Tuesday, December 02, 2008

The new commercials just aren't what they were when I was growing up. What happened to the theme song, "I don't want to grow up, I'm a Toys "R" Us kid".....so many memories.

Every time I would hear this song I would tell my grandmother " Granny Lynn, I want to grow up, I want to be a teacher", she remembers that till this day and smiles every time. Funny thing is, after a lot of searching I'm thinking of pursuing a career as an English professor. How about that!!!

What did you want to be growing up? Did you actually end up fulfilling your dream?

This makes me wonder...time to melt another one...did any of you have expectations from your parents and extended family about what path you should pursue? Was it just suggestions or did you feel backed into a corner at any time?

I hated this growing up. Everyone in my family was going to school for a career in the medical field, this seemed to be the only thing that would satisfy anyone. When I changed my mind about being an obstetrician, talk about disappointing cards, phone calls, visits, you name it. Those were the times when Toys "R" Us theme song would have come in handy, not growing up would have totally been an option I would have considered.

Talking about this makes me think about how I actually began thinking about being an OB/GYN. When we were home in the summer time, my past times were sleeping and watching TLC's A Baby Story, are any of you fans of TLC? Anywho, watching this shows and my obsession with babies molded this thought in my head that I could actually go through with this, which I actually ended up dropping my first year in HS. Science is not my thing... learned that the heard way. The dream was fun while it lasted but finding out how much I really love to read and write in HS has helped me to shape my future goals.

Watch out for my novel to hit stores in August, which August exactly, I'm not sure but when I publish a book I want it to come out right before schools opens so it could be added to their lists of books to read.

Yay me and my drive to succeed! Are there any short or long term goals you want to see through whether it be about life, love etc.?

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antithesis said...

i remember at a very young age telling my mom i wanted to be a psychologist and she shot those dreams down because she said i wouldnt make any money. so then i had in my head to make the most money so i was going to be a doctor. got to college and didnt love biology like i thought. i took one psych course, fell in love and switched my major. now im in grad school to be a counselor. all that soul-searching and i knew what i was going to do at 4...

Mrs.Young_fashion said...

seems like everyone I speak to make the same full circle from when they were young.

T said...

My mom was actually a "do whatever makes you happy" mom and I did and I am happy.

Let's see as a child, I wanted to a fashion designer because of this crayola fashion kit I got for Christmas. Then I realized I'd have to sew and I can't really draw, so that didn't work. Then I wanted to be a doctor to help people. Then I heard they have 8 years of school after high school. At some point I wanted to be a fireman... well woman.

Then I wanted to be a public speaker and I figured I'd do Public Relations until that speaker thing panned out. Then as a real life adult, I dropped the speaker bit and am just doing PR. I love it.

P.S. My family is just happy I went to college. That's not a given in my household.

yummy411 said...

wow! i love tlc, but i wanted to be a doula instead of actual ob..eeks what happened to dreaming big? lol

english professor is the hotness... when you know how to use the english language like a sword for the fight for life.... ah i'd be all too satisfied.

Mrs.Young_fashion said...

@ T, I understand what you mean, my father has given up trying to keep up with all the things I want to do, now he says he is just satisfied I'm in college. He use to scare my sister and I telling us that we would basically be dropped like hot potatoes if we did not attend college. But he would never to that, at least I think he would never do that.

@ yummy, finally I've found someone who shares my love for TLC, I have an irish twin and we share everything from socks to our room but she just doesn't like TLC. And I agree I just hope I don't drop it cuz it's too too hot. LOL

Therapeutic Musings said...

When I was younger I wanted to be a hairstylist until my mom told me I had to stand all day. Then I wanted to be a broadway star, until I realized I couldn't sing or dance! I went to college to be a pharmacist, hated science and switched to english. Now I work in healthcare. Yeahhh not sure what my deal is!

LOL @ not sure which August! Every August, I'll look for your book.

Mrs.Young_fashion said...

When I was younger my sister started singing and I of course thought there was nothing to it. End result, she formed a group with another girl because was singing vioce was lacking a little something...um I think it's called talent.

Little info- my sister and I both switched our majors to English, we're considering becoming English professors. Yay us for finally making a decision that doesn't seem to wanna change any time soon.