Thursday, December 11, 2008

Bad Hair Day & Update Thrusday

I'm at school right now, my class doesn't start until this evening and I am suppose to be studying...You know how that goes. I just don't wanna. But what I do want to do is take off running for the train so I can go home and try and fix this mop on my head.

I recently started roller setting my hair for myself and I haven't gotten this thing down packed as yet. Things still stick out, come out, unroll...anything you can think of. I have the most fly-aways I've ever seen, I did not think this was possible it's so bad. My bang that's growing in is sticking up all over the place. AHHHHHHHHH! I want to cry or something, I don't want people looking at me like this, it's horrible. So for the remainder of the day I'll stay in the corner with my hood on my head. This is so tragic.

Update Thursday
So after much debate, the bride and groom have decided to throw a "little" engagement party. The invite list is a little over 30 with family and close friends only. I am not too sure how I feel about this engagement party. I'm on the fence as to whether it is a great idea or a waste of money, but as for now I'm following orders and planning the "perfect engagement party". One thing is certain, I am NOT, i repeat NOT cooking for this occassion. I love my sister dearly but I hate being under pressure to cook for a large amount of people. It freaks me out. Another thing I am certain of is that we are not hosting this engagement party either. We always do little get togethers at our house and get stuck with the unruly mess left behind by our "tidy" house guests. Not this time.
So I have to call around to immediate family and see if they will be willing to host the party. I might also throw in cooking duties as well or I might spread it around to a select few. You know there are certain peeps in the family who really really know how to throw down. They will definitely be getting a call from me. So when that's done I have to see about ordering save-the-date cards and getting a beautiful cake, a must have in the bride's opinion. Knowing us and how we get down, we might just end up having a nice BJ's cake. They are off the hook if you've never tried them. Also I really want to put together a few games for everyone to take part in...maybe I am excited about this...maybe it will be a big hit...maybe I'm just the best sister/maid of honor/wedding planner of all time.
Do you have any ideas to make this E.P. much more enjoyable than just sitting around "oooohhhhing and aaahhhhhing" at the ring?
Until next time,


Therapeutic Musings said...

Fret not: The first time I roller set my hair was when my husband and I first started dating. I went in the bathroom to comb it out. I came out looking like a mushroom! He and my mother laughed me out! I'm a pro at it now, so don't worry. It'll get better and easier :)

Outsource that party girl! Have everybody else do everything!

T said...

Do I have ideas. Um... absolutely!

Ok, first, don't rule out catering for the party. I've been to a couple of bridal showers where they had local caterers and they do all the set-up and clean up and it's great. The best part (or worst depending on how you look at it) is that there are typically no leftovers.

Another thing is you must have a couple of games. We did a how well do you know the bride game at my sisters bridal party dinner (which is different than an E.P., but same flavor).

Another thing to consider is local folks who are trying to get their name out there (caterers, cake-makers, decorators, etc) who will do the party for free just for the chance to use you as a reference. I can't take credit for this idea, I took it from a girl who threw a $6,000 wedding (article about her on

Another fun thing to do is make a video with congrats to the bride and groom. This is something easy and simple to do that they will cherish forever and can show their kids and grandkids, etc, etc. And it gives people something to do other than staring at the ring. You can also edit it and play it back at the reception (if you want).

I've got other ideas, but I've written a short novel, so maybe I'll bring them later.

Mrs.Young_fashion said...

Thanks T for the ideas, i'll have to check the caterers around my area. We were planning on doing a video for the reception but maybe a short one can work for this occasion. Keep the ideas coming.

TM- I know, i know, everyone says i'll get better, I'm just sick of it. My hair is growing again and getting back is drama just to convince myself to do it. My mother told me to cut it and avoid all the up keeping responsibilities. Much help that was :(