Monday, December 01, 2008

What if it were you?

So this weekend was exciting and romantic and filled with frustrating tid bits.

Exciting because it was the first weekend in a long time where I did not have to worry about school responsibilities. I actually got shirts on Black Friday that were of appropriate lenght instead of that hoochie mama stuff that everyone seems to be selling.

Romantic because I actually saw a side of the hubby that I thought had gone with no return. He took time to tell me how much I meant to him (weeping occured) after a relaxing walk to one of the best pizza shops in BK. The way to my heart is through my stomach, pizza is seriously one of the loves of my life. Whats your favorite food?

As for the FTB you might be asking? There were plenty of them. My brothers are my heart, they mean the world to me, but they know how to push my bottons. They can be the most annoying thing you ever came across if you spend enough time with them throughout the day.
Black Friday brought on a lot of close calls. My old personality wanted to resurface with these folks talking out of order and acting out of place, like seriously are you kidding me with this?
The biggest one of all, my favorite sweater tore and I thought I was going to hyperventilate. I spent so much money to have it ripped to shreds right before my eyes. Heart broken to say the least.

What if it happened to you? Your favorite garment torn? Your favorite shoe, with broken heels? OMG my white platform sandals with the cute gold buckle..........

Do you realize that you get attached to your material belongings, not healthy, but nevertheless true.

Geez, now thinking of it, am I the only one? Wait a minute, are you really ever the only one thinking about something? That's a thoughtsicle to melt down another time.

Until next time,



Product Junkie Diva said...

Hey MM
I would look far and wide to replace my garment if something happened to it.

T said...

That's how I felt when I thought the cleaners stole my clothes, and when I got them back I can't explain the joy to you.

We do get attached to our things, but hey, I bought it with my hard earned money, so if I want to be attached... I have the right. :)

Mrs.Young_fashion said...

Took the thoughts right out my head T. MY name is Mrs. Young Fashion and I'm attached.

PJD, I've done that twice, bought replacements. In one instance I was more content, in the other, man it just didn't match up. MAde me miss my shoe even more. TEARS!!

Therapeutic Musings said...

Clothes, I don't so much care about. Handbags? Girlllll my strap broke on my favorite bag, BigBertha. I bout died! I searched far and wide for a place to repair it. When I got her fixed I was hopping and skipping to the car.

Mrs.Young_fashion said...

BigBertha, ok, so do they all have names??!?

Don't worry I name my shoes. The ones I hinted at in the post, her name is Jordan. Wanna know why? When I wear her, I can do anything, I'm just like Mike!!!LOL