Monday, November 23, 2009

Meet My New Buddies!!

All the way from the back of my imaginary closet...INTRODUCING


She is a beauty, this I know. How perfect we would be together (if I get my way and pout a little more, I think I'll be able to really introduce her to the rest of my friends ;-) My bf will cave eventually, hopefully)

Not to be out done by any means... here is


Now she could really become my bestie this winter. Perfect shoe for outings when it is a little chilly. The pewter shade is just right in my opinion.

Sooooo I have a little obession with shoes and I'm not planning on getting counseling any time soon. Shoes make me crazy, like loco, nuts, retarded even, sometimes. I don't care where I am, if I see a perfect pair of shoes I have to stop and stare. If I have the guts I'll ask the chick where she copped them from. But I choose wisely, I only buy those shoes which I cannot live without (which has recently grown into a long, long list). My mom already warned my bf about the heavy duty responsibility of keeping up with my shoe shopping hobby. HEHE! Relax people, if they want to be my friends, I do not discriminate by any means. Boots, stilettos, sandals, my arms are open 24/7. Plus, its not like he is going anywhere, so YEAH, I have a shoe problem and most likely you will be supporting my habit. WHAT PUNK! POP! (I should be glad he doesn't read this you boo boo)

So do you girls get giddy over a great pair of must haves???Share, share and share some more!

Until next time, (Donations are excepted at all times...I'm, really, I am!)



MilyMae said...

lol First of I have a shoe obsession too! I see great minds think alike because I actually have ferris or at least very similar ones but in grey! They are awesome. Shoes and accessories are my obsession, my bf hates it. Asking how many necklaces and shoes can I have. But there's no such thing as too much. FYI tell your bf to take you to Bakers, they are currently having a boot sale! Maybe you'll shop so far I just been online window shopping *sign*

Mrs.Young_fashion said...

Bakers is always my fallback. Their Wild Pair selections are delicious to say the least, but I'll check out the boots. Thanks