Saturday, November 21, 2009

Down Sizing???

I never use to be rich, by any means, but I (or my parents) use to live comfortably. I mean, not that we are struggling terribly but things aren't like they use to. Money ain't circulating in my hands like it use to. Whenever I needed or wanted (but mostly convinced myself and my mom that I needed) something I got it. There was never any thought to when I was getting my stuff or any questions about credit cards and debit cards not working. Life was good, well actually it was great. If I wanted something all I had to do was ask nicely and tadaaa...the cash or the card was in my hand.

Well, I can't really say the same thing for how life is treating me now. It's just not right. When I need something I got to let my parents know and then it has to be added to a list that matches its priority. So like if I needed a new winter coat it would go on a list with other things that were similar (the bills get paid first of course, lol). Now, this isn't easy living for me or anyone else in this house. My little brothers, who aren't so little in size (Terrance, who is 12, is already looking down at me. It's sad.) have to wait a long time for things they need, because necessary things for boys are so much more expensive than for girls and there are three of them. Getting accustom to this sort of lifestyle is difficult. I always thought people on tv were making something out of nothing when they had to down size but in all honestly it is hard. You get so use to living a particualr way, then BOOM, sorry you can no longer do things you use to do, and enjoy your money the way you want to (well at least enjoy the fruits of my parents labor).

Have a lot of you had to down size or get use to spending less or recieving less?

***BTW, it is not that I am a spoiled brat or anything like that. I ould get a job, that is true. But my parents want me to focus on school and take as many classes as I can at a time (hence, my 6 classes this semester). This leaves little time to get a job. I won't be able to find the hours to even work PT.***

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orianis said...

I went through the same thing this summer. I've been pretty liberal with money and I never used to save but then something happened this summer and I needed money so badly and I didn't have anything saved even though my mom was always asking me to and it hit me. It's not that saving was like doing her a favor, not doing it was a disservice to myself. Ever since this summer I really try to be frugal with money. Although sometimes I miss buying more stuff, this economy has made me realize that a lot of the stuff I was buying didn't have a point. Anyway, like every other American I just hope things get better...soon.

Mrs.Young_fashion said...

Life was better last year, wasn't it???Money doesn't necessarily make you happy but it just makes life EASY!