak with you". Now a million things run through my mind, like did I say something to offend him in any of my comments...Well guess again Chyvone.

Homeboy asks me to step to the side to let me know that he has been watching me since classes began and that he finds me very attractive. He noticed that I wear a ring on my ring finger and he did not want to tell me anything out of respect. LOL, but now he thinks that he should tell me how he feels regardless of my "home situation". He asks me out to dinner. Trying not to laugh in his face (cuz this is sooooo weird to me) I kindly decline his invitation and let him know that I'm in a relationship. As I'm walking away down the hall, this wacko yells out at the top of his lungs that he has a girlfriend too but he has been dreaming about me and he wants to get to know me.

Are you kidding me right now????????? If only I could show you guys how wide my eyes opened up. Now they are already big, but I knew they got gigantic. What kind of crazy talk is that? I go from having no one approach me, to having this psycho tell me he is dreaming about me. I don't even think I want to go back to class anymore. I mean, what did he think I was gonna say when he told me that he dreams of me. That is beyond every freaky, creepy thing that has every happened to me. WHY ME?

What has been the weirdest thing that anyone has ever done or said to you?

Until next time,


Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Where I Am Right Now...

...Ummmmmm, let's see.

I've been trying my hardest to hurry up and complete my classes in order to finish school early and START my life. Only thing is, now that I'm almost finish {three classes left :-) whoo hoo} I don't know what I want to do in the near future. I was always so sure that I wanted to go into the magazine business but last year I had a revelation and realized that though I love beauty and fashion, writing about it just isn't as fun as dabbling in it. So now I'm going down the road of teaching and I'm absolutely excited about that. I don't feel like I'm giving anything up or settling and that's a good thing, all things considered. But as grad school is concerned, I am completely lost as to what I would like to study. Right now I'm majoring in English Literature and it's cool , but getting my Masters in it just doesn't appeal to my inner being. At this point, nothing appeals to anything. I know I want to teach English to high school students but I don't necessarily want to be a master in eng lit. Sooooooo conflicted with what I should do.

***Side note- Living in New York leaves you open to the weirdest things. I'm going home on the 6 train this evening and I see a bum laying on the floor in front of the door yelling at god knows if that wasn't wacko enough, his pants are pulled down past his butt and people are just stepping over him like he is a piece of trash on the floor. How random?! ***

LOL...this just popped into my head...There is a business space that gets rented out on my block from time to time. It has been a barber shop, a beauty salon, a clothing "boutique", and a candy shop, all of which have gone out of business within 6-7 months. As of now it is a beauty salon/barber shop and I never see anyone in there when I pass by {which just happens to be two or three times a day}. So I'm wondering 1. if they have no customers, how are they paying the bills and 2. when are they going to shut down? That doesn't sound to nice but I'm tired of dealing with the guys to stand outside the shop spewing their lame lines at me. That is so selfish of me but I feel like they are unwanted visitors on my block and I do not remember asking for company.

Until next time,


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My life is never on pause.

I just came off of Spring Break. LOL, they should call it spring work. I didn't get no break. Yeah school was out but you know what that means, everybody wanna occupy your time now. Geez homies give a sister a well deserved rest. Everyday, I was up and out the house by the time 9, doing things here and there. The weather was pleasant some days and others the rain was so depressing. Poor April and it's bad rep for wet weather.

On the up side, come Monday morning I felt great. Surprisingly well rested and looking forward to going back to class. It's weird with me. As much as I hate doing school work and actually making my way to school. I love learning and i get a sort of high when I understand new things. Sooooooo, great news for when I returned... I got a 52 out of 50 on my economics test, I got a 91 on my italian test, I got an A on an Eng presentation, an A- on an Eng paper and an B+ on another Eng paper. I totally rocked out these classes this semsester., even though they are much harder than lst semester.

