Saturday, December 05, 2009

Random Happenings!!!

So one of my girlies got engaged this past Sunday. I'm so excited for the couple, I'm besides myself. Like seriously, they on their grown and sexy status, it is just too much. You just know it's true love and it's wonderful. And the RING!!!, OMFG! it is like a crater...its ridiculous. Not saying that the size matters more than anything else but it for damn sure makes an impression. I was jumping up and down like a mad woman, I was so happy for them. I can't wait for the wedding because I know it's gonna be off the hook. Like eager for their big day!


So I'm on the train coming to school and this guy is sitting opposite me. I'm reading my book so I don't notice that he is staring at me like thats just the thing you should be doing. When the train makes a sudden stop I look up and DAMNNNNN mister, ok you seen me , now look away. But oh no, instead of looking away he starts with this sly smile and gives me the "what's up" nod. I'm thinking to myself like uh uhhhh, it aint even gonna happen. You ain't getting my name, number, or age, whether it be fake or not. When most of the passengers get off the train, he gets up and comes to sit next to me but I try not to show like I notice and I continue reading my book. Like, are you serious right now with this? He says hi and wants to know where I'm on my way to. Now because I don't want to be rude for fear that he is a crazy nutcase, I say hello but that is all. (Once I was walking to the train station and this cute girl was walking in front of me. Now I was looking at how she was pairing her cute boots and her cut offs and wondering, actually hoping tha she did not go to school like that. Then this guy tries hollering at her and she keeps it moving without acknowledging him. BIG MISTAKE! The guy decides to throw a glass bottle at the chick's head and plaaaa-dooooowww. OH NO! From then on I always make sure I am cordial because I don't wanna get knocked upside my head with a glass bottle. But I digress) When I say hi to the guy on the train he gets up and starting talking smack..."These cute girls nowadays think they the s**t, they don't wanna have no conversation and they don't treat you like a grown man"...Like my dude what the hell do I owe you. I'm not your momma so I do not need to be talking to you. I got up out my seat, told him off, and hoped off the train with the QUICKNESS before I got snatched up. LOL. It was too funny. After the fact.

Until next time, (I'll be looking out for that dummy)



eL said...

wow, did the bottle make contact with her head? was she ok. people are just so crazy. especially guys like that. i'm glad you were ok.

Mrs.Young_fashion said...

yea that think knocked her upside the head and broke. She said she was ok, but you could see she was in real pain. I hope she took my advice and went to the hospital.

Shauntel said...

wow are you serious??? that's crazy... But i hear you... it's crazy ppl out here nowadays and they are always trying to prove something so as soon as you "play them" they are gonna try to violate and I have no time for it. So I always play nice and just say I am not interested. Appearantly ignoring ppl is illegal so um we have to be nice now lol

And congratulations to your friends

KG said...

i love sea! i used to live around that area and eat there like every weekend.

MilyMae said...

OMG! The same thing happened to me like last year. I did not get hit thank god but it upset me so much, I really wanted to turn around take the bottle and hit them. Luckily my cousin pulled me back. Anyways,I'm always polite now, I'm matured i guess. I saw thank you avoid contact and keep it moving.

Bibliofemme said...

that's crazy. why are guys (i hate to rag on the gender, but come on) like that sometimes? you shouldn't have to acknowledge people whom are making you feel umcomfortable. that *isn't* a right. what's with the whole not treating him like a grown man? he's clearly having maturity issues. he should have taken the social cue of ok, she's not making eye contact with me, she's not interested. people need to read body language. most of the time, it tells you all you need to know.