Monday, December 07, 2009

It had me thinking...

I was on someone else's blog and her post had me thinking about the nonsense that went down between me and this chick in one of my classes last semester.

***Let me introduce by saying that group presentations should not be made mandatory, even in college. People are still immature and irresponsible, whether freshman or senior.***

So we are in class and my professor announces that we will be doing group presentations. Now I did not really care about this because some of my friends were in the class with me and we already were thinking of topics to present. But the next announcement he made was that our group members would be chosen by him and posted on Blackboard that night, no switching. What! How unfair...and it just had to be my luck to get stuck with an air head, a no show, and an over zealous lunatic.

Fast-forwarding to after the terrible, DISCOMBOBULATED (sound that out!) presentation, my professor says that he sees he will not be grading us as a group but rather individually, and says to the class that my A could not be dragged down by the air head's C-. So this chick thinks it is OK to start bad mouthing my hearing rage...chick you must have been smoking something. Don't let the hair and the nails fool you trick, we can get it popping. Now I'm more of a lover than a fighter but sometimes these people just tick you off to the point of no return. I have been know to fly off the handle at the most inappropriate moments but I can't help it sometimes. Truly, I can't. You can take the girl out the yard (ghetto) but you can't take the yard (ghetto) out of her. I can attest to that statement.

She turns to her friends and start talking about how I did not deserve that grade I got, I was trying to show everybody up, I got the easiest portion (mind you she took first pick), and that she would give me piece of her mind after class. Now the TRINI in me flew out the flicking seat and was towering over her, daring her to say one more thing, to back up the foolishness she was chattering about, and give me one more reason to teach her a lesson. ***I am usually shy and quiet so for her to get me this mad must have been SOMETHING***Through the accent, she looked sooooooo scared which prompted me to continue on my rant of her ignorance and dumbness. I knew she could not fully understand what I was say but I had this Bajan chick cracking up in the back of the class. My professor had to walk over to me, carefully, and tell me that he was gonna knock down my grade if I kept it up.

Now because my grade was in jeopardy I shut up with the quickness and sit my butt right down in my seat. But after that day, she dare not cross my path, sit anywhere next to me or even look in my direction. HAHA!

Until next time, (I'll be reminding everyone, Don't let the hair and the nails fool you!)


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Anonymous said...

HAHA wow unbelievable i dont get why professors find the need to create group presentations individual presentations work just as fine if not better. anyway i loved ur story especially " You can take the girl out the yard (ghetto) but you can't take the yard (ghetto) out of her ", ive always been more passive when it came to grades but lately even if its for that one extra point i find my self arguing for it *sigh* cant wait till its all over i need a break i think we all do !