A little update on my life...over the vaca my bf and sis had a falling out but my persistence mended the fam back together. I don't mean to boast but I realize that I always get what I want out of people, and I mean that in the most sincerest way possible. LOL. Anywho, through this mis-communitcation, I feel that my relationship with my sister has improved and so has my relationship with my bf. One week can truly make a difference. Oh, and over the vaca I also realized how much of me is my mother. I am like her mini me and I mean that in almost every way. It was scary...everything she would say when I can to confide in her, everything she would do, I was like OMG!!! Mommy you are just like me. I'm stoked to think that I will be just like my mommy when I grow up.

ummm..........I'm pregnant..........................LOL, that just came out of nowhere. I'm not really but I realized ovver the vaca that I am in no way shape or form ready for kids. I am just to selfish for that right now, LOL, not to say that I was planning on having kids any time soon but you catch my drift. I think I am just in love with the idea of kids and what that would mean for me in the future. Also, I'm dying to see what they are going to look like. ----Sorry for that leftfield topic.

My hair has grown, though it is becoming a lot a bit unruly. I'm on the market for a great leave in conditioner and a deep conditioner, something to make me pop. I was unsuccessful this past week in finding one. It also has to be inexpensive, these are hard times man!

Sooooooooooo in addition to all this mess, guess who I spoke to. My sister in law, yep the one who did not want to call or come by and see the fam. ---My sister was on the phone with my brother and I told her to tell him to tell her hi for me (I'm a total sucker, I don't like staying mad at people. My motto *Can't we all just get along*. ) and then he put her on the phone for me to talk to her and she gave some excuse about being teed off with my bro as the reason for not calling or stopping by (ya see, I told ya!). So I asked her when she was coming to see us and she said she will be by next week. Hopefully she doesn't go back on her word and she comes to see us. ----This puts Chynell (my sis) in a sort of pickle. She took Tricia out of the wedding and replaced her with Esther (our new friend). Now what if Tricia comes back into our good graces, what if she apologizes for her actions and wants to be in the wedding. I'm glad it isn't my choice to make. LOL, then we would have to search for another groomsman.

Sorry for the dis order of the post, I just don't know when the next on will be. I've maintained my weight, my hair has grown a full 3 inches, I'm ordering my summer shoes this week (no doubt), my skin is sort of clearing (crediting drinking only water), and my sis is looking at condos and houses.

Enjoy the rest of your week.

Until next time,


Thursday, April 02, 2009

Are you kidding me right now??????????

So some people just don't know who they be messing with. From a young age I've always told people...Don't let the hair and the nails fool you missy!!!!

So I'm on the train today and you know how it is when it gets packed. Everybody all of a sudden has an attitude, a stick behind one. Me on the other hand, I'm understanding. If the train is packed someone is going to accidentally bump you, and so long as they aplogize, there are no hard feelings.

This morning was a special case... I was in a cheerful mood because I was not rushing. I was about 5 minutes early to get to my class and thats always great. So I keep glancing at the watch because I notice that the time on my watch and the time on my cell are different and I'm studying which one is absolutely correct. Anywho these two idiots (lovey dovey couple, kissing and all that, which if I may say is inappropriate for a crowed train) that were in front of me were hugging and carrying on like they were never going to see each other again. Geez give me a break. So the fellow's elbow is sticking out in my direction since he absolutely has to have his arm around her neck. I'm looking at it and thinking to myself that when the train rocks hard enough his elbow is going to hit me. LOL, I start smirking thinking what I'm going to say when it happens and I know I'm going to embarrass them. So I get ready, I position my self with my hand up by my scarf so if he jerks his elbow would hit my hand and not my face. LOL.....

It happens, the train rocks MADDD hard and his elbow goes right into my hand and I must say I felt a little pain for an instant. So the man has the never to roll his eyes at me when I push his elbow away because he was acting like it wasn't all up in my face area. Then his chick turns around and tells me that I have a problem and to check myself. Now because I wasn't expecting this blatant disregard of respect I really let them have it, I mean really.

