Monday, December 29, 2008

Backed up & Mane Monday

I truly apologize for missing out the past two posts. It seems that since I'm available to run errands for the family, that is exactly what I have been guilted into doing. Thrusday was hectic, running to Queens, back to Brooklyn, and doing it all over again. Talk about taking advantage! Friday was no better. I had to cook and clean and clean some more. I don't mind cleaning I just don't look forward to it. What about you? Do you look forward to cleaning up the humble abode? Or would you rather wish you could hand down the duties to someone else? My parents made it very clear that our purpose in the world was to clean their house. LOL, as my father says,"Why get a dish washer when you have five running around the house?".

Update Thrusday
So really quickly, sad but true news... My sis has the unfortunate task of cutting out some of her friends and family from the bridal party. It was a really hard decision to make but it had to be done. They still will be a part of the wedding in some way, I'm sure it will turn out beautiful in the end. The girls that we have left in the party are great girls, really dear to both of our hearts actually. I'm really happy with the way things are going other wise...I know I promised the dresses would be up last week but definitely this Thrusday. Stay tuned!
Fashion Friday
Short and sweet...Ruffles and Tiers are sooooooooo in right now. So many designers are incorporating them in their collections. I'll look for great pics and post them later. Try to dive into the fashion scence and see where you can stick them into your wardrobe. A flirty dress and whimsical blouse, you find a way . I promise you won't be disapponted.
Mane Monday
So my ends are clipped and I'm very happy. My eds were more damaged than I thought but I'm dealing the cut. Right now I'm protecting my ends with Strength of Nature Profectiv Healthy Ends. It has been recommended by a number of sources so I'm trying it to see what results will come about. I'll be sure to post my update. As a mositurizer I'm using a Jane Carter Solution product, the hair nourishing cream, a ultra light hair dress. I am definitely making my way to get my oils to seal the moisture in. If you were wondering I have been following a fellow blogger getting great advice for my hair care. Her URL is Check her out if you get a chance. You'll get great advice and even greater ideas.
Happy Monday everyone.
Until next time,


Therapeutic Musings said...

I used to hate cleaning up when I lived at my parents house. I still don't, but cleaning at my place is fun for the most part. I like to clean myself that way I know it's done correctly and I can make sure no extra rodents or insects are living in my home.

I need to get my ends clipped too. I guess if you did and you had all that long pretty hair I can do mine too, lol.

Mrs.Young_fashion said...

You go girl! YOU won't be disappointed with the results.

Product Junkie Diva said...

Yes I follow Tracyee's blog too, great info!