Monday, December 15, 2008

Gross Details...1st Mane Monday.

First off I want to say sorry for posting so late. This week I have finals and presentations coming out the yingyang. It's ridiculous.
Anyhow I wanted to share something with you guys. It pretty disgusting so if you have a weak stomach please skip this section and go on to Mane Monday.
I went out to dinner with my sis and an old friend to catch up on past times. We shared the news about the engagement, shared hugs and "drinks". Fake pina coladas, still good. Then we started talking about school and work and some how horror stories came up. Our friend is a LPN currently in school studying to be a RN. Big money, I know, I know. 
Moing on, she began telling us about the most disgusting thing she ever encountered.

One day she and her aide were cleaning up an older women (she had come in from a near by nursing home). They had to restrain the woman because she insisted on picking her nose until it began bleeding. So as they were cleaning her up she noticed something white rolling out of her nose. Then another, then another...finally deciding to get a container and collect the "thingys" they realized that there were maggots coming out of her nose. Instead of dig to find more (remembering that maggots reside in clusters), our bravehearted friend leans her patient back and shines her pen light to the back of the woman's nose. At first it looked like a heap of mucus was toward the back of the nostril cavity but upon second glance she realized it was a "ball" of maggots squirming around. Like seriously...Are you kidding me with  this nastiness? I never heard of anything so nasty. She also told us of a woman having maggots INSIDE her vagina (GAG). Also an older diabetic man who came in and roaches busted out of his big toe. (Double GAG). I am upset that that even exsists. 

My parents are definitely never going to a nursing home. I feel sorry for those who have no other choice because of certain circumstances. 

Mane Monday
So today is my first post of my hair journey. I am going to be changing up my hair care routine to see if anything has the ability to make my hair gain it's health back. Up until now I have been relaxing my hair every so often, whenever I get tired of the new growth. Maybe two, three times a year. My wash and condition routine was basically whenever I got the chance, whenever I wasn't so lazy. Now I really want to take the initative to regain the health and see if in doing so my length will come back to what it use to be. 

Here is what my hair looks like as of now.

I am going to try the Aphogee line for damaged hair. I'll shampoo once a week, and co-wash once or twice a week. I am going to try out the ORS Hair Mayonnaise  (sounds nasty) for the co-washes. I wanted to try air drying in rollers but as you can see that would take forever . So i'll be roller setting and drying under low heat. This is going to be so much work so it is going to take a lot for me to keep up with this. I really want to see my hair grow back to what it use to be. AHHHHH, I hope I'm not way over my head. As I add products to my routine I'll be sharing them with you guys, also any major updates, whatever they may be. 

Until next time, 


Product Junkie Diva said...

Ok Im totally moving on from the
You hair looks great and I know you will get it exactly where you want it.
happy hair growth.

Just_Wondering said...

I think its great that you're making an effort to take care of your hair a little better. I started a similar journey thanks to PJD last december and I'm very happy about the results. Now I have new goals for the up coming year and I will be trying out a few new things. Maybe I'll do a mini series about it also!

I really hope you get your hair where you want it to be!

Yayyy to Healthy Hair!

T said...

Girl, how long do you want your hair to be? It's so long already. I'm all about healthy hair though, so whatever length it is, so long as it's healthy it's all good with me.

I look forward to reading about the journey.

Mrs.Young_fashion said...

Thanks PJD. I guess JW and I have something in common, being inspired by you.

Jw- I think you should do the mini series, i'll definitely be tuning in.

T- LOL, it use to be long and I miss that length, so i'm trying to grow it back. But yes healthy hair is where it's at. If you have long unhealthy hair I just think all the beauty would be gone from it. No point in having long hair in that case.

Therapeutic Musings said...

Girl that maggot story messed me up yesterday! I couldn't comment and my nose itched all darn day!

Good luck with your hair. It is quite long and lovely already!

Mrs.Young_fashion said...

LOL, and can you imagine that I heard that story while eating dinner. Sorry.

Mrs.Young_fashion said...

And thanks TM.