I told them about the hugging bull crap that they need to stop getting on with, I told him that his elbow could have been by his side inside of in my face. I told them that if I was anyone else they would have already been fighting because I am a kind person. Then the chick was trying to interject with some nonsense and I let her know..."Don't cross the line, don't let the hair and nails fool you, you will end up in the ICU"...I know she would probably just end up with a bust lip and hurt feelings but you gotta let this people know not to step out of bounds cause they never know who you are and what you know.

Moral of my story...Don't take things for face value at all times. You may be unpleasantly surprised.

How was your travel to school/work this morning?

Until next time,


Tuesday, March 31, 2009

She got the BOOT!!!

So my brother's wife, a lady that I came to adore, went off to Iraq a couple months ago. While there her and my brother got into deeper problems and their relationship was on the rocks. We thought that when she came back all will be well again, but so is not the case. This past week was to be her welcome home party. Plans changed as she was detained at a base in California. We were really anticipating her return, expecting her to come back on the Wed. and it was on Friday that we saw our brother. He informed us that his wife was safely home...since Tuesday...home boy say WHAT!!!!!

So the chick did not have the decency to come see us, she could not even call and let us know she was home. HOW RUDE! I mean the audasity (check my spelling) of some people. Iraq must have really messed with her head. Case in point, or point in case ( I can't remember how the saying goes), before she left she and my grandmother were close, she always came by to check on her if nothing else. When she came back my brother informed her about my grandmother's surgery and she did not even pass by or call....NOTHING.

Now, she has been given the boot from being in my sister's wedding. She was suppose to be the matron of honor. Poor her, I don't even know if she is invited anymore, being that my sister is much more upset than I am. LOL, I have so much anger for her right now, I'd slap her if I got the chance, I mean I'd give her a peice of this newly found musce (thanks to my exercise).

In addition to that, I think I'm upset with my brother. I mean if my boyfriend did not have the decency to come visit my grandmother after surgery he would be catching hell from me morning, noon, and night. I don't think he was pushing the issue, justing letting her be rude to his family. He needs a backbone in my opinion and he needs to take his place as the heaad in the marriage. Just my thoughts, please weigh in if you so desire.

Until next time,


Monday, March 30, 2009

Spring is here!

Yippy! The weather is getting nice nice nice. I can't say hot hot hot as yet but I'm still excited.

It's time to bust out the beautiful colors and the beautiful legs that I call my own. LOL, just kidding. OK, I'm only kidding a little bit.

I'm eyeing somes shoes that I really want for the end of June. My only obstacle is finding the cash to cough up...I'm trying to think of ways to guilt people into buying them for me. Tell me what you think of them.

***My sis has just added another bridesmaid. She's great and we love her.***

***Also, I'm posting on some triffling mess tomorrow. Stay tuned.***

Until next time,


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

It's ridiculous.

So I come home today and the house is quiet. Now if no one was home I would not have been uneasy, but everyone was home and not a whisper could be heard. OMG!!! Something went down I already knew it.

What could have happened? I left this morning and everything between everyone was all gravy.  But leave it up to my family to get into something within approximately 20 minutes of being around each other.  It's hilarious if you ever get to witness it first hand.

Anywho, this is what happened... My father got in a tissy claiming that my mother caused him constipation.  Yes I said it, constipation.  Now I know you might not care about my father's regularity as of late, but it was the stupidest thing I ever heard and I wanted to share my father's blunder with the world. That's just retarded....he thinks it is because  my mother fed him something he did not ask for.  My ultimate question is, if you did not want it why did you eat, and don't tell me you did not know you were eating it?

The moral of this story, MEN cook your own damn food and stop being a lazy fart. LOL

Love you Daddy!!! ;)))))))))))))))

Until next time,


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

New Look

Likey the springy looky?

I couldn't find anything else, this was the best I saw.

Until next time, 


Nail crisis!

So my stupid nails keep on breaking.  They grow a little bit then break, what's up with that? I've been drinking nothing but water, I've been eating good, but it seems like they have gotten weaker. Me, oh my! 

