Friday, November 06, 2009

Movie Night

So two weeks ago my bf and I went out to catch a movie. We ended up seeing Law Abiding Citizen which was a great movie in my opinion. The trailers did look good but the movie ended up playing better than I thought it would. If anyone hasn't seen it as yet I will encourage you to do so. I mean Jamie Foxx is cool as an actor but Gerard Butler is in it, which is much more important, wouldn't you say.

***Bonus- You see his buttocks, lol. When that scene came on I could see my bf turn and look for my reaction. I had to play cool, but inside I was like OMG! HIS BUTT! He was gorgeous from the front in 300- as the head of the Spartans- but he was extra gorgeous from the back in this movie. With that said I think I should have been hired as a promoter for this movie, cuz I bet a lot of you want to catch the END of this movie. I crack myself up, lol.***

But tomorrow we are scheduled to leave home at 5 pm, go to Abercrombie & Fitch to look for winter coats (I don't understand my bf's obsession with A&F), then make our way to the theater for 7:20 pm to see The Box. Now I'm sort of on the fence cuz I do like morality movies (hence my love for Law Abiding Citizen) but I don't think I fully understand the story line of the movie. I'm hoping that I like the movie and don't end up feeling like I wasted 12 bucks to see it cuz I will be dwelling on everything else I could have used that money to do. I dunno, maybe like two sandwhichs at Subways or a bottle of GOOD nail polish (I've been eyeing Zoya's new fall line).

Also I'm attempting to re-create a meal one of my friends had at a hotel via room service tomorrow: Garlic Chicken wings and Garlic Fries. Now my breath might not be on point after this meal but garlic things just taste so good. I blame the Indian in grandmother would put garlic in everything if you gave her the chance.

So I'll be letting you guys know how the movie turned out and also if I was able to successfully cook up some chicken wings.

Until next time,



James said...

Law Abiding Citizen was an awesome movie and Gerard Butler was awesome in the movie. they did an awesome job casting him and Jamie Foxx for those two roles. That movie The Box looks pretty interesting just because they don't really tell you much about it in the previews. I hope it ends up being good too. Post a review about it and let me know if it's worth seeing. I also want to see that movie The Fourth Kind. That movie looks scary as shit.

Mrs.Young_fashion said...

The Fourth Kind...oh no, I don't mess with those types of movies. This girl was trying to make me go see Paranormal Activity...I don't want to have nightmares, I'm already scared of the dark.

Anonymous said...

Oh, you naughty naughty girls...Lol
Btw, I'm not into horror movies as well. All of the people who go to these movies should ask me, I'll come to their houses at 2 in the morning with an axe, scare the living crap out of them, and charge half the movie ticket price. :)
Anyone who wants to see "Law Abiding Citizen", you can see it here for free:


MilyMae said...

I saw Paranormal Activity and it was not that scary...I think it depends who you go see it with because the audience I went with was kind of loud and rowdy so some of the effect of the movie was lost. As for law abiding citizen...I loved it!!! Everything was awesome, the plot and the way it played out but I am bias because I am also head over heels in love with him.

Mrs.Young_fashion said...

Hey, back away from my eye candy, lol. ;-)