Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Time Ain't Waiting No More...

Ok so I know I'm not tripping when I say school just started. It feels like it was not so long ago but the end of the term is upon us. OMG! I just handed in a paper in this class, took an exam in that class, gave a presentation for this professor and took a couples of quizzes for the other. But NOW...I'm handing in papers again, taking more exams, giving more, yo what the hell, I just did this.

When I was younger and summer vacation came around, it felt like forever would pass before September came chugging along and we'd all get nervous for the first day back. We actually had time over the vacation to relax, to enjoy everything little thing that wasn't available to us during the school months. NOW!?! It's like as soon as June ends September begins, no time to take a breather and just do nothing. This past summer flashed right before my eyes (partly because I was in school for both summer sessions) but also because time ain't waiting no more. It flies by with the only quckness. I remember vividly it being Sunday night and I'm driving to the shop to pick up the soap for my face and some nail polish. It is already Wednesday night, which means that the end of the school week is tomorrow, which means that Friday (which happens to be my favorite day out of the week) is almost here, which means that Sunday is almost here as well, again. Where the hell is all this time going???? (My little brother said that the time is being sucked into outer space because of global warming...everyone in the room stopped for like 45 seconds looking at everyone else, like is this dude for real. Granted he is 10 years old, but who says that. LOL)

Now I'm already paranoid about getting old and wrinkled up but I'm feeling like my life is passing by and it's not even having the decency to stop and say "What's up?!", like hello I'm standing right here, don't be rude. I JUST turned 20 this past July, and it's almost December, which means that it's almost January, which means that in seven months after that im going to be freaking 21. What kind of unfair crap is that?

So, I'm not tripping right? Everyone feels like time if flying by, it's not only me... (Even if you don't, just say something so I don't feel crazy).

Until next time, (which will be upon me very soon, gosh)



Shauntel said...

LOLOL you are a nut..clearly u are freaking out take a second and breathe. :BREATHE: are u ok now? good....but honestly I couldn't agree with you more time is really flying . That just means we gotta get focused and get things done so that we won't look back and have all the shoulda coulda wouldas.

Anonymous said...

Yea, time travels almost as fast as the speed of light...I remember my first freshmen seminar classes like it was just yesterday. My virgin GPA of 4.0 :) But on the positive side, no need for sneaking around using fake ids.I can take a date out to a lounge without worrying about who is bouncing there that night...or waiting till 4am on Saturdays for 19+ admission, to get into certain clubs. So, enjoy your life now, look at positives aspects, there are lots more of them.

Mrs.Young_fashion said...

@S, lol, you think it is a joke. You telling me to breathe:pretty soon i'll need an oxygen tank. Poor me.

@Nick, why are all your positives about clubs and partying. LOL, i have fun and i know my age allows me to do plenty but geez, i just want to have a lot more fun for a lot more time. Is that too much to ask? :-(