Any suggestions out there about a great way/product to help these puppies grow and stay put???

Thanks in advance.

Until next time,


Domesticating the Men!

Now I want to know the honest truth... Is it wrong for me to think that BOTH the women and the men in a household should work toward a common goal - the upkeep of that home?

Without a doubt my house is full of spoiled brats... myself included. I'm not claiming to be a lover of Windex and Canola Oil (lol, cleaning and cooking, I crack myself up) but when I have to get things done better believe they get done.

"MYF, why is it that everyone in your house is spoiled?"

I'll tell you's because we have a wonderful grandmother whose main goal in life was to make sure her family was taken care of and that their worries are kept to a minimum. She cooked, cleaned, did the laundry...practically all the upkeeping. Then it happened...grandma got old. She had a miny stroke and lost the hearing in her left ear, her hip starting acting up, her eye sight got worse, her back starting giving her mucho mucho problems... I mean it got bad and it seemed to happen all at once. Nevertheless, she kept on taking care of the house, even though we tried to tell her to rest and we would pick up the slack. She would just refuse because that's all she was accustom to... well that and watching her soap operas. Then slowly my mother started picking up the cooking and everything was gravy...Grandma would still sweep, tidy up the kitchen, and do the laundry.

Now sad to say, grandma isn't doing anything since she had minor surgery this past weekend and now we have to get things done. Mommy cooked but she never seems to cook enough for everyone so when I went after school yesterday I had to cook. I did not have time to exercise, I did not finish my homework and I did not have time to wash my hair, which is a real bummer because now I feel fat, I'm paranoid about my hair stinking and looking bad and I'm gonna get in trouble when I go to class today...I probably should be studying instead of typing this but oh well...

This all leads up to my point. My father is home on disabilty and he spends most of the day, ...well let's just say he spends most of the day not cooking and cleaning and helping around the house...and we got into a big fight last night. We were going over a plan to get things in motion, get things back to running smoothly. My father proposedthat when my sister and I come home from school we find time to do everything, cooking, cleaning and laundry on top of our spiritual and scholarly activities.

ARE YOU A MAD MAN?!? Must be because partner, there is no way in this lifetime that I will burden myself with sucha thing when there are SEVEN other people in the house to share the responsibilities. I went off on a rant saying that he was home all day--he could take up something--when Mommy comes home from work she will definitely pick up something and there are 3 boys besides my sister and I who could help out here and there with the dishes, the garbage, and little cleaning assignments.

Then my father said exactly what he knew would push me over.."Men aren't suppose to do that kind of work. I am definitely not going to do it. I never have and I'm not starting now, and I'm not raising 3 boys to become faggots, that's stuff that their wives would take care of." OOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!

No you DIDN'T!

So I ask again, Is it wrong for me to think that both the women and the men in a household should work toward a common goal- the upkeep of that home?

I need to low down my pressure, I'm going for a walk. I'll let you guys know what the plan, that is if we ever come up with one.

Until next time,'


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Widening Out!!!

How funny is this!?!

Double meanings crack me up (Don't look at me like I'm crazy)...anywho...

For a long time now I've had the same group of friends, really small, tightly knit, really cool group of friends. Now I find myself reaching out to others around me and I'm enjoying it. Now, I'm not going crazy, I'm not the type that you'll find amongst a whole heap of people, but the few people that I chill with now, i'm surprised that I actually like the bigger group.

Now in order to be a friend of mine, there are particular standards that have to be met or are in the process of being met. You have to make me laugh, I mean, I see no reason in hanging with dull people, just a waste of time. On top of that you have to be a very fun-filled person, meaning you like to have fun and when everyone is enjoying themselves you aren't over in the corner sulking for god knows what. You have to be open-minded but not stupid, allowing yourself to be taken over by anything that passes your way. You have to be goal-oriented and working towards a purpose, what's the point in living otherwise. You CANNOT be involving yourself in stupidness, you have to be a stand up person, no shadiness in any aspect of your life (may seem harsh but it's a protection for me and those around me).

