Tuesday, March 31, 2009

She got the BOOT!!!

So my brother's wife, a lady that I came to adore, went off to Iraq a couple months ago. While there her and my brother got into deeper problems and their relationship was on the rocks. We thought that when she came back all will be well again, but so is not the case. This past week was to be her welcome home party. Plans changed as she was detained at a base in California. We were really anticipating her return, expecting her to come back on the Wed. and it was on Friday that we saw our brother. He informed us that his wife was safely home...since Tuesday...home boy say WHAT!!!!!

So the chick did not have the decency to come see us, she could not even call and let us know she was home. HOW RUDE! I mean the audasity (check my spelling) of some people. Iraq must have really messed with her head. Case in point, or point in case ( I can't remember how the saying goes), before she left she and my grandmother were close, she always came by to check on her if nothing else. When she came back my brother informed her about my grandmother's surgery and she did not even pass by or call....NOTHING.

Now, she has been given the boot from being in my sister's wedding. She was suppose to be the matron of honor. Poor her, I don't even know if she is invited anymore, being that my sister is much more upset than I am. LOL, I have so much anger for her right now, I'd slap her if I got the chance, I mean I'd give her a peice of this newly found musce (thanks to my exercise).

In addition to that, I think I'm upset with my brother. I mean if my boyfriend did not have the decency to come visit my grandmother after surgery he would be catching hell from me morning, noon, and night. I don't think he was pushing the issue, justing letting her be rude to his family. He needs a backbone in my opinion and he needs to take his place as the heaad in the marriage. Just my thoughts, please weigh in if you so desire.

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T said...

War is serious business. I know you all might feel slighted because she didn't come home or check in, but I guarantee you there's a reason she did that. And the reason is probably something really heavy that no one else is able to deal with. Like she saw a friend blown up, shot or slaughtered. Or saw someone get raped or molested or worst was raped or molested herself.

OR, she could just have post traumatic stress syndrome.

Or she could just need a rest. We don't even see the caskets that come in from the war, so there's no way we could understand the magnitude of what soldiers are dealing with and I guarantee you, if nothing else, sexism is alive and well in the armed forces.

I just hope if she has a valid reason (whether she shares it with you all or not) that you all can look at the situation more wholly/whole-ly/whole-y/holistically (I'm struggling with this word).

It's not like she went on vacation then didn't call.

Therapeutic Musings said...

I agree with T. I think y'all should give her a while before completely crossing her off, she's had a very hard time. She's had to live and fight with and protect strangers and there is not telling what happened to her over there. Please don't dismiss her yet!

Mrs.Young_fashion said...

I totally feel bad for not clarifying her situation.

She told us not to long before leaving, that she never left the base. She felt like she was on vacation, all her friends did was joke around and talk crap all day because they were stuck doing supplies.

When I was talking to my brother yesterday he said she "half-way" said she wasn't coming by to see us as a punishment to him and the way he treats her family.

They are a post all by themselves, and it still remains in my opinion as triffling.

Don't get me wrong I wholly understand where you guys are coming from and it is was the case, I would defenitely not be riding this case. Thanks for the info though.

Product Junkie Diva said...

Hey MM
SOmetimes people don't deal with situations well. Since she is doing this as some form of punishment, she clearly isn'y looking at the entire picture. namely how she is impacting all of you by distancing herself.
Give her a moment, she will come around I'm sure.
Yes, she should have visted IMO.