Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Lashes poppin', Lips bussin'

Did you catch the reunion? 
Never thought I could like someone so much, someone that I did not even know.  
*Nene's playback was hilarious 
*The short hair looks nice on her 
*Nene's outburst was priceless
*Nene was in the right to bring up that "suspect" quote that Kim said about the chicken
On to Kim...I truly do feel sad for her
*She can't sing,  I don't care when the CD is coming out
*Horrible excuse about spelling cat K.A.T
*Are you kidding me with the statement "My wig was squeezing my brain", at a loss for   what should follow that statement. Is that even possible? You are on national TV Kim, make sense.
*You can't say you had cancer then say three weeks later you found out you didn't.  Your mental faculties might just be messed up by your wig, let your head breathe, for the kids.
Deshawn, such a sweetheart
*That's right girl, you do have the right to NOT clean and cook
*Your passion shows in everything you say and do
*Smart move staying CCC (cool, calm, and collected), those girls are looking up to you
Lisa is the ultimate firecracker
*You flip her girl, flip her over that couch
*Loved the boots
*Not such a good peacemaker, as you clearly don't think highly of Kim
Sheree, you are a beautiful woman but I just don't like you.
*Your clothing line needs the Botox Kim offered you
*Get your head out of the clouds, you are not God's gift to fashion nor beauty
The sixth Housewife...Dwight...so bold and beyond me.
*Two thumbs up on the acting
*Whoa, calling Kim's wig out again, that's like four times for the whole show
Closing comments: Kim hinted at a second season...can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Until next time,
Meandering Memorandum


T said...

Um... loved the reunion and from all the articles on Essence.com seems like a season two is in the works. Now, I'm hooked on the real housewives of the O.C. I guess it's a wrap for Tuesday night actvities. It's cool though, because it's winter and the Chi and I don't want to be out there anyway.

Mrs.Young_fashion said...

T I've been hooked on HW of OC since they started. The only season that was really a drab was the NYC SEASON. Even though I'm from NYC I could not stand to watch them,they were corny and wack and ugly beyond belief.
Welcome to my world being drawn to the TV a couple of nights a week, sad but true.
Monday- Heros/My own worse enemy
Tuesday- 90210/Priviliged/HW
Wednesday- Private Practice
Thrusday- Grey's Anatomy
Friday- Monk/ Psych {when in season}

I know, I know!

Product Junkie Diva said...

I like Monk and Psych but I keep missing it. At least it repeats on the weekend. Friday nights are now reserved for The Game. Now that I know it's back on tv, I'm all about that show!

T said...

@ PJD if you miss the game you can youtube the entire episode. There's a 14-year old named "thegamefanatic" who usually has the episodes up by Saturday afternoon. I love that little boy!

Therapeutic Musings said...

Dwight cracks me up! Following him around for a day would probably give me enough laughs for a lifetime! How dreadful, hahaha!

Mrs.Young_fashion said...

he is a mess of all messes, his hair do took the cake for me.