Sad to say, I only find myself clinging to Caribbeans. i honestly believe it has nothing to do with the person's character, just something about being comfortable. the way Caribbean people relate towards one another is so different than other nationalities. This is why my 'brother-in-law' had such a hard time feeling as though he fit into the crew when he and my sister first started dating.

Now the point I wanted to make was that, in widening out, I've found a friend that I know will be in my life forever. My beau's brother's girlfriend, E, is so amazing, she fits with us like a glove. Not that she is anything like my sister or myself but she just balances out the whole group dynamic. She isn't as girly as us, but she is definitely more of an acheiver and a go-getter. She encourages us in many ways and we try our best to do likewise. She is too cute, the nicest person you'd ever meet. The funny thing is...we never use to like her. Straight up, we'd bee 10 feet away from her and talking about her with no cares in the world (one of my many flaws...saving for a later post). We'd find the silliest thing to chat about, but now when we're together, you can't seperate us. She is definitely going to be in my wedding, no doubt about it. HORRAY for me, I've got all of my bridesmaids.

So the moral of this story... I dunno, maybe don't judge a book by it's cover. I can't think of anything more original.

On to the other topic at hand.

I find that even though a lot of people are 'commiting' themselves to exercise programs, and 'commiting' themselves to diets, no one is losing weight, and many are widening out, LOL. Now this doesn't pertain to myself nor anyone else that I know personally, but hum hum hum. These girls in my class keep talking about this regimen that they have been sticking with since classes begun in January. It may be me, but I swear that they are bigger then when I first saw them. So crazy. Also there is this girl that talks to me in class (I try not to look her way but she's always trying to get my attention), that said she was on a diet but she look the same. Her clothes fit her the same and her chin, oh boy, don't get me started. It isn't a regular big chin, not the standard double neck, this one is from outer space, that's how much it looks abnormal. I can't quite put my finger on it but it's something.

So what do you think? Is it just me or are people getting bigger on their diets and exercise regimens? My theory is that because they are exercising, I think they feel that they could eat whatever they want. So they end up eating more calories than they are burning....whatcha think?

Until next time,


Monday, March 16, 2009

Update fever!!!

So what's been going on...

Hair update...
The mane is crazy as of right now. My last relaxer was in September. I tried to apply a relaxer at home in November but after 30 seconds tops, I had to wash it out. Talk about scabs that followed. So I'm counting from Sep. and so that makes me 6 months post and I don't plan on relaxing until mid September. My new growth is like 2.5- 3 inches and seeing the curls makes me sort of want to go back natural but I don't think I can handle that project right now. When I get a steady job and I'm able to pay for all the right things to supply my hair with to prevent all sorts of damage then I'll make the commitment. Since Dec/Jan, I've been wearing braidouts. It looks nice most of the time but I'm sort of getting bored and tired, just like I was when I had it straight. I'm just never satisfied with what I have. On the other hand, I have noticed that my hair is stronger, when I comb through it, including the new growth, much less comes out. My ends have not shown any signs of spilting which is a drastic change to what I use to deal with constantly. I have made my own shampoo, using Dr. Bonners soap, water and a variety of oils. It works great. I condition with hairveda's moisturizing conditioner. I prepoo with a peppermint oil and conditioner mixture and it works great for me. My hair retains a lot more moisture and stays cleans for a while, even though I've gotten in the habit of washing every Friday. I'll add pics later of the new growth, and maybe the braidout.

