Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Widening Out!!!

How funny is this!?!

Double meanings crack me up (Don't look at me like I'm crazy)...anywho...

For a long time now I've had the same group of friends, really small, tightly knit, really cool group of friends. Now I find myself reaching out to others around me and I'm enjoying it. Now, I'm not going crazy, I'm not the type that you'll find amongst a whole heap of people, but the few people that I chill with now, i'm surprised that I actually like the bigger group.

Now in order to be a friend of mine, there are particular standards that have to be met or are in the process of being met. You have to make me laugh, I mean, I see no reason in hanging with dull people, just a waste of time. On top of that you have to be a very fun-filled person, meaning you like to have fun and when everyone is enjoying themselves you aren't over in the corner sulking for god knows what. You have to be open-minded but not stupid, allowing yourself to be taken over by anything that passes your way. You have to be goal-oriented and working towards a purpose, what's the point in living otherwise. You CANNOT be involving yourself in stupidness, you have to be a stand up person, no shadiness in any aspect of your life (may seem harsh but it's a protection for me and those around me).

Sad to say, I only find myself clinging to Caribbeans. i honestly believe it has nothing to do with the person's character, just something about being comfortable. the way Caribbean people relate towards one another is so different than other nationalities. This is why my 'brother-in-law' had such a hard time feeling as though he fit into the crew when he and my sister first started dating.

Now the point I wanted to make was that, in widening out, I've found a friend that I know will be in my life forever. My beau's brother's girlfriend, E, is so amazing, she fits with us like a glove. Not that she is anything like my sister or myself but she just balances out the whole group dynamic. She isn't as girly as us, but she is definitely more of an acheiver and a go-getter. She encourages us in many ways and we try our best to do likewise. She is too cute, the nicest person you'd ever meet. The funny thing is...we never use to like her. Straight up, we'd bee 10 feet away from her and talking about her with no cares in the world (one of my many flaws...saving for a later post). We'd find the silliest thing to chat about, but now when we're together, you can't seperate us. She is definitely going to be in my wedding, no doubt about it. HORRAY for me, I've got all of my bridesmaids.

So the moral of this story... I dunno, maybe don't judge a book by it's cover. I can't think of anything more original.

On to the other topic at hand.

I find that even though a lot of people are 'commiting' themselves to exercise programs, and 'commiting' themselves to diets, no one is losing weight, and many are widening out, LOL. Now this doesn't pertain to myself nor anyone else that I know personally, but hum hum hum. These girls in my class keep talking about this regimen that they have been sticking with since classes begun in January. It may be me, but I swear that they are bigger then when I first saw them. So crazy. Also there is this girl that talks to me in class (I try not to look her way but she's always trying to get my attention), that said she was on a diet but she look the same. Her clothes fit her the same and her chin, oh boy, don't get me started. It isn't a regular big chin, not the standard double neck, this one is from outer space, that's how much it looks abnormal. I can't quite put my finger on it but it's something.

So what do you think? Is it just me or are people getting bigger on their diets and exercise regimens? My theory is that because they are exercising, I think they feel that they could eat whatever they want. So they end up eating more calories than they are burning....whatcha think?

Until next time,



Product Junkie Diva said...

Widening out is a good thing, keep it up.
As for the diets..lol you are too funny.

Therapeutic Musings said...

I'm trying to widen out my friend set too. Slowly but surely...

My coworker told me that somebody told her as long as she burns a certain number of calories a day, then she can eat what she wants. Maybe that same person told them that too. Now, if only they would actually burn some calories!

Mrs.Young_fashion said...

LOL, losing weight is a tricky concept for people, what can I say.

Make those friends, but make them count!!!

T said...

"not the standard double neck, this one is from outer space, that's how much it looks abnormal"

I don't know what's going on with folks, but it sure makes for good reading materials.

Mrs.Young_fashion said...

if only you could see what I see.