Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Where I Am Right Now...

...Ummmmmm, let's see.

I've been trying my hardest to hurry up and complete my classes in order to finish school early and START my life. Only thing is, now that I'm almost finish {three classes left :-) whoo hoo} I don't know what I want to do in the near future. I was always so sure that I wanted to go into the magazine business but last year I had a revelation and realized that though I love beauty and fashion, writing about it just isn't as fun as dabbling in it. So now I'm going down the road of teaching and I'm absolutely excited about that. I don't feel like I'm giving anything up or settling and that's a good thing, all things considered. But as grad school is concerned, I am completely lost as to what I would like to study. Right now I'm majoring in English Literature and it's cool , but getting my Masters in it just doesn't appeal to my inner being. At this point, nothing appeals to anything. I know I want to teach English to high school students but I don't necessarily want to be a master in eng lit. Sooooooo conflicted with what I should do.

***Side note- Living in New York leaves you open to the weirdest things. I'm going home on the 6 train this evening and I see a bum laying on the floor in front of the door yelling at god knows what...as if that wasn't wacko enough, his pants are pulled down past his butt and people are just stepping over him like he is a piece of trash on the floor. How random?! ***

LOL...this just popped into my head...There is a business space that gets rented out on my block from time to time. It has been a barber shop, a beauty salon, a clothing "boutique", and a candy shop, all of which have gone out of business within 6-7 months. As of now it is a beauty salon/barber shop and I never see anyone in there when I pass by {which just happens to be two or three times a day}. So I'm wondering 1. if they have no customers, how are they paying the bills and 2. when are they going to shut down? That doesn't sound to nice but I'm tired of dealing with the guys to stand outside the shop spewing their lame lines at me. That is so selfish of me but I feel like they are unwanted visitors on my block and I do not remember asking for company.

Until next time,



KG said...

I'm graduating in Dec 2010 and I know what you mean.. I wanna hurry up and graduate but I really don't know what to do afterwards.. But good luck with that.
About the bum- was he at 14th street? I think i saw him too... lol

Mrs.Young_fashion said...

Thanks, same to you.
He was on the 6 when I got on at 23rd. Everyone was acting as though that was totally normal. It was an OMG moment for the books.

Vic said...

Now we know what they mean when they say that the homeless are more or less invisible.

Perhaps that shop is laundering money. How bad of a vibe is it giving off?

Anonymous said...

With regards to any business,as an owner you would try to toughen it out for at least a year. Whether a new business entity survives or not usually takes a period of 5 years.
Anyways, hope you will determine your life path with certainty and be successful in any career path you select. :)

Mrs.Young_fashion said...

@ vic, lol, i dont think any illegal activites are going on. I just don't like feeling uncomfortable on my own block. Those are agressive.

@ nick, thanks for the well wishes.