Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Review Tuesday

This has nothing to do with anything but I wanted to say that I hate cleaning toilet bowls. Disgusting! Especially since I live with four gentlemen. I don't know. No matter how much they say "I aim for the water", I can't help but think that maybe when they start the sprinklers, they forget where they are or they start daydreaming  or something. So irritating.  

Review Tuesday

So first up is Sally Hansen's Shea Butter Rapid Finish. Dries polish within 30 seconds. I recieved this product from a friend a while ago and when it ran low I had to stock up. It's perfect for polishing on the run. I have a bad habit of polishing as soon as everyone is ready to head out the door, so this saves me a little scolding. Try this out, $5.99 at Target, a bit more at Duane Reade and Rite Aide. 
Sticking with Sally Hansen, I picked up the Chocolate Chiffon from her Diamond Collection.  I've been wanting a brown color for a long time. I think it's great for this time of year, don't you? It has a little burgundy undertone but it's still cool. Sis wanted to get in the picture with her ugly ring. I'm just hating. The color she has on is Sunset Blvd. by Avalon. Pretty right? Look closely, you can see her wart on her thumb...ewww. She's trying to get rid of it for the wedding. We bought wart remover this weekend :).
Close up of the color. Muah, simply gorg.
Now time for the big finale...
Isn't the cover beautiful?  I picked it up on Sunday afternoon to just skim through, of course I ended up reading the thing, cover to cover. It is definitely an easy read. Great pictures, great guide on applications. The book is basically divided into two sections. The first part is specifically for beginners. BB goes through eqiupment that you'd need. Then she has a great section on skincare and how your lifestyle affects your skin. Getting specific she explains how to put on a face (concealer/corrector, foundation, etc.), how to apply lip color, eye color all the while differentiating between different types of skin (dry/oily, light /dark). Chapter 7 is a Ten- Step Guide to Perfect Makeup, easy, uncomplicated, and very natural in results. It's BB, of course it's natural.  Chapter 8 which is my favorite is entitled Special Makeup Applications. So it includes looks for weddings, going out at night, and looks for different ethnicities.  

If I was a working woman I would definitely spend the $32.00 on this manual. It is very precise, very informative, you can tell that a lot of work went into the production. The pictures, once again were great, she has pics showing the step by step process on the models. 

I will definitely be referencing this book when I am stuck on a look, want to try something new and when it comes time for me to play make artist for my sis at her wedding. 

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T said...

I live alone and I hate cleaning the toilet. I have this priceless look of disgust on my face every time I do it. It's. Just. Not. Right. LOL!

Do you live at home or do you have four male roommates? If the latter, how did that come about?

Both the nail polish colors were really pretty and I love Make-up books. I've read Kevin Aucoin's and I own Iman's. They definitely help you step your game up.

Therapeutic Musings said...

I second T's question, and I also say, make the dudes clean the toilet! Shoot, they each get one week and during that week it is their responsibility. He who makes the most mess does the most cleaning (ask my husband, he is a toilet cleaning whiz!)

That nail drying stuff...on my way to get that! You have no idea how much I need that in my life :)

Mrs.Young_fashion said...

T- I live at home with my family, so those unruly gentlemen I am speaking of are my three little brothers and my pops.
I should look for those makeup books because this one really impressed me.

TM-I try hard to put the responsibility on them but then I get in trouble for it. My father says I'm being rude, even when I "remind" him to flush the toilet, it's hilarious.There is a saying where I come from "Raise the girls and take care of the boys". That is basically how this household is run.
Make sure and get that product, it works wonders.

B said...

I got the book last week and I haven't even flipped through it yet. But I've heard nothing but good things about it. Can't wait to read it!

Mrs.Young_fashion said...

B you are already great with makeup but i'll admit this books teaches you mucho little tricks.

yummy411 said...

i love you all's nails! i love this book. i just posted about it!

Mrs.Young_fashion said...

isn't it great. I've re read it twice.