Friday, February 25, 2011

Do you Zumba??

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Have you guys heard of this new workout video which incorporates dance steps from Latin and Caribbean countries into the workout? I first saw Zumba advertised for the XBOX Kinect and I thought it was pretty interesting...I mean anyway to spice up your daily workout would be nice, don't you agree? Well just recently a friend of mines purchased the workout DVD and has been holding "sessions" in her basement.

At first it seemed too easy, not enough movement, and definitely not as much sweat as I was anticipating. Plus I didn't really feel a burn and being a person who thrives off of instant gratification, I was left wanting more. But as my granny would say "Who tell me say dat?!". The next day I woke up sore in places that I've never felt sore before, walking around at work with a crazy limp. I loved it!!! I knew at that point I've found something to supplement my workouts on a Sunday afternoon when I was too lazy to hit the gym.

After that first workout, the "sessions" got progressively harder and now I dare not think that I would be leaving that workout without sweating and aching. We've been meeting for about a month now and though I haven't lost weight (which I'm firmly blaming on the weights at the gym) I like the way I look and feel after a workout.

So have any of you tried Zumba as yet? Do any of you plan on giving it a try? Let me know if you are a fan or if it just doesn't hit that spot for you.

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