Friday, December 04, 2009

Press Ons

When I was in high school I was the chick with the nails. My sis and I would get them done religiously, using our allowance to keep up with the times. It was fun, I'm not gonna lie. I got compliments on the colors and styles all the time, it was my thing. It got so bad that I would brag my bf to the nail salon. He hated me when I made him get high off of acetone.

But then when I became a senior and got a part time job, my mother made me pay for my own fill ins and then "magically" I realized how much I did not need the nails. It was not worth the $20 bucks I could have been spending on something else my mother was making me pay for myself. And so from then on I haven't put nails on, I've been trying my hardest to take care of my own nails and dress them up when I could.

Recently my friend got a set of Revlon Press On nails that she wanted me to review for her. The nails were super cute and I was excited to put them on. They weren't outrageous on the color nor the lenght, just right, just like I use to get them.

Aren't they just adorable?

Only thing is...I hated them. I got so accustom to my own nails these things were a terror. It was getting in the way of everything, I mean EVERYTHING...seriously. I nearly poked my eyes out twice, I scrachted myself a thousand times and I hurt my bf numerous of times, poor boy, he suffers when I suffer. I don't think that I will ever put nails on again, unless i'm forced to do it against my will (as I will be for my sister's wedding...she doesn't care what dress we wear but she is certain she wants us all to get our nails done...makes no sense) All natural is the way i wanna go from now on. A little polish will do just fine.

Until next time, (I'll be caring for my wounds)



eL said...

did the nails damage your own? especially when you used to get them done all the time. my mom has always had this thing against them, nail polish too. she says they are bad and i agree i guess. i've noticed that if i've had tips on (which i rarely do) or nail polish, that when i take them off, my nails are different. there is a slight dent or discoloration from where the new part of the nail begins to grow out.

Mrs.Young_fashion said...

well the dent is there after the tips because they file down your own nail to remove any imperfections before the acrylic. Those definitely will "mess up" your nails. As for nail polish, you have to know how to apply. They sell bottom and top coats to prevent your nail from changing color. The bottom coat seals your nail and also allows for smooth application with the color. if you use it that way, your nails will remain the same.

Shauntel said...

I really cannot stand tips anymore. If i do them they have to be super short and then I still get annoyed because when I scratch it doesn't feel the same. The worst part about the tips is when you have to take them off. They leave a line across your nails and they make them weak. So many bad things about them. They are strictly reserved for special occasions. So I will continue with my own nails

Mrs.Young_fashion said...

That point about scratching is VERY important...a scratch ain't a scratch with them things on.

MilyMae said...

OMG! I was just like you. I had them all the time. Different color. Different designs. Everytime. Now my nails are crap. I swear I truly damaged them and now I cannot get them back to being the beautiful nails are.