Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Nightmares of the Fashion Police

So today I have two things to share with you all.

1. I had a nightmare last night.

2. Am I wrong for telling people that their wardrobe is not up to par?

There is this girl, i won't mention her name, lol, not like if you will know who I'm talking about, but it's just courtesy, anywho this girl seems to have bad blood with me even though I was given the impression that the past was water under the bridge. I hope im using that term correctly... Moving on, I had a dream about her, well I'm calling it a nightmare just because she was in it. So I'm walking down the street and she comes from behind and we are in an instant conversation like we were ol' pals. I stop look her up and down and I tell her she is dressed tacky as usual and she laughs and says she wishes she could be like me. SO FREAKY!

All of a sudden we are in Red Lobster sharing biscuits, how random?!?

We start talking about how much we mean to each other and she starts crying and apologizes for kissing my boyfriend (this really happened) and trying to push up on him (this really happened). I tell her that until I beat her unconscience we will never be even and I will always resent her.

Waking up with this on my mind was quite a shocker. I hate being reminded of this crap, and am I kidding myself with this??? Eating lunch with the chick? NEVER!!! Cordial, yes, friends, never in a million years!

So this had me thinking, is this in my subconscience or something? Are dreams really part of what you think about, what you want to happen? So conflicted in my mind. I have to go look up dreams in my Pysch textbook.


On to my selfish question... Am I wrong for telling people to throw their clothes in the garbage and start from scratch?

I try not to do it but I don't want people walking around looking busted. I understand some people have their days when they are in a rut BUT everyday is a NO NO. No excuses for that nonsense. What's your take on my dilemma?

Until next time,



MR style said...

haha that's funny !! so hilarious

T said...

You can't really tell people they look a mess because they get offended and want to fight and insult you and whatnot. You can, however, take photos and talk about them on your blog (like I do).

As far as dreams, they are SO unfair. There are a plethora of folks I'd like to never see or think about ever again and I do a fab job of erasing their existence in my head while I'm awake, but when I go to sleep, these losers keep creeping up. I wake up angry, like this is some BS. I wasn't trying to think about that person EVER.

Nothing you can do about it though.

Mrs.Young_fashion said...

@ MR, that makes one of

@ T, don't you just hate the obtrusive reminders? BTW I like the pics idea, i'll see what I can do.

Mrs.Young_fashion said...

*intrusive reminders

Therapeutic Musings said...

You better not be telling people they look bad! People these days are crazy, pictures (carefully taken so they don't see you) seem much more safe.