Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Great News Across The Board

So today I am labeling "Chyvy's Great Day". Why might I be doing such a thing? Well it just might be that great things have been happening TO ME (which I might add is soooo out of the ordinary) since I woke up this morning. First off, I wake up and my grandmother has made me a beautiful, satisfying, good ol' trini breakfast. It is something I haven't had in a while and I have been craving it so what does she do, she makes it especially for me...what love! Second, I go to Blackboard to check what I got on my philosophy exam, and what do you know, I got 100. How you like those, I'm good like that. Third, I get the permission to take three courses over the winter intersession and I'm so excited because this means that I'm not coming back here EVER after January. Whoo hooooo, as Vicki from Housewives of Orange County would say. See yuh latah alligata, in ah while crakadile, as my grand uncle would say, twang and all. Fourth, my mother informed me that I will be hitting the shops on Friday so I am no longer window shopping, I will be doing some majorrrrrrrrr damage. So watch out busters, I am a beast, a very scary, vicious beast when I see a sale. Fifth, I get to spend QT with the BF starting today ALL THE WAY up to sunday evening. Now this might not seem all that great but I hardly see him anymore due to the work overload that we both took on this semester. Such is life but I'm totally happy for this mini rest. Which leads me to the sixth great thing, my last two classes today are canceled, I think that deserves another Whoo hooooo, and there is no school tomorrow. So without further ado I present "Chyvy's Great Day", I hope you enjoy it as much as I.

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