Monday, December 08, 2008


Ok, so I asked you guys what love means to you and I'm hoping from the flood in of comments...LOL...that love does truly hold a special place in your lives and you are no stranger to the many joys that love can bring to each and every one of us. 

Over the years, within my family and my relationship, I've noticed that love simply means life for me. I mean, ok yeah we can all live day to day without love in our lives but is it truly living if we can't share that with anyone, whether it be family or otherwise?  Not in my opinion.  Being able to rely on those close to you is such a comfort and an ease on the daily stressors.  

When I realized I had fallen in love with my boyfriend I was 15 years old. So many people have said to me that being 15 means you are incapable of knowing whether you love someone or not but I am protesting against that statement, not only by saying " I protest", lol, but also by proving them wrong with the love that I share with, from this point on, Mr. Young.  BTW, this makes me think about Chris Brown's single "Young Love", I heart that song.

It was the era of instant messaging and after exchanging screen names against the wishes of our parents it was like total kismet, an instant connection.  We became quick friends, trying to keep our feelings at bay, never really mentioning the possibility of us becoming anything more. How cute you may say...

Until the day I realized OMG!, I can't wait to see him again. Me, counting the moments until I saw anyone was a new experience. I never really missed anyone, not even my family when I was away. I distinctly remember telling myself, "This is not good", and when I was signing off the computer I felt this energy just pass through me and I said it, I had to, I said "I love you".  From then on everything is basically history. And of course this makes me think of something else...Are you guys into cartoon movies, have you even seen Hercules?  There is a part when Meg, the love interest, realizes she is in love with Herc but does not want to admit it. I feel you Meg, love complicates everything, but sometimes complication walks through the door, smelling good and makes you smile that 'oooooo la la' smile.

Mr. Young says that when he noticed we were finishing each other's sentences and basically saying what the other was thinking, that was when he knew we would be something, something great for a long time. Kodos to you honey!!!

Because he is always willing to put me before himself and appreciates me beyond compare there is no doubt in my mind that  he is my forever and ever. Also, he wrote me not 1 but 2 poems, not amazing but loveable, and for a guy like him to sit and think about words that rhyme...he loves me this I know, for those poems told me so.

So here's to my HERCULES... I love you.

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Fashion's Darling said... sweet

Mrs.Young_fashion said...

thanks darling

Therapeutic Musings said...

Girl, young love is the bomb! LOL

Mrs.Young_fashion said...

That's what I keep telling everyone... you'd think they'd start listening my now.