Monday, December 22, 2008

IN LOVE !!! and Mane Monday

High school sweethearts are so very cliche/taboo but I feel like we are the original. Now I know for a fact that we were very young when we started dating...against our parents wishes and all... but I felt as though I was old enough to carry on a serious relationship.

*Side note- My little brother is 14 going on 15, the age I was when I started dating Mr. Young, but I can't see my brother being old enough to have a serious relationship at his age.*

Five years later I still feel as though I'm falling in love. I still get butterflies when I see him walking up the driveway, I still smile when I see him looking at me from afar, I still feel giddy when he tells me one day I'll be his wife..........I'm so in love.

Mane Monday
Now today my post isn't that interesting or that long...I'm going to the hair dresser later today to get a wash and set and trim my ends. My ends have been killing me and I am truly terrified to cut them myself. I always envision messing my hair up, cutting it shorter than required. Lately my hair has been growing faster, thanks to those lovely flaxseed oil tablets, but I don't think I've been seeing the fruits of my labor (I hate swallowing tablets) because my ends have been terrible for a long time now. As my hair is growing, my ends are spilting up, up and up the hair shaft. No longer will I be the one with the luxurious hair complete with ends that seem to be throwing up gang signs every time they get combed. My hair lady says that if I trim regularly and do all that I can to keep my ends healthy then by this time next year I could reach my goal of having MBL hair. YAY me and my determination not to be lazy when it comes to my hair.
She also mentioned that it would be easy for me to reach WL but I don't think I could handle all of that hair. What I have now already makes me tired even before I begin to tackle it.
BTW, I am no longer going to use the Aphogee line for damaged hair, instead I will be investing in more expensive but more natural products. You have to put out the money in order to see the results you want, don't you agree? How much of your weekly/monthly budget do you spend on hair care? Do you spend a lot of time taking care of your tresses or is it just touch and go for you? What are your favorite products to use in your hair, how has it benefited you?
Until next time,


Product Junkie Diva said...

Hey Miss In Love :-)
I thnk you are already mbl-lol. So I can't wait to see you at WL and then I will be cheering you on as you go for Hip length and then knee length and whatever comes after that. YAY.
I don't mind spending money on hair products as long as they really work. I love my honey child, hairveda, aveda and oyin products. Hairveda actually is pretty inexpensive so that helps. I don't really set a budget for hair products, I just spend what I need to get what I want. I think the natural products have helped my hair so much because before using them my hair was a dry brittle mess.

Therapeutic Musings said...

My favorite products are Aubrey Organics and Cantu. It's pretty much all I use on my hair. They work for me because they don't break me out like the other products I used to use did.

T said...

@ PJD, you know you don't set a budget for ANY products. Hence the J, in PJD. LOL!

@ Mrs. YF, I'm so happy you're in love. It's such an awesome feeling. I had a whole week dedicated to my hair care/products on Tea & Such, so I won't bore you all going over them here.

Mrs.Young_fashion said...

PJD-lol @ knee length. That will never transpire. Waist length, only if my roots are nice to me :)
Hairveda is lovely........

TM-I checked those products out and I'm tempted to try. They are nautral products which is a definite plus given the direction I'm headed. I think I'm drawn to the Aubrey over the Cantu.I'm not sure Cantu is ALL natural. Is that the relaxer you use BTW? Thanks

T- I was on board the entire week so I know your hair back to front.LOL