Sunday, November 22, 2009

Coping with 6 ft Under.

Recently someone in my family passed away from ovarian cancer. I was not close to her, I know I met her in my life but I don't remember her at all. She was my mom's cousin and she livind in Trinidad. She left behind a husband and a daughter, a host of brothers and sisters and her mom, excluding the rest of the family members. It was sad to hear and see everyone deal with the passing in their own ways. My grandmother did not want to talk about anything at first then se could not find anything else to talk about. My mom cried when she heard the news then seemed to forget all about it. No one else in the house really knew her, so it was only the two of them that I got to watch cope with the death. Personally I have never had to deal with death. No one that was close to me has passed away and so I've never known that pain that others feel when they tell me that someone has died.

Sometimes I see people laugh when others die, I see them take a vow of silence, I see them cry until they get sick, I see them not able to enjoy themselves anymore-all ways of coping with death-and I never understand how it is that people re-act to the same problem in so many ways. Now I'm not saying that I want someone close to me to die so I can understand the feeling but it is just something that amazes me. It's not only death, but a range of problems really. Everyone deals with and tries to get over their troubles in different ways even if it is the same exact problem.

Have you ever had to cope with the loss of a loved one? Did you and your family react the same way? Just wondering, I would really like to hear your experiences.

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KG said...

i guess it all depends on how you view death. some people see it for what it is, other people see it as passing on to something "better" and others celebrate it. my grandmother recently passed away. my close family pretty much reacted the same way- of course we were all sad but at the same time, she's not suffering anymore. other relatives reacted differently- some dramatically and others just showed up to the funeral for show. like i said, it depends on your outlook on death.

dina said...

Sorry for your loss... :(
When my grandpa passed away, i did not cry...i love(d) him very much, but im just not much of a "crier". My mom, on the other hand, was distraught,(it was her dad)! However, when i had to give up my dog, i cried like a baby for weeks!