Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Domesticating the Men!

Now I want to know the honest truth... Is it wrong for me to think that BOTH the women and the men in a household should work toward a common goal - the upkeep of that home?

Without a doubt my house is full of spoiled brats... myself included. I'm not claiming to be a lover of Windex and Canola Oil (lol, cleaning and cooking, I crack myself up) but when I have to get things done better believe they get done.

"MYF, why is it that everyone in your house is spoiled?"

I'll tell you why...it's because we have a wonderful grandmother whose main goal in life was to make sure her family was taken care of and that their worries are kept to a minimum. She cooked, cleaned, did the laundry...practically all the upkeeping. Then it happened...grandma got old. She had a miny stroke and lost the hearing in her left ear, her hip starting acting up, her eye sight got worse, her back starting giving her mucho mucho problems... I mean it got bad and it seemed to happen all at once. Nevertheless, she kept on taking care of the house, even though we tried to tell her to rest and we would pick up the slack. She would just refuse because that's all she was accustom to... well that and watching her soap operas. Then slowly my mother started picking up the cooking and everything was gravy...Grandma would still sweep, tidy up the kitchen, and do the laundry.

Now sad to say, grandma isn't doing anything since she had minor surgery this past weekend and now we have to get things done. Mommy cooked but she never seems to cook enough for everyone so when I went after school yesterday I had to cook. I did not have time to exercise, I did not finish my homework and I did not have time to wash my hair, which is a real bummer because now I feel fat, I'm paranoid about my hair stinking and looking bad and I'm gonna get in trouble when I go to class today...I probably should be studying instead of typing this but oh well...

This all leads up to my point. My father is home on disabilty and he spends most of the day, ...well let's just say he spends most of the day not cooking and cleaning and helping around the house...and we got into a big fight last night. We were going over a plan to get things in motion, get things back to running smoothly. My father proposedthat when my sister and I come home from school we find time to do everything, cooking, cleaning and laundry on top of our spiritual and scholarly activities.

ARE YOU A MAD MAN?!? Must be because partner, there is no way in this lifetime that I will burden myself with sucha thing when there are SEVEN other people in the house to share the responsibilities. I went off on a rant saying that he was home all day--he could take up something--when Mommy comes home from work she will definitely pick up something and there are 3 boys besides my sister and I who could help out here and there with the dishes, the garbage, and little cleaning assignments.

Then my father said exactly what he knew would push me over.."Men aren't suppose to do that kind of work. I am definitely not going to do it. I never have and I'm not starting now, and I'm not raising 3 boys to become faggots, that's stuff that their wives would take care of." OOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMGGGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!

No you DIDN'T!

So I ask again, Is it wrong for me to think that both the women and the men in a household should work toward a common goal- the upkeep of that home?

I need to low down my pressure, I'm going for a walk. I'll let you guys know what the plan, that is if we ever come up with one.

Until next time,'



Therapeutic Musings said...

Girl please, no you aren't wrong, everybody should work together. My daddy tried to pull this lazy mess since he lived with 3 women. My sister and I would look at him like "daddy please, and if we don't pick it up, what are you gonna do? Beat us?" Don't you dare pick up all that slack and let your brothers chill with your daddy. After they run out of clean underwear and they stink, trust, they will be doing some laundry.

Uhhhh I'm not advocating the disrespect of daddies though, just mine, lol.

Mrs.Young_fashion said...

These men thinking they King Tut. I can't have that.

T said...

You're making perfect sense girl, but parents get the last say, so if your mom isn't fighting that battle with your dad, you probably shouldn't either, 'cause you'll never win.

On another note I was talking to some brothers and they said they can just stand more dirt than women. So they don't have a problem cleaning, but they have a problem cleaning on a schedule. By the time they get ready to clean a woman will have already finished cleaning because she just couldn't stand the dirt, filth and/or clutter.

Mrs.Young_fashion said...

You're right. When my mom is in neutral, it really makes no sense to fight the power.