Thursday, December 18, 2008

Embarrassing Moments & Update Thursday

I don't do well in embarrassing situations. Whether it's me or someone else, it makes me so very uncomfortable. I mean as others start laughing when someone has an embarrassing moment I feel obligated to ask if they are ok, is there anything that I can possibly do for them? I don't know, that's just me.

Embarrassing Moment #1: Background Info-My boyfriend and my future brother-in-law have this friend, really sweet guy, named Danny. Now Danny is the type of guy that is very playful, does things on an impulse, very spontaneous. Because of this he has many friends, I mean who wouldn't want to hang out with a guy like that, right? Well, this also has its down side. If you want to warn Danny about something or the other you will always be too late, because he is just too fast, always on the move.

Context- So we were parting ways this past Sunday afternoon, the four of us were getting into the car and Danny was heading to his. We had to be careful getting in because there was dog mess in the grass (this is nasty NYC I'm talking about). So we get in safely and smell free and as we were waiting for the car to warm up Danny runs up to the car. We see him and let down the window to warn him about the dog mess, but of course he is too fast. All of a sudden he is up under the car moving around trying to stick his hand in the window. It seemed pointless but they ended up telling him to check his shoes. Sure enough, brown gook was smeared under his shoe. As everyone went wild with laughter I could not help but feel sorry for him :(. I tried to stick my head out the window to ask if he was ok but the space was too small. Poor Danny, they are still making fun of him.

Embarrassing Moment #2: I am on the train going to school today and everyone seems to be dosing off or in lala land. I look to my left and this woman, about 35 years old, dressed to kill, is knocked out. I wonder why she was so tired? Anyway, it must have been a sweet sleep because dribble starts making its way from the corner of her mouth to top of her red coat. Gross right?!? People start giggling to themselves and when the poor woman wakes up, talk about the color rushing out of someone's face. She felt so bad, she rushed out the train and you could tell it wasn't her stop. She walked up and then stopped behind a pillar waiting for another train. Poor lady, she probably would never forget this morning.

Embarrassing Moment #3: Ok this is a personal moment, one that makes me cringe every time I think about it. I was rushing home one day from school, I wanted so bad to be home in my cozy bed, watch Everybody Loves Raymond and drift off to sleep. Instead I was embarrassed in front of many people and messed up my entire evening. I was crossing the street heading for the train station, I heard the train coming and ran down those steps quicker than I thought possible. For some odd reason I thought I was special because I did not even think to take out my Metrocard to pay my toll. I ran straight into the turnstile and banged myself up really good. *Back tracking a little bit, as I was running down the stairs this guys was coming up and he was trying to chat me up, so much so he turned back down the stairs behind me*. OMG! I heard people scream out OUCH!, and That's not good! I watched as the train pulled out of the station, still stuck behind the turnstile. You can only imagine what that jerk was saying about me getting what I deserve for not being polite to stop and talk. If I had a shell I would have srunk into it. Man, that poor girl, I bet you she hopes she nevers sees that guy again.

What is your most embarrassing moment? What was your reaction/reaction of those around you? Are you a laugher or do you inquire about someones well being before letting out a chuckle?

Update Thrusday

So the budget is set! Fifteen grand for the big day. Now I must admit, this is very cheap considering we live in wedding central NYC where everything is super expensive. My dad has committed to fixing up the backyard and pitching in five grand. So they are basically only responsible for ten. The groom's parents are giving the honeymoon as a gift which I think is mucho generous. I hope I'm that fortunate when my turn rolls around. So I can start calling up vendors and making appointments since I have the budget, I'm super excited. OMG! Am I kidding myself, I'm planning an entire wedding.

We ordered the invitations for the engagement party on Monday. My parents are jumping on board getting excited about the little details as well. Even my grandmother mentions the engagement on a daily basis, it's so out of character for her.

We have picked out a bridessmaid dress but I'm thinking that maybe there might be something better out there so I'm not going to stop looking until I have to. I'll be posting pictures of everything we choose. Maybe you guys will be able to help us make certain decisions.

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Therapeutic Musings said...

LOL @your metro story! Oh my goodness! I get embarrassed for other people, like with that lady and the red coat, I would have felt horrible and probably been sad for her all day. Your story? Sorry, but I probably would have cracked up telling people about it, but I would NOT have laughed at you while you were around to hear it!

You know I have tons of ideas as your sister plans her wedding. We did mine for about 10grand so I am the queen of el cheapo and do it yourself-o while still making it nice!

T said...

I laugh at people right in their faces. I do. I can't help it. The laughter usually sneaks up on me. Like I didn't mean to laugh, but I just couldn't hold it in. It helps people take themselves less seriously.

I do feel bad for that woman though. I'm not gonna lie. I might have taken a photo and put it up on Tea & Such. That's some funny ish right there.

Mrs.Young_fashion said...

TM, Let me in on some of those ideas. T don't hold back either.

And the both of you are no good...LOL...shame shame.

Product Junkie Diva said...

T lol you are posting pics of people...haha I saw a pics that you posted way back on your blog, I think you were at the airport...too funny.Perosnally I wouldn't laugh if there is a possibility that the person is injured. If the person is ok I will probably chuckle over the whole situation.
Can't wait to see the dresses.

Mrs.Young_fashion said...

The dresses are coming next Thrusday!!!