Friday, December 12, 2008

Good News, Shocking News, and FASHION FRIDAY!

Finally my book came. 
Last week I won the Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual from BGG's blog. I have been anticipating this guide because I want to be able to work it out like the pros. I mean I can put together a pretty face but I want to make up a face that stands out. Also my sis is appointing me her makeup artist for the wedding ( I know, I know, so many responsibilities).  I am going to look through it and post a review for Review Tuesday...(I don't know what happened to Tuesdays on the previous blog, but it will indeed still be Review Tuesday)...

On to the shocking news.
My mother is a college educated woman and we are all proud of that fact. My father on the other hand never finished the equivalent to JHS in his home country. My point...soon to come. My father was going through some papers and began making a whole heap of noise, very out of his character when he is by himself. So we rush into his room to see what all the ruckus was about...he was reviewing S.S statements with previous annual earnings. Now what he saw on the paper wasn't news to me but I must admit seeing it in writing makes you say JEEZZ, Are you kidding me? So what did he see?...The difference in the yearly earnings between my mother and himself. My mother (once again college educated) has never in her life made the amount my father (once again never got through JHS) has made at his lowest moments. 
This is the reason many people opt for not going to school and picking up trades instead. OMG, are you kidding me with this, really and truly? It makes you think, for a quick second, why am I troubling myself with college? But just for a quick second. OK well that was the good and the shocking, now on to the topic of the day...

Fashion Friday
Ok the winter months are here and no one can deny that, but what do you do with the precious platform sandals that you bought this summer. Most likely you'll probably put them back in their box and store them for the upcoming spring. Well I have news for you, you can choose what's behind Door # 2. 
Girl you better rock those sandals, show them that the weather has no handle on your fashion conscience (use your discretion). Keep them to the fore of your colset and when it's time to hit the town at night pull them out, with stockings of course. You didn't think I meant bare leg, did you? Well this look has been a staple in many persons lives, I mean I've seen plenty people do it but some just need a little encouragement. Some designers have put this look to use in their Fall Fashion Shows.

This is from Yves Saint Laurent fashion show in Paris back in 2003. 
She paired this great ensemble with textured stockings and cute sandals.

This is from a Carolina Herrera's Fall Collection. Her shows are always in NY.

 This dress was paired with a solid color stocking donned with embellishments and a black sandal.

Here is a model wearing a gorgeous Badgley Mischka creation. This is for the Pre-Fall 2009 Collection.
Black tights with black detailed sandals. Need I say more.

Here is fabulous Lucy Liu. 
Once again we see the black tights with the black patent leather platform sandals. The bare arms totally compliment the covered legs in this look, don't you think?

So take this tip and put your own spin on it.  Black Tie events and Holiday parties would be excellent times for you to try it out around this time.

I'll leave you with "a mystery guest" and their interpretation of rocking stockings with sandals.

Have a fashionable weekend. See you soon for Mane Monday!
Until next time,



Therapeutic Musings said...

I have a Chrismas party on Sunday and I do have some fly purple tights. Where can I get some sandals like your mystery guest? LOL

Mrs.Young_fashion said...

LOL is correct. I was floored when I saw this I had to take a pick. "He" is a mess, a fan of the jokes.

Product Junkie Diva said...

lol too cute.
Oh and as for the whole college thing, it is so true. Some people who never went to college can earn tons more than a person with a college degree. I think there can be many reasons for that but sometimes it may cause you to say...ummm why did I go to college?

T said...

I'm going to have to try this. I picked up a few pairs of textured tights and I friggin' love them. I actually need to step up my entire shoe collection. First up though: Paying off CC debt. UGH!

Being responsible SUCKS!!!

Mrs.Young_fashion said...

PJD- besides the entrepreneurial spirit possessed by some, many others just have great money sense. That my dear is what I am trying hard to develop at these "tender" years in my life. LOL

T-Responsibility is a foreign concept for me. I bum off my parents and all they do is enable my bad habits. CURSE YOU, YOU ENABLERS! Had to let that out.

But seriously, try the look. I promise you would not be disappointed with the flooding of compliments. Be adventurous, try gray or DARK blue/purple tights with black shoes or vice versa.

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