Thursday, November 12, 2009

My (one of many) Obession

Ok so when I have down time , or when I'm suppose to be doing homework, or when I should be sleeping...I'm watching some tv show...It's like when the tv is on I can't help myself, I must watch it. And people always say that there is never anything on despite the fact that there is so many channels, but me, I always find something interesting to watch. And when I say interesting I must mention that my standards are completely set aside from everyone elses (according to my bf).

I get so excited by shows like Jon & Kate plus 8, Golden Girls, The Emperor's New Groove, Fraiser, Cougar Town, Heros, and the list goes on and on. Almost every channel has a show that I watch and that I'm completely in love with. I just think that if I could some how make a profession out of watching tv I would be making the big bucks and wiping my pits with benjamins BABY!!!! (whoa...bad mental image)

But the show that takes the cake for me...drum roll please...Grey's Anatomy. Some people totally hate this show and some people think it is the best thing since...(thinking)...ummm, lets choose Ralph Cramden in the Homeymooners (the original, not the knock-off with Cedric the Entertainter, btw sooo disappointed with Gabrielle Union for actually playing in that garbage, was money that tight???). Anywho, GREY'S ANATOMY!!!, I can't get enough of this show. This is one of the few series that air re-runs and I can without a doubt kick back and remember the ol' days, when Burke left Christina at the alter or when Miranda's husband was riding her back because of the little time she was spending at home. And talk about the medical cases...I love it, I love it all. But with all honesty, my thursday nights are dedicated to Grey's Anatomy then by default I got hooked on Private Practice via Addison's move from Seattle Grace to the Wellness Center in L.A.

Tonight though required crying on my part, as does every other episode(in between me yelling at the screen). The chief is battling some demons and his exit on the show had me crying..ooooooooooooo, plus Izzy gonna have the nerve to come back and be all crazy on Alex, but he knew what was up and he put her in her place. YEA!! That's what you get for walking out on my homeboy. Don't step sideways cuz he get dirtay!--Private Practice was cool tonight too, which had me crying at the end when the lady delivers her baby then dies (boo hoo), but then I started yelling at Sam and Addison because they taking liberties and kissing it up. Like hellooooooooo, why ya'll thinking that Naomi ain't gonna find out, or do you suckers even care. (Na, girl, I got your back).

So, I know most of you are totally lost on this post but Grey's Anotomy holds a special place in my heart (shout out to the bf for putting me on, even though he dropped the show like a pancake the season after I started watching--should I be reading into that, humm--which always seemed sketchy to me since he was in love with the show). If any of you are die hard GA fans, "holler" at me, lol. I can go on and on, mainly because I have no one to talk the show over with anymore.
:-( I'll be waiting.

Until next time, (go watch GA!!!!!)



Therapeutic Musings said...

I used to watch GA, but I couldn't handle all that dang relationship drama. Can nobody be happy in that hospital?

Mrs.Young_fashion said...

LOL,everytime something goes good, something turns around and goes bad...but that's why its the best DRAMA on TV girl. Your life will have so much more purpose with GA in it.

Eliza said...

lolz... thats funny...
me 2, i always find something
"interesting" to watch in any channel. i like Jhon & kate plus 8, Say yes to the dress, What not to waer, True Life, CSI: Miami, Criminal MInds.. etc etc.. whatever it is, drama action or comedy i'll enjoy lolz :)

Naju said...

When Greys Anatomy first aired I was so in love with this show, but now there is way too much drama going on ..... I do agree that television is one of the best inventions ever. I must have a TV on in my house even though I'm not watching.

Mrs.Young_fashion said...

Naju, you like pulling current or what?!? You paying the electric bill eh?