Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Finally it's happened to me dah da dah da dah dah dah...Who sings that song? & Review Tuesday

So I think I forgot to mention that last Friday was my last day of school ...backtracking...

I started college the end of August 2007. The semester lasted until the week before Christmas. The day after New Year's I was back in school for a 2 and a half week session and completed two classes. Four days later Spring semester started and then ended May 22. I enrolled in two summer sessions, the first from June 2 to July 3. The second, from July 7 to August 14.

This semester began August 27....

Now I finally how time off from school for an entire month and a half , a first since I began college. I slept until 12:00pm today...talk about feeling well rested. I don't have to worry about assignments, projects, presentations and 10 page papers. Woo-hoooo...I am beyond words right now, NO MORE SCHOOL, it's time to lay up in the house and just chill. My brothers and my mom are going to be home for the next two weeks so we are planning on going out as a family a couple of times before they head back to school. Bowling one night, movies another, possibly paint balling........I have been dying to do that but everyone I know are scaredy cats. So sad.

Hopefully I get all the fun and rest I need out of this vacation. When school starts back, it'll be no joke. I'll be taking 3 English classes, economics and Italian II. I really need to knock out these classes because as of late my GPA has been suffering. :(

I blame TV. Reality shows and ABC's dramas are so addictive.

Review Tuesday

What is your favorite restaurant? When you dine out, do you gravitate toward American cuisine or International delights?

Growing up my family was really big on Red Lobster. Trini people are in to their seafood, whether it be shrimp, crab, lobster, it was on that table. When I started going out socially, hanging with friends, family or the Mr. we would head to the regualr places...Olive Garden, Boulder Creek, T.G.I.Friday's, Applebees, IHOP (for those lazy nights)... and I was quite satisfied. That is, until I was introduced to this hideaway spot in Williamsburg, a Thai restaurant called The SEA. This place is like a heaven sent. Great food, even better prices, delicious drinks (not that I would know, I'm only 19 years old),beautiful ambiance, and wonderful service. I love that it is not far from home, either jump in the car or hop on the train, 20 minutes later, you are being captivated with all your senses.

This is a view of the front of the restaurant, so sexy and seductive.

This is a view of the reflective pool surrounded by seats for two...romantic, i know.

I get excited every time I walk in this place. There is no place like it. The food is so good that I have dibs on having them cater my wedding. It's a while off but I'm sticking to them. I know everyone at the wedding will be expecting culture food but I think they'll be pleasantly surprised with THIS CULTURE'S food.

YUMMY...I can taste the Tim Tum Fritters right now. Come to think of it, I think I'll be making a stop over there sometimes over the vacation, the Mojitos are calling my name...um, I mean the iced tea?!?

BTW, this is the restaurant where my sis got engaged. Great memories.

Until next time,



T said...

Where are you in school and what are you studying? I remember college break... back in the day. Enjoy it, enjoy it, enjoy it. If you want to sleep all day, do that. If you want to party all night, do that. Never again will you have such freedom. I miss those long breaks. I don't miss classes though, so I'm good where I am.

Good restaurant review. I love Thai food, but I haven't found a Thai restaurant that I love in the Chi. I haven't exactly been looking either though, LOL!

Therapeutic Musings said...

That place looks nice!

Rest rest and rest some more on your break! You deserve it.

Just_Wondering said...

OMGoodness when I saw your sisters engagement pics I thought "that place looks a little like Sea but nahh" there weren't enough pictures for me to confirm anything!

GIRLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL I love love love love love Sea! The ambience and the prices are so cheap!! Lets not forget the fact that the food is yummy also! I've taken all of my friends there and they all love it! I had my last bday dinner there and the bill was super cheap! I LOVE ME SOME SEA!

I haven't been in a while because it became like a McDonalds to me lol Not that its crappy but in a sense that I was going there way to often lol

Girl rest up! You seem to be taking so many classes at a time Wheww! Thank goodness for a vacation lol

Product Junkie Diva said...

The sea looks beautiful! Enjoy your vacation sis.

Mrs.Young_fashion said...

T- I'm at Baruch College in NYC studying English, and believe me I will be enjoying this break. Thanks.-Whenever you make it to NYC, you must check out the SEA.

TM- Your advice is being put to work as I speak.

JW- Dont stay away for too long.

PJD- We'll hit the SEA one of these days. You already know I'm doing everything to make this vaca top all others.