Friday, November 06, 2009

Two sides to the coin

So recently I took my road test and passed...yay meeeeee...which came as a shock to EVERYONE because I had never done a 3 point turn and I only learned how to park the day before the test. ***Procrastination is my middle name*** Anywho, I was flicking excited because now if I want to go somewhere I don't "have to have someone in the car with me over the age of 21 who has their license"- my mother's favorite line to me- so in that aspect I'm glad I finally got my license. When I want to go to the movies, I could take the car and be oouuutttt. When I want to go out to eat or go to the mall or whatever the hell else comes to this mind of mine, the keys are not my disposal. Plus my parents just got a new car so I'm not driving around in a hooptie (sp check?) and I really appreciate that. The only thing is, now that I have my license, I'm like Spider-Man with a whole bunch of responsibilities. My parents want me to go to the bank, go to the grocery, pick up my brothers from school, go drop off prescriptions at the pharmacy, go drop my aunt to work, pick up papers from the doctor's office, drop my grandmother off where ever she please and go and get gas. Now it's not as though I don't like doing these things and I certainly understand that my license allows me to help out around the house. But there comes a point when they just dont want to do anything anymore and just expect for me to go and do it.

How rude!!!

So I've come up with a plan. Every time that they send me out to do something, that allows me to go someplace that I want. So if I run three errands today (which will most likely happen), I'll get to go three places that I want to go. Only problem is, if I went to tell them this brilliant plan of mine, they would only laugh in my face. Life just isn't fair.

What do your parents make you do, that they could do for themselves?

Until next time,



Therapeutic Musings said...

My parents used to try to make me run their errands, but they didn't count on the fact that I hated driving so I would never go anywhere anyway. My sister, on the other hand, would do just what you did. Take her sweet precious time getting back home and going wherever she felt like while she was out.

Mrs.Young_fashion said...

lol, thats how you got to do it cuz then they try pulling crazy you can only go this place with these people. smh

Gabrielle Styleyouwelle said...

OMG I'm happy you passed. I tried 3 times twice in Staten Island and once in brooklyn..On the fourth time in Staten Island I passed...nerves gettin to me smh

eL said...

having a car can be such a pain sometimes though. especially if you have a big one. it's hard to find parking. especially during busy times and busy neighborhoods. and then there's the gas you have to pay for and the toll it takes on the environment lol. and its hard to run errands on your own sometimes because you may have no where to park and if you just leave your car double parked you get a ticket.... oh btw.... if you ever get a regular parking ticket... like for alternate side parking, expired meter, etc... you can plead guilty as a first response and you will get an automatic discount. (if you plead guilty online, they will give you the discounted ticket price to pay right away)

Mrs.Young_fashion said...

oh thx, but hopefully that doesn't happen. My mother will go nuts on me.