Wednesday, December 09, 2009

The Audacity of Stupid People

Ok, so as I have said before my sister and her goofy beau are getting married in six months, May 22, 2010. They got engaged in December of last year and everyone was excited for them. When people heard the news they were all promising to my sister that they would not miss the wedding for the world, come hell or high water they were planning on being there. My sister wanted an outside spring wedding and so she was going to follow in in my parents' footsteps and have the reception in the backyard. My father promised her a grand tent with all the trimmings and everything seemed to be going great, on time and on track.

That is until my cousin in Florida came up with the great idea of having the wedding on one of his properties in West Palm Beach. Now my father jumped on the idea within seconds and not long after the happy couple was so in love with the idea they did not want to think of any other options. they were sold on have a mini destination wedding in Florida, a state neither of them had been too. So over the summer we all went down to WPB and helped to put everything in place, from the cake to the catering to the tent and extra trimmings. We were all excited about the progress we were making with the wedding, needless to say the couple were excited about the approaching wedding date.

When we came back from the vacation, we went to a little family barbeque and you would not believe the audacity of these stupid people. They jumped on my sister and her beau about moving the wedding to another state. They made them feel that it was beyond inconsiderate to do such a thing because a lot of people were tight on money and such. Plus they brought up the fact that many in the family don't ride airplanes and they should have taken that into consideration. So things blew over but recently they had a little gathering at my aunt's house and were over there bashing us for having the wedding in Florida. Are you kidding me with this nonsense right now? What the hell makes you think that you can dictate when and where someone should have THEIR wedding, their being the operative word. They are totally out of line for even thinking that crap out loud. But isn't family suppose to support you and be there for you when you need them most? Isn't your wedding one such time?

My sister said that those who really love her and want to be there will find their butts in WPB on May 22, 2010. Those who do not make it (for stupid reasons) she says that she will cut them off. Now this will be hard for her but trust, my sister is cold at times and it would be very easy for her to hold tight to this threat. I feel sorry for my family because they have opened up a can of worms they wish they never dug up. They cant win this fight because they all have the means to make the weekend trip. I won't lie, if they dont come to my sister's wedding, I think I would be inclined to remove them from my personal guest list---and yes I already have my guest list for my wedding :-)---and if ties are broken then so be it. Hopefully they check themselves EARLY and find themselves at that wedding in six months.

Until next time, (I'll be listening to my mom and sis talk about these ppl like you wouldn't believe...It's funny)



Anonymous said...

I think family should be supportive no matter what and where the wedding is gonna be actually they sound inconsiderate toward your sister cus its her wedding its supposed to be the happiest day of her life she doesnt need the stress of family and whats convenient for them if they want to support her and be there they will find a way to make it anyway goodluck with the wedding festivities

Therapeutic Musings said...

Shoot, if you don't like it, don't go. Less people is less money, lol.

bodre said...

it's tough question. but i think it's her day. so you and your family should accept whatever she wants if there is no serious problem.

Yet said...

Geez. I was under the impression that weddings plans were made by the the couple (and their moms haha)not everyone else in the family! For gosh sakes!

Also, I understand what the other people are saying but there is no need to jump down anyone's throat about it. I think, if someone is having an out-of-state wedding, they are expecting less people to come (depending on how far the location is). If my cousin was getting married 3 hours away, I'd come. If my cousin was getting married 3 states away, I'd send a card. It's not that I love them less, it's just that its kinda far...

I hope you guys have a great time!


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