Tuesday, December 09, 2008

The Beginning of a New Life

So this weekend was a blast. I did no homework, I made chilli (which everyone loved) and then on Sunday evening my darling sister got engaged. I'm so happy and yet so sad at the same time. I mean no one really understands the relationship that we share, we truly complete one another. My sis, born 1 year, 1 month and 1 day ahead of me, was lost until I was born, or so I would like to think. Growing up, the lines between big and little sister were very often hazy. We never really looked at the other as older or younger, we are basically the same age, that is until one of us wants to act a fool but I digress. Without the other, we were never really happy. When we go out guess who's tagging along. When we make plans, guess who double checks every detail. We can not exist without each other, our bond is so much deeper than that of two sisters, lol, it's like we are soul mates...that doesn't sound too "correct" but you catch my drift. My sis knows me inside out and I would not have it any other way. What am I going to do without her???????????

Don't we make a cute couple...

Anyways...His name is Robert and he is a sweet guy. He was quite nervous during the entire night, no one but my sis heard what he was saying...so adorable...
So she cried and I cried...we all cried

The ring is gorgeous if I say so myself ... I can't wait to start planning the biggest day of her life!!

So if you could choose how you were proposed to, what would you like, how do you envision saying "Yes"? If you are alerady married, how did it happen for you? Were you shocked or did you expect it? Did you cry or laugh or hit him...share and don't spare the details everyone.

Something that I truly consider a no no in the book of proposal is the way my Dad proposed to my Mom. My sis and I were already born and he tells my Mom, "Well I guess we should just get married already, huh?"

I leave you with these words of wisdom...If he proposes to you that way...hit him, yell a little, then if you really love him say YESSSSS.

Until next time,



T said...

I absolutely LOVE this topic. I LOVE engagements. I helped plan one a couple of years ago and I just an a connesieur (sp) of engagement and wedding information.

I don't even have a bf, but people send me wedding info ALL the time. They know that my brain is like an arsenal of wedding info.

The main element of a good engagement is surprise. Everything else just depends on the bride's personality. I want my engagement to include or be followed by a photo shoot of some sort and it should be uber-feminine (and of course it should be a surprise).

If any of the fellahs need ideas, call or email me, I've got ideas for days!

Oh, and congrats to your sis!!!

T said...

Sorry about all the typos above... I really need to go to bed.

Therapeutic Musings said...

Your relationship with your sister sounds just like mine! She was born 3 years and 1 day after me. Trust me, her getting married will not change your closeness. When she is in the house with her husband tripping or acting silly he will be begging her to call you. Trust me on this one! My husband can't wait for my sister to come home next week so I can stop trying to get him to make a routine to "Womanizer" with me and other things I'm used to doing with my sister.

Part 2:
I had how I wanted to get engaged all planned out. My husband took the basic concept and put his own spin on it. It was my birthday so we spent the day together. We went to the arboretum, had a picnic, I went to the spa, and then out to dinner. I was blindfolded going in to dinner and when I took the blindfold off I was at a surprise birthday party at my house! All my friends and family were there. It was great. When we got up to go get dessert "All my life" started playing and TheCount got down and proposed. It was perfect! I was so glad everybody was there to share. The pictures from that day are priceless!

Congrats to your sister!

Product Junkie Diva said...

COngrats to the beautiful bride to be. YAYAYAYAYAYA If I had confetti, I would be throwing it right now. I LOVE engagements. She looks so happy. All you are really doing is gaining a brother. I love WEDDINGS!!!!!!!!
I wish them a lifetime of happiness.

Just_Wondering said...

Omgoodness engagements are totally in the air this Fall. I found out about five thus far! One of my close girlfriends got engaged a few weeks ago and he took her out to a resturant and proposed there then had her friends and family at his house as a surprise! She was very very very happy. I heard he was also nervous during the proosal.

Im happy your sister found someone she wants to spend the rest of her life with. As for me I really want music and dancing to be a big part of my proposal. I don't want an audience. I want that story all to myself for me to tell others haahahaha.

Mrs.Young_fashion said...

T, I'll be directing my boyfriend to you... he says he is going to do something to knock my socks off...to tell the truth, this scares me. He is so out there, he might just do something to give me a heart attack. I love surprises but I don't think I can handle people jumping at me yelling "Surprise!!!", I can't handle anything jumping at me as a matter of fact.

TM, I know we will still be close, I just won't see her everyday as I'm use to. I am going to miss sleeping in the same bed with her (we've shared a bed for the past 18 years of my life).Your proposal seems so sweet. I want to be proposed to in front of plenty people, I want to hear the ooooo and ahhhh and awwww's from everyone around us.

PJD, LOL@ throwing confetti. Gaining a brother...now I'll need two hands to count how many of those I have.

JW, engagements are definitely in the air, I'm trying to get a wiff of it soon. HEHE

Thanks for reading everyone and i'll pass the congrats on to my sis, she'll be trilled.

Eb the Celeb said...

I have no idea how I want to be proposed too... I guess as long as its well thought out, a complete surprise, and genuine... and organic, then the time, place and whatever else doesnt really matter

Dominican Enigma said...

oh wow, what a beautiful couple! you guys are both stunning. Congrats-to the both of you.lol Big Hugs, De

Mrs.Young_fashion said...

Eb I totally agree with you. As long as it's from the heart.

DE- Thanks so much, my sister sends her thanks as well.

sony said...

I totally understand your relationship with your sis...my sister & I are the same way, even with 9 whopping years between us! It's like we're twins sometimes.

Anywhoo, congrats to your lovely sister. This will be yet another chapter & level of closeness that you two can share.

My fiance proposed to me on this past Christmas Eve at his house. He told me he had a gift for me, went rummaging through his closet, lol, & pulled out a little box. Me being the doofis I can sometimes be, thought it was finally some diamond studs, lol. My heart could barely stand the thought that it was more than that. I completely covered my face with my hands to do this crazy half laugh, half cry, & when I looked at him, he was on his knee....so, I joined him. I wanted what he wanted. Love. The rest is history...now I'm planning a Charlotte wedding for June '09!