Thursday, December 04, 2008

Who are your friends?

Ok so maybe my brain cells are now wrapping my mind around the idea that my life long friends will be women who have a couple of years on me, BUT who are still kind, loving, peaceable, FAB women.

Backtracking a bit, I currently only have two true friends, i mean friends you tell all your secrets to, friends who know all your bad habits and they are my sister and my boyfriend. I mean since I was in sixth grade to about the 10th grade I was best friends with a girl who I thought was gonna be my ride 'n die chick, but things got in the way and now we don't even speak. No bad feelings or misunderstandings I guess life just got in the way of us communicating. Anyway I can't really count her as a best friend to date because of that situation.

Another friend that I thought would always be there now resides in Atlanta where she goes to school. It was cool talking on the phone with her, catching up on the week's activities and such. Until that is, all she wanted to talk about was how the sex with her man was so good, like come on, Virgin ears on the other line, I'll like to keep them that way. Soooo...the calls became less frequent, not that she stopped calling, I just stopped picking up the phone. I mean we still talk every once in a while but when she starts that nonsense up again, I'm tired of telling her to keep her dealings to herself, I find some way to get off the phone.

That leads me to my present predicament. I have two friends and sometimes it's nice to talk to other people...and so these two women are the ones that I look forward to talking to. We have funny conversations, we share the same interests, we actually like the same music (which is very rare for me, not even my sister can stand some of the music I listen to) I can really see us kicking it, like they could definitely be my ride 'n die chicks. I mean, at present, I consider them family, but then you have those in your family who you have to speak to on a constant basis, they become more than family.

I really appreciate the guidance that I have recieved from them and I my sister and I want to surprise them with something, only thing is they already have everything you could thing of getting for someone. So I guess heartfelt words would have to suffice for now.

Anyhow, I wanted to ask, do you have friends who are only in your age bracket or do you have older/younger friends? Is the commincation better with some or is it just different? I'll love to hear your feedback.

Until next time,



Therapeutic Musings said...

I'm really feeling your blog! Me likey :)

My friend list is short: sister, momma, husband. That is it. I've been burned too many times for me to keep opening up to other folks. My sister gives me the crazy young folks advice. My momma gives me the old people's perspective and my husband is there to make sure I never follow my sister's advice and to tackle me when I try too!

Mrs.Young_fashion said...

your lists resembles mine oh so much, im sort of embarrassed that i did not put my mother. ill have to edit it late. Mommy dearest got me through some tough times with her girl talk moments. Love you Mommy.
Thanks for reading, it means a lot to me that to "likey". LOL

T said...

I skipped a grade, so I'm younger than most of my friends by default. I'd say a majority of my homies are one year older than me, but they range from 1-5 years older, not much more than that.

I have a ton of friends. Like, serious true friends i.e. there are several people who I could call and count on if I were in a bind. I'm really blessed that way.

Truth be told the only person who knows EVERYTHING about me is Jesus. I let some people in on some things, but not even my two best friends know everything about me. I like it that way.

Great topic!

Mrs.Young_fashion said...

thanks, you seem so happy and that you should be with so many people you can count on surrounding you.

Fashion's Darling said...

I've been burned too many times by "friends" to really trust people. I have associates..people I see and hang out with on campus and nowhere else.

I lie I have 1 true friend...1

I am my own best friend

Product Junkie Diva said...

I think I have some good friends...
P.S. heartfelt words always do the trick :-)

Mrs.Young_fashion said...

Darling I feel you, high school was the time I realized associates are available any and everywhere but friends are so flicking hard to find..

@PJD- Heartfelt words it is then...they better get ready to shed some tears.