Thursday, January 29, 2009


So the semester has hit me like a ton of bricks from a 10 story building. And if you've ever had bricks fall on you from that high, you know what I mean. OMG! Why in God's name did I ever think it was ok to take THREE english classes, economics and ITALIAN II. My life doesn't belong to me anymore. Those ghastly books have my full attention and it is in no way, shape or form as FUN as I thought it to be. Don't get me wrong reading has and always will be something that I love, *something that I'd rather do than watch TV, which is my second love*. But I mean come on, Walt Whitman is a psycho. I bet you he did not even know what he was writing when he wrote it. Other people just read so much in between his lines and now they magically have so much meaning to them. GEEZ, and don't get me started with Emily Dickinson. That crazy lady... what does a loaded gun have to do with feminism. You get assigned these readings and somehow you are expected to know what it means, I mean come on. That would have gone completely over my head.

My new Italian professor is the head of the department and you know how they can be. They feel that their class is the most important and that they rule over you in a sense. I wish I had my other professor, I can't remember his name, come to think of it, I don't think I ever knew his name. Oh well, that's beside the point, I want him back.

So getting to the point... I don't know when the next time I'll be posting, but I know I'll have a lot to say. Do you ever notice that school is like the breeding grounds for so many stories? Well for you guys it might be your jobs, I know TM always has a story from her job...Anywho, have a lovely day in blog world.

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Therapeutic Musings said...

Girl your semester sounds just like one of mine! Except my economics was statistics and Italian was French, lol. I was reading this post talking to the screen! Walt Whitman and all those dudes were just bored and writing and now professors are sitting around putting all this stuff into it. I used to sit in my English class looking at everybody like they were crazy! My goodness don't they ever think those people just said what they meant? He said tree, he meant tree daggonit!

Whoa, what a rant! Anyway, I've missed coming over here, but I guess school is important and I want you to do well and I do have a story from my job, lol.
This dude tried me this morning cuz I came in late. He tried to be all sarcastic as he was walking in at the EXACT same time as me. He lives 5 minutes away, I live an hour away and it took me an hour to chisel out my car this morning! I had to give him a little "neck rolling, finger waving" conversation, lol.

Product Junkie Diva said...

I know you must have a so much on your plate. Anyway, I look forward to your posts :-)

T said...

There's no way I could have blogged when I was in college... well, actually, I probably would have had much better material in college. I should say there's no way I could have graduated if I was blogging in college.

So kudos to you for popping in when you can.

Mrs.Young_fashion said...

Kudos to you guys for staying consistent and keeping my rolling.