Any reviews...
Nah. I haven't been out much. Money just seems to be scarce, maybe it's the recession. Maybe it's just that my parents have been spending on things instead of sliding the extra cash over this way. Who knows, but I can't complain. They feed me and I have a place to sleep, I should be satisfied. HEHE, if only that were true. I did however go out with friends to hang out at Applebee's. Have you seen the commercial, they have a speacial 2 for $20. Different locations have different selections but the deal isn't half bad. You get an appetizer and two main entrees. Welcome to Cheapo Territory.
Also, my brother has been passing by a lot lately with roti and doubles. If you don't know what that is, I urge you to find a place that sella it and indulge. They are of indian origin, but mostly caribbean indians make it. I really and truly can't explain what it is made out of but you eat it with curry mostly, any kind of curry (that's roti). The doubles are eaten with curry chana, delicious. You must search for a Caribbean place, I'll stick to Trinidadian restuarants and Guyanese. They make it best.

Workout Wednesday...
Yay for me, I've been constant with my workout. Of course, I was not satisfied with the Pilates so I changed to the Crunchless Abs collection. It is great, this is definitely something to stick with during the winter months. My 'mother-in-law' (LOL, that sounds so funny) she is having her own exercise class in the basement, so I'll be supporting her endeavors and also benefiting from the class. I exercise everyday for AT LEAST a half an hour. The results are CRAZY! Even though I'm sore all the time, from pushing myself further, I've lost another 2 pounds (after putting back on 5, sad times). There is a brown skirt that sort of fits snug and I want to be able to fit it like before, sort of hanging at the hips.
I've been drinking plenty water. Overall I may drink juice 1-2 times a week. I still eat a fruit or oatmeal for breakfast and that has been working out for me. If I have a heavy lunch I try to have a light dinner and vice versa. I've cut out cookies, chips, ice cream, and a lot of other junk. It helps with the weight but my main reason for cutting it out was to keep my breakouts under control. Now I need to be on the look out for something that will take away these drak spots that have infested my poor face.

Update on the Wedding...
So my sister has finally come to her senses and found a wedding planner. Even though I love to pick out things and dabble in the wedding arena, I don't have the time to run around and make the actual wedding plans, nor do I have the means, being that I'm procrastinating on getting my liscense. Hopefully by the summer time. Anywho, the wedding planner is like sooooooo great. Everything that we throw out to her, she gets and understands and she loves all of my ideas. How perfect, now my sister's wedding would be my dream come true. That's horrible, LOL.
The bridesmaids have narrowed down styles for the event but it hasn't gone any further than that. We have to go try out dresses to see what really looks good on everyone. We may end up with different styles with similar features. It's gonna be great. The wedding is still a long ways off so we still have a lot of time to narrow down hairstyles, accessories, shoes, and makeup options, being that everything have to look uniformed. We've added a hint of lavender into the color scheme of the wedding and hopefully that adds a little umph to everything.
The guest lists shrinks then grows then shrinks again, I'm waiting for it to grow once more. The location has been changed. the backyard idea went down the drain because it would cost the same amount to change around the backyard as it would to rent outdoor space for the event. So the wedding planner is looking for reasonably priced golf courses and places with beautiful outdoor sections. I'll let you guys know which one I CHOOSE, just kidding, ok I'm only kidding a little bit.

Fashion Fixes...
Ok so definitely look out for the floral theme being incorporated in everything from jeans to evening wear. Though I will advise to add a few items to your wardrobe be careful not to over do it and be discreet in how you interpret the style. This can be a good style gone wrong. Also bright colors, even neons are going to be big big big this season, BE VERY CAREFUL. IT IS NOT FOR EVERYONE, and it definitely doesn't fit into everyone's style. I don't think I'll be partaking in that adventure either.
Shoes, sandals, they are still going to be big with the gladiator look, no doubt about it. Plenty of neutrals are going to be out, plenty earth tones, but also the bright colors are going to make a mark. The platform of course will be here for a while so get use to it and I will advise you to get a pair if you don't already have one. They work great with everything. Day and night looks as well.

So I guess that's basically the long and short of everything. TM kicked me in the rear about my blogging, so here you have it. I'm going to try my hardest to find the time to update very often. I'll put the pics up, tomorrow at the latest. Thanks for reading everyone.

